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  1. Can you qualify it with an opening statement that it's from a 46%er who is grossly out of his depth in tier 8?
  2. Neo channeling his inner Weeb. Thou shalt not slander the Animemobiles or it's 46%er apologists.
  3. laserdisc critiquing QB and his teams in an attempt to defend that the Nameless isn't OP. Words fail me.
  4. Actually my post was bathed in the subtles. I made another one that was much more blatant and worthy of the ban. The one I got I thought was a little harsh:
  5. I've never been smacked for my GIF avatar. Did get whacked by Neo for advocating shooting Ally Namelesses. 24 hours off. May actually have to use my main.
  6. I'm still disappointed no one TKed AFF. That is the only reason i carry HE on every tank.
  7. Does anyone (I'm looking at you @StormCrowReaperManyHats) have the power to change their avatars other than them?
  8. You didn't tell us it was Heavy. Is that your first run in with him? A post match Hackusation from him is as expected as a racist sperg from AFF.