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  1. My clan would love to have you for advances.
  2. Honestly the mentality changed for me when tier 8 strongholds with credit boosts made it possible to make millions a night.
  3. Pretty much what most people have said. If i need it to pen reliable its being used.
  4. strongholds on west is such a fucking joke.

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      It's not even the ping, im just getting shit packet loss.

    3. Luna


      Ya'll need to fix ur net. West strongs are the best idea ever. East was a disaster tonight, both in pubs and tourney stuff. West is legit the stablest server of all time. 

    4. CenturionofRome72


      I've got 70 down 90 up according to a test i ran while playing tonight. I don't think it is the problem.

      http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6096377090 as of this morning


  5. Have to keep reminding myself i dont NEED to buy a defender. I am strong, i can do it.

    1. Marver95


      Be weak. Farm ez creds. Praise Serb.

    2. CenturionofRome72
  6. And they have to relearn how to make good driving mechanics because the game has a different name?
  7. Im actually playing far cry 4 for the first time right now and it confuses the hell out of me how flying and driving feel so much better in far cry than in this brand new game. As for missions and gameplay, feels like far cry kind of missions in a ghost recon engine.
  8. I've got the same idea as you. Its a game i will play and enjoy, however it won't be a game where im sitting in class or at work going "God damn i really need this game" like fallout 4 was for the first month(lol). Im definitely waiting on a price drop though, or at least until i finish a few other games i have waiting to be played.
  9. Don't play yet but watch a bunch of streamers who play regularly. Was planning on picking it up next time its on sale.
  10. Confirmation bias but lmao. Didnt play since christmas. Played this morning and had fun. Buy a month of prem tonight and start playing, fucked every single game. Glad it wasnt real money.

  11. Went from a GT 630 to a 1060 after almost 3 full years of playing wot and every other game on absolute minimum graphics. I feel like i have been reborn.

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    2. Tman450


      No wonder you were such a fucking shitter


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    3. CenturionofRome72
    4. Tman450


      jk love you bby

  12. Anyone have a link to the NA war video that used the charge of the rohirrim? Been looking for a while. Havok vs Burning legion i think.

    1. Kitten


      havok vs... burning legion? :look:

    2. CenturionofRome72


      rip my bad :) Relic i think it was.

  13. I still play but i have cut my amount of pub play in more than half recently. My games include Farming Simulator 2017 and really a variety of single player story games that i am playing right now. Just finished Red Dead Redemption. About to start Watch Dogs since i own it but never finished it. I've gotten back into Destiny (My secret is out, I'm an xbox fanboy on the side) as well.
  14. Would I enjoy the Division as a solo player once the price drops. Idk how similar they are storywise (Missions?) but i play Destiny solo and enjoy it.

    1. Assassin7


      I played through 90% of the story missions solo.

      its boring after that though. 

    2. CenturionofRome72


      Its 20 dollars used here. I'll probably pick it up.

    3. Assassin7


      may as well. it was fun for what I played of it. 

  15. Well, now that im back in school and still have no life, I might as well play with these missions in mind.