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  1. Apparently I am persecuting Southerner. Maybe if he was remotely self aware I wouldn't need to.
  2. I lose IQ points reading NameWasStonlens posts.
  3. Assuming it's changed categories and it's now in Pay to win ? Oh... and: VK 30.01 D Germany MT 6 868 60.02%
  4. I reckon they have another use for the environment at some point and this is a way to keep it being used until that (whatever it is) is confirmed when they will use it for that and tanks. I'm assuming they just lease hardware in a large cloud environment rather than owning their own set-up.
  5. Yeah. You're being Hopefull there. Exhibit D I wasn't even looking at that bloke when I posted that but he's clearly touchy to it.
  6. Then came back and carried on playing and drinking.
  7. I need to run through all the German Prem TDs tonight and a double on the Chinese tier 7. Other than that I'm free. Unless someone fancies tier 4 win rate recovery. 7 wins...
  8. You been watching TE play pubs Adrian? I let OutCom try and get his eye back in in my account yesterday Damo. It didn't go well.
  9. Cronk, seems like EU get the patch today so you probably have a week on the FV.
  10. I am using Aus because that is what the 'periphery' server is called due to it's location. Not because I mean Australians. If I put Aus I am referring to the server name (what you will select when you connect) and it's future population. Not people from just the one nation. In fact I'm pretty sure two of those I have named and shamed in links here are NZ players.
  11. Oi @[email protected] Which of you was it? ǝǝɟɟɐS
  12. There are plenty of shitters from this side of the Tasman as well. Can see people having to switch game on game if they are platooning with Singaporean or Philippines based acquaintances so you take turns to get the worse ping.
  13. Exhibit B