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  1. Hi, my name is Va1heru (Val works fine but,) this is my now one and only replay thread where you can see me play like complete trash for days on end and then run 60 games at 4k WN8 (Thanks @Kitten and @ForkUrEyes <3) And yes, it is possible to be good at tanks and be attractive :^) I am one of a few high level Australian players on the ASIA/SEA server I play a mix of solo and platoons, I will pretty much plat with anyone just like send me a PM and say you're from WoTLabs <3 You will typically find me playing mediums or fast heavies (the RhM is the exception,) I despise slow tanks that cant make an impact on the battle I stream all my games on Twitch and upload nice games and sessions to Youtube! I should also like to extend a invitation to any NA/EU WoTLabs friends who would like to brave SEA, I have an alt account here with an IS 7, E4, CAX and assorted 8/9's, it has terrible stats so the camo will be real, PM me if interested! Now enough shenanigans
  2. Just got power back now, we've been boiling water to drink but they tested the reserves and it's all good so we can stop that. We just got the generator running for the fridges, freezer and a fan. 3 hours later and powers back hahaha. Driving around Darwin today and I feel like we got off pretty light, we had a downed tree that wasn't very big and a bunch of branches and that was most of it. Alot of places got entire trees on their houses or cars, everywhere you go there's massive uprooted trees that have super shallow root systems so a bit of wind knocks their arse over. I think they'll stop planting African mahogany's and start planting more gums and the like. Funny enough, was watching the news the night before we got hit, I think it was channel 7, and for the weather in Darwin we were supposedly going to have light showers according to the weather lady in Melbourne which made me chuckle
  3. It hit 120 mph winds at the airport. Didn't feel like a cat 2 at all, there's trees and power lines down everywhere. I still don't have power, probably won't til tomorrow or later
  4. HeyGuys, I will be taking a break from streaming and tanks for a while and I'm not sure if I will even come back and play tanks at any time. As much as I enjoy streaming, hanging out and talking with all of you, my personal life needs to be a higher priority for a while. Because of what you have all done for me, I feel an obligation to explain. 12 months ago I met an amazing girl. I somehow convinced her that I was worth her time and she has been my girlfriend for 8 months now. She's beautiful, funny, smart and everything I never knew I needed or wanted in my life. But like every good thing in my life I fucked it up. This time I'm going to fix it though. She knows about the stream and has even watched it a few times. She likes that I have a hobby that's seperate from our relationship and so do I. The problem arose when I got lazy and forgot how much she means to me, more than she'll ever know I think. I'm doing everything in my power to be a better person and that starts with cutting toxic parts of my life off. I love streaming, it's become one of my favourite things to do in life and I would love to do it for a living. The problem with that is all I play is WoT. I would love to do irl streams, and in the future I might still, but I simply don't have a good setup for it. So starting today I will begin exercising, just running and riding a bike, everyday until im fit again. I haven't done any exercise or sport in a long time and it really shows. I'm going to find a new job, hopefully one that challenges me and keeps me occupied. I'm going to start saving money for a place of my own and for a holiday at the end of the year, hopefully with my girlfriend. I can't thank all of you enough, to every viewer, follower, donator and sub, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou. Without realising you've all made my life fun and interesting for a long time. But it's time for me to focus on something else for a while. To all the subs, your generosity is unfathomable and I can't even begin to find the words to thank you. Feel free to unsub as I will not be streaming for a while and I don't want you giving me free money. In the future I may be back streaming, I might even play tanks and I hope to see you all there. You've shared your lives with me and I've done the same. If you want to stay in contact with me, you can find me on Snapchat: bryceval9 And on twitter: @Va1heruWoT Thank you and goodbye. - Bryce "Va1heru" Wing
  5. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    I hated it, it's such an awkward tank to play. 430u is my highlight for the patch
  6. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

  7. Looks really good so far mate. As long as I can sort by each individual ranking at the top, ie, Click orank and it shows #1 orank descending and so on. 2 things, will I be able to filter out players with low amounts of battle's? So as not to have the #1 players be a random 8k DMG game but only 1 battle played. And, Is there a way to include whether a person has 3 marked a tank as well? Just a 3 mark symbol in another tab similar to what wotzilla has on their stats page's?
  8. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    1st one on ASIA POGGERS
  9. How does floating ice work on Arctic Region?

    Any tank can drive on it from what I can tell, just need to ease yourself onto it
  10. Tier 9 is nice, tier 10 looks decent, not op in anyway I don't think. Well worth playing both I think
  11. I have my 62a crew in it. 461m vr without optics is fine
  12. Think I aced the 430u 6 Times yesterday. The reqs are verrrryyyy low
  13. Directives

    Fire fighting for a few tanks that burn alot. Other directives don't do much and are alot more expensive.