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  1. Hooooooo boy, I didn't own one before, but I'm gonna spam missions for a month if that's what it takes to get my hands on one. 2x maus plat to pull 6k dpg let's gooooo
  2. Less than a year old, spent $5k on the parts, I'm at work so I can't list you specs but I have them listed on my stream somewhere. I don't remember exactly but there has been a windows 10 update and a Gfx driver update within the last month at least. The only thing with that is, I feel I wouldn't be the only one getting crashes if either of those are the culprit. The other issue is because it's random, I have no way of knowing if it's fixed until I crash again. All my hdds are at least half empty It's a completely fresh install my dude. Deleted everything tanks on my pc and reinstalled.
  3. hmmm, had an nvidia gfx card driver update a while back, cant remember if it was around the same time I started getting crashes. ALso got told to download the WG game checker, gonna run that later
  4. I've been getting intermittent game crashes for about 2 weeks now. I have 0 mods installed. I even went out of my way to uninstall the FPS cap increase mod and WoTnumbers BRR mod. Ive done a completely fresh install (deleting the wargaming appdata folder as well.) There's nothing crazy happening in the game when it crashes (just crashed a moment ago when I was by myself and there were 2 enemies in render distance.) No other programs are crashing when Im playing, I have OBS, spotify, streamlabs and chrome all open. No crashes, just tanks. Any solutions are welcome
  5. Do want, cannot pm Ingame
  6. So is it just for checking tank expected values? I like it, much easier to use than looking about for the wotlabs one. Just curious if you're going to be expanding it to player search and individual stats or just keep it as is?