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  1. Aliquippa here. Not all classy like you.
  2. I have! We have a museum membership every year. I love checking that out, as my grandfather served in one in WW2. A cheaper alternative:
  3. I decided to test some of the alternative non-Lego brick brands out there to see what was worthwhile. Oxford are South Korean Legos with a lot of military themes. I got this bad boy and it's sitting proudly on my kitchen table. It was a lot of fun and decent difficulty much like older 1980's Legos were. Much more satisfying money spent than WG's ridiculous virtual ship prices.
  4. Yeah, I got that you didn't disagree. I was just pointing out that especially compared to even WoT, the premiums in this game are more often top of tier or at least workable.
  5. That's funny you don't disagree, but say he'd be an easy professor. I think it would look different if we had all the ships per tier there. It's becoming pretty obvious that WG is making premium ships awesome compared to their counterparts. Some are hit or miss, like Atlanta is probably a miss, making it serviceable, but not grossly overpowered. So few premiums, especially above tier 5 suck......come back with your Prinz Eugen results. Although historically dominant ships seem to be the worst premiums.
  6. Done. I just never play it since it's tier 4 and the tier sucks for fun or money making.
  7. Referencing Onboard's tier 8 ship ratings, I couldn't find a thread here about premiums and which were worth buying, good, bad or terribad. That way folks like me don't end up with the Prinz Eugen. Paraphrased all opinions: Anshan- B+; B A grem a tier higher, sadly not god tier but still very good Arkansas Beta- B+ Not bad, tier 4 who cares, never play it. Arizona- B; B+; B Sadly it is a little too slow. 4x3 guns but only 14" Atago A stealthy decent guns and a heal option Belfast - A+; A+ Godtier, sadly the platform isn't as good as the MK but it is also a tier lower Blyskawica- B+ sadly with the stealth nerf it lowered a little bit but its still very powerful Emden C+ meh but better with recent buffs Graf Spee A- 8 km torps at sick angles and 11" cruiser busting guns Gremyashchy- A Russian Bias, best $5 or whatever it was at beta. Big guns, IJN range torps at tier 5 and handles better than the Russian line. Would buy again. Ichizuchi B+ much better with range boost recently and very fast for tier IV BB Indianapolis- A- ; A- Great guns on a surprisingly good platform + Radar + good AA. Imperator Nikolai A- tough as nails but got an incidental nerf when most othe BBs tier 4 -6 got range buffs Kamikaze et al- B+; A- stealth torps in an age of no stealth fire Katori C meh Konig Albert C+ meh but dangerous up close Marblehead- B-; C+; B- Shittier Omaha. Used to be better with longer ranged guns (same ship and guns which have a longer range on the Murmansk I might add. Mikhail Kutuzov- A+; A+ Just complete God tier. Broken smoke with long range HE spam Missouri A Radar Iowa class Molotov- A; B+ Great guns on a pretty meh platform Murmansk- B+; B+; B Used to be god tier with old AFT but sadly the meta has brought it down. Solid tier 5 Russian bias LOL - see Marblehead above. Okhotnik A- Sick amount of guns and 4x3 torp launchers Russian bias at its finest Perth- C+ Prinz Eugen- Jury is out. HARDMODE, Reverse Russian Bias Scharnhorst A-; A- A great all around ship, all it needs is more accurate guns to bring it to God tier. Run mine with secondary build from Bismarck Captain 7.3 km and torps Shinanome- B Sims- B+; B- Underrated, good ninja, great money maker, cheap tier 7 at $24 USD. Would buy again.; B Meh torps with meh firepower, only excels at knife fighting. anemic with really really slow torps. Tirpitz- A, A Pretty fucking great it's just not a MK so I couldn't give it A+. same plus 10.6 secondaries now Texas- B-; B- ; B Same problem as Arizona but doesn't have great firepower, good AA. Warspite- B; A-; B+ Slow turrets, meh range but pens tier 8s easily
  8. This thread is the only thing keeping me from blowing money on the Prinz Eugen right now. I'd bite even if it was OK for variety....but.......
  9. That giant $1.17 discount steal.
  10. I will do this as soon as I am online in serious mode, thanks.
  11. I'm not a fan of short range torps on any ship, since past newbie tiers, secondaries on German BBs etc eat you alive aside from players derping your health. Having played with both back and fourth I've fallen in love with the 9.2km SLOWWWWW torps. Now that I'm used to them I get plenty of hits. They reload quick so you can just spam. Great for area denial and smoke, but I find I hit unintended enemies way more frequently than any other torp type on a DD. They're like little ninjas.
  12. Gone already? WTF
  13. Looking for people to division with also. Been solo 99% of my WoWS career and while it's no WoT, I'm sure it's more beneficial to group up.
  14. *Cast Resurrection* I just bought the Sims today, great timing after the visibility/firing nerf, but I was never an invisfirer anyway since I like to scout full time. I'm making good money with it, which is the main reason I bought it, that and it's cheap, works for tier 7 ranked and captain training my Benson. I'm having trouble doing great in it though. I spot well, anti-DD well and am getting top 1-5 exp, but I rarely break 50k damage and mostly stick around 30k, but still get top exp with the spotting and exp bonus. I can't decide on the torps, I keep switching back and fourth. As much as the 9.2km SUCK! I get rare hits with them and can throw them at smoke. The 5.5km may be better, but it's tough island ambushing at tier 7, where secondaries and such will kill you quickly and you rarely 1 volley the enemy. Any opinions on the torp choice now? I love the speed and moves, but I usually end up with more fire damage than any other type.
  15. This is what I usually get referred to: I've used this as a general idea too: