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  1. The sad fact is that you can't do 300k+ if your team is competent.
  2. Montana is better at destroying cruisers. She's also better at punishing lazy broadsides. She's also better at taking pot shots at DDs. All these things make her guns, largely, better for the CA heavy CW meta. Though I will say that I've seen a lot of Yamato sneaking into the Meta. I don't completely agree with it, but I understand the logic, I think. Also, accuracy module Montana is, I think, more accurate than the Yamato. Or somewhere on par.
  3. And yet, before the Conqueror appeared, the Montana had taken the spot of "best BB", and is absolutely the number one choice in clan wars even with the Conq. So, what I'm saying is: it's you, not the ship.
  4. For Tier 8 dubloons there really aren't that many choices. Alabama, Tirpitz, Atago, Prince Eugen and Enterprise. Oooh, Lo Yang. Now, there's one indifferent ship and some good ones in that bunch, but I'd suggest none of them. From your commentary, the Tirpitz is what one would suggest. Except you've got a Scharnhorst, so don't really need the doubling up. Don't get me wrong, Tirpitz is fun and good. But it's not as fun or good as the Scharnhorst. This isn't World of tanks, and tier 8 isn't the magic tier where all the fun and happiness exists. In WoWS that tier is currently tier 7. Anyway, enough waffling and some suggestions: If this is about grinding cash, get a Missouri. It shits credits. It's a good ship. It's a different line for you to have a trainer in. If this is about grinding cash, and you have patience, sit on the doubloons and buy tier X perma-camo for whichever tier X you get to first. Wait for the Kidd to hit the tech tree and get that.
  5. Zulu kingdom >>>> KwaZulu
  6. Oooh. Keen for that. And I have a spare captain to turn into a secondary bot.
  7. There was a 1 Montana 6 Khaba tactic we faced. It was weirdly effective.
  8. So, we made it to Typhoon league last night. Apparently, the 21st clan to make there in EU. So, uh, good for us. How have people's experiences been so far?
  9. Hey guys, is there any reason why the periods are no longer updating on my profile? That's more than a month, and ±130 games since it updated its time periods (or my signature tag).
  10. The Mahan has been ... fine. I kept switching between AA/guns before finally just settling on guns. It doesn't feel like a powerful knife-fighter, despite obviously being the best in tier at doing that. But it's torpedos work, which makes the ship a well-rounded package that has an answer to most problems it faces. I'll grant I don't think I've ever felt like I hard carried a game in the ship, but I feel like I've done fine in it, and with 5000xp to go to the Benson, it certainly isn't in the "hate" category (I'm looking at you T-22). For the more experienced heads: IFHE on US DDs?
  11. Dear god is this true if you're in a cruiser. Just add "tiny superstructure", "well-armoured turrets" and low citadel to the list. Has anyone worked out a magic place to aim at these, because I've been struggling to do damage to the Ganguts using either 6" or 8" guns? Unless they give a flat broadside, they're just incredibly hard to pen. HE doesn't do much, while even Pensicola AP struggles (excluding one freak citadel).
  12. Maybe. In the end, the Conquerors are firing AP all the time because they're mostly fighting cruisers, and in that case, the Montana has unmatched cruiser-deleting firepower. And while it has the uber-heal, it also takes a lot more damage from cruiser calibre guns, so... that feels like it might a wash too. Who knows?
  13. So far, we're seeing lots of Montanas as the BB choice.
  14. The Hipper isn't a fantastic ship (though I'd argue, completely competent), but when you end up nose in against those tier 7/8 german BBs (and, I guess, the Monarch) who can do exactly nothing to you, it's a damn sweet feeling.