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  1. Hey Saff. Nice try last night. There were a couple there I thought you guys had but in end your opposition were just more experienced. I'll transfer my loyalty to EL for the next rounds but TE until they retire to PUBG. How's Moscow?
  2. NB: The Swedish James Franco and his tubby mates debut at the wgl finals in four hours. Should be amusing at least. Lets battle!
  3. If the graphs were updating you would see a spike/drop in the WN8 graph here: Looks like yours has barely moved though from what i can figure out.
  4. I'm just waiting for someone to start going off because they have dropped. I'm in it for the angst.
  5. The series that is from has some excellent covers in it. Particularly like Bob Mould covering Sugar's 'If I can't change your mind' seeing as he was the lead singer of Sugar. He kind of stretches the rules. Still an amazing bit of music though.