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  1. I'm still waiting for Paris to fuck off and die Dragonridge was such a long time ago i can't really remember how it played but it was never that bad and some vintage maps could be really nice (except never ever old redshire).
  2. if you wan a seesion/day stats thing wotlabs probably isn't the best. I think VBaddict does a thing where you download it and it looks at all your replays in a session and gives you lots of stats and shit on it. Theres also mods which do it in your garage but i havent used them for years.
  3. off topic but i don't think i can think of a single time that the wot meta hasn't been cancer
  4. oh yeah and every low roll to not kill somebody you high roll to get another overall. doing the exact same damage every shot would be more weird than good to be honest but my point was when you low roll and don't kill somebody it feels like you got screwed over a lot more than you accually were.
  5. if somebody is on 400 hp and you have a 400 damage gun theres a half chance that you'll have damage roll that is below average, rolling above average is irreverent because they don't have extra hp and will die to anything 400 and above. When i say low roll i mean literally anything under your average damage. On the graph each side has 50%. You can just guesstimate from there in an actual game. I guess you should always play as if you'll roll low because you'll need a backup plan if you do and its something that seems way more unlucky than it accually is. If somebody is on your average damage per shot and you roll low it feels like rng screwed you when there is about a half chance of it happening which you need to plan for and not tilt because of it.
  6. you just gotta take into account that if somebody is on your average roll in hp theres a 50% chance he'll eat a shot
  7. dios mio amego
  8. I hate paper TDs that have insane damage output and can't really be flanked and are fast enoguh you wont be able to run away in reasonable time if they rush you, e25 su-122-44, skorpion, roomba etc. They'll die but you're fucking getting crippled and theres nothing you can do about it.
  9. XQhe5DU.jpg

    why does the offical forum do the way it be

  10. so its a normal light tank
  11. I'll date you BBY but world of tanks platoon if im on , good on you cunt for keeping wot alive
  12. 40 battles is small enough that you could be fucked by bad luck. It doesn't look like you're doing incredible but solid, if your sides getting rolled so much especially. Definitely not so low you should be winning 20% less than an afk bot.
  13. does 30v30 affect overall winrate? because if it does to get decent marks, which only decent players can do, you'll have to play 30v30. And if there's twice as many people your individual performance will mean half as much to the outcome (roughly) and anybody above average will then have their winrate fucked while it'll mask bad players winrate. So this could literally break stats once and for all . Unless WG makes a separate stats tab for the gamemode but if their doing this with MOE i'm going to put money on them doing the retarded thing.
  14. After decisively defeating Gaul Armoured Warfare and annexing its player base Julius 'SerB' Caesar crosses into Italy outside of Russia to take on Senate gritty realistic gamer backed Warthunderous Magnus for final control of the corrupt and degenerated shell that is internet tanks.