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  1. I've had one game a night with some packet loss. Very much during peak so could be the problem of serving football matches for 6 players as opposed to games for 30. I do seem to have a little desync with shooting though. I've killed and been killed in situations where the visuals do not have the gun on target.
  2. That Redshire game where our team was our pref 8s and our two arty and that was it... what was that E75's name again?
  3. I'm about 15ms on average up to HK over SG from Wellington. Had one game of about 7 where pockets were lost for a short period. The plethora of shitcunts seems exactly the same on any of the three servers.
  4. Where in Aus? Eastern seaboard is getting better ping for some folks so could be your ISP is buggered for routing. WGing have posted that they want infor if your ping has got worse because it shouldn't have in Aus (apart from probably Perth).
  5. So the first anyone knows officially is 'hi, we moved it'. What a joke. Hate to think what HK will be like from NZ.
  6. If it's deliberately griefing and on those stats it clearly is then surely that is grounds for shutting it down anyway?
  7. Also shout out to the team that robbed me of a top gun in the 13 57 last night. Not only did some shitter kill the last SPG I had lit and was circling but got double tapped by our own arty and TKed. At least it made Zynth's night laughing at me.
  8. Was watching other fuckers kill steal from me last night so broke out the Marder 38. 4 kills, top of the team. Job done.
  9. I went 1 from 3 in the IVH last night. It's meant to be a win rate recovery tank.
  10. Yes. I altered my reply to play nice. My original plan was to mention this.
  11. Typical fucking Poli. Ruiner.
  12. With you Nutty. 9 out of 10 games I have one or two players who are competent and the enemy have 10 players 1500 WN8 or better. Any tier I play. Been that way for two months now.
  13. Send Poli one. Either sex, he's not picky.
  14. Not sure I will earn enough this year to cover a barbie sale.