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  1. Going mid on erlenberg assault has led to me going mid every time I get that map, irregardless of tank or spawn. It's such a strong position that allows easy spots and side shots into the enemy. Try doing it in erlenberg standard as well, it's alot more fun than brawling it out on the 1/2 imo. (never go mid on encounter tho of course )
  2. The gun makes me want to put holes in walls. The ammount of missed damage and lost games just because I didn't spend a year aiming every shot killed this tank for me
  3. Shit gun, good platform
  4. Tfw no more blue :jebaited:


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    2. Va1heru


      @BedakCoa I was still green 2 years ago, gotta start somewhere 

    3. BedakCoa


      True that @Va1heru, I hope I can git gud :kappa: at least somewhat consistent 2500rwn8 when I am not tilted is allright for casual player

    4. Va1heru


      You gotta want it. Alot :kappaross:

  5. Another awful chinese tank
  6. Grille, even after the nerf its the easiest to do 8k+ dmg in. I did all my 260 TD missions (with honours) in the Grille and Skorpion g