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  1. Yeah like I said in the video, right place, right time. Ive had alot of games "like" that pacing wise, just lucky with the teams hahahah
  2. Man the looking for sea unicum thread is interesting. Why do people go on the official forums again? Also @spacewolf I only just saw your post in my thread about the 268 v4. I don't actually run into them very often in pubmatches tbh, but if I do I'm usually in a 113 which means 340 HEAT into the ufp or the cupola shuts them down fairly quickly. They have shit gun handling, shit dpm and they're horrible to play on hills and corners, which Actually makes them very easy to avoid. Generally I just avoid them as best I can because it's a super frustrating tank to face and I haven't found a way to effectively deal with them yet. Your best bet is playing high calibre guns (TD'S like the E4 fuck them so hard) or high pen HEAT (Chinese heavies, 430u etc,) they're great at bullying mediums but not so good at dealing with good heavy players.
  3. I saw a screenshot of the arty post by that guy. Interesting opinions, well worth a character study
  4. Yeah Bushes and trees got very weird in the new patch. Ask @bolagnaise about it, he's loving it