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  1. Even I've been to the 'strayan. My week only has Friday but next week is shaping up well. Boozing Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday then pub crawl Saturday. Pre-loading for Xmas.
  2. At work two weeks before Christmas and between company funded boozing bored?
  3. I was 11 from 12. Best Sunday ever. Suspect this may have slipped after I went to bed...
  4. Nothing makes you happier than chasing damage.
  5. That airfield game with the enemy 53/55s chasing you around the map. Thought that might go a little aerial keyboard on you.
  6. I bought it last week. Have a crew trained and everything. Still can't bring myself to equip it or play it.
  7. New french tier 8 Prem light. About the same size as the lawnmower of death.
  8. We used it in the first round but decided our strat needed work so dropped it for a 907.
  9. We were 100% not on the stream from well before the countdown started and no part of our plan or what happened had anything to do with the stream. We suspected it was going to be against you guys and had been having problems with a couple of people loading in during our earlier battles so we got out of view range as quickly as possible, and formed up in the forest in case we had to wait for folks with connection issues. Then as two tanks were starting to move out to lighting spots your Bat was spotted and we swung around. The rest of the team was about to head out behind EzzCom and I. Another 30-40 seconds and it probably would have come closer to working.
  10. We were just sending out our pickets when one of your Bats got lit so we turned around. Was hilarious hearing post calls of stream sniping when you had a 15 minute delay on so to stream snipe we would have had to be 15 minutes in the future. Clearly some folks have trouble grasping how time works.
  11. It was because we didn't run the full Meme team.