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  1. Locusts are okay. Fast. No pen, not great view range. The T-15 German is better.
  2. 14 million credits gone in 60 seconds... sheesh
  3. I doubt I've played it more than twice in the last 18 months. Was my first tier 8 so have not sold it... unlike the T34.
  4. Thinking of power grinding the JP II to get the JT while the sale is on.
  5. That's interesting. Wotlabs says you have played 8 in the last week... Also Poli:
  6. Tier 5 is a bit risky these days. I've dropped to tier 3.
  7. Hey. Don't be mean to Saffee. He's finally proven that anyone can fail to a 3rd mark given enough battles.
  8. Just seen Circon's latest vid. Amused to see he has a Mexican flag on the Juan-Four. Next Emblem sale...
  9. I have lost to them in a Skirmish but so have many. It was a Clan Wars loss that I copped the blame for.
  10. I only have a couple of remotely key tanks short on equipment, you just chose the wrongs one.
  11. I find seeing LaserDisc in his nameless just automatically causes whatever tank I am in to load gold.
  12. Paris. No arty. What a pack of Cunts.