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  1. Chinese is blurry as the 132 stays and gets things above it. The other 8s all seem to go up a tier to be 9s.
  2. Pretty sure the 13 90 is the tier 9 and there is some Batchat thingy at 8. I read that as the XP moves to the 9 with the tank and crew.
  3. The irony of them complaining about camping as I watch games thrown by top tier heavies hiding while meds are left to do their job repeatedly...
  4. So Korean players. I'm putting it out there that a significant portion of them are at least two WN8 shades worse than their current stats. Thoughts?
  5. Sell later Ezz. The Kran special is still on. Once that is finished if you got it at half price you will get what you paid back.
  6. Yeah. I don't sell prems. Always feels like one buff might make something viable again.
  7. She may actually have got hotter with age. Didn't work for me in X-Files but in The Fall. Crikey.
  8. How did the 62A go? I had him in a lower tier battle earlier and made the mistake of thinking he had a clue. Was he any better in a 10?