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  1. User was kicked from your channel. tbf your should name and shame yourself for claiming the Crusader had an autoloader. FeeT would be horrified.
  2. This. Have switched it off and moved to the cap mission. I can bounce 3x my hit points but if I do I don't do 2k damage. Even OutSigh hasn't done it for me.
  3. Watching this right now. Awaiting weekend anniversary sale before I buy it then need to do a 15.3 mission for the third Girlie
  4. All the good players have already gone through the Emil now so while there will still be a few goods there will be plenty of power grind shitters in them with no idea how to autoload. People were sold on the Swedish heavies as being Super OP so have powered up the line but the goods will have done it quicker than those arriving now because they are competent. I'll buy it this weekend
  5. We'd have been up to four. Also (not sure if he checks this) but good to chat and plat last night Puggsley. Feel free to pop by if you are looking for company at any time now you know where we are. Scrubba... not so much. Ha!
  6. That was the general feel on TS last night. As I left the debate was heating up (everyone vs Sturm).
  7. Pffft. 132 amateurs. THIS is an Ace. Posted for the comedy values. Ezz and Fox will know why.
  8. One less crewman. You need a loader for the standard but that is the same with all four meds.
  9. I liked the 3 and the 6. The 4 is usable but it's in a tier full of good TDs that just do the job better. My 7 was just cursed. I'll probably keep the breadvan and drop a spare crew in it and I may as well keep the tier 6 med as no point in having a medium crew for the Prem but no regular tank to run it in then will see if any of the top tiers other than the 10s work for me for the other spare crew.
  10. Yeah. Just forced through it after we were playing on Tuesday night. Popped some reserves and failed my way in it solo while I was working. Has nailed my w/rate for the week but bought a (n)UDES. Sold the Leo as well and the tier 3 TD which I got to over 60%. Now have 4 Swedish crews, nowhere to put them and need one more girlie for a 5th one.
  11. I'm waiting on a retraining sale and/or LT15.3/TD15.3 before mine has a crew. Until then a little TD waits.