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  1. I must have come close to two hours of straight losses.
  2. I had to call it at 01:00 on the back of 6 straight.
  3. 38 battles at 36.84% in a tank I was previously 63% at 300 battles in. Fuck me.
  4. My super slide to 45% overall continues. 45% from 50ish battles yesterday. If there are any sub 45%ers in tier 8, 9 or 10 sitting in queue I can 100% guarantee MM will put them on my team as top tiers. Reaps and Scrubba will support this assertion.
  5. I believe that as long as it supplies the standard reload of the vehicle without a knowledge of equipment or consumables it's okay.
  6. I was so busy taking the piss out of FEs damage vs the 9k above that I missed that I was second on XP in that game of his. Yay me.
  7. You also cap if you can because winning is best metric in Clan Wars.
  8. @Ezz. You can try my 92 and/or EVEN at some point if you want to try before you buy.
  9. I'm still banking my 540 XP Ace in the Loza's M4.
  10. He's back in his hole. Might be time to try and get that fucking 430 II Ace though.