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  1. The fact that yesterday i played 19 matches in my freshly bought lorraine - all solo, and out of those 19, 2 matches were not tier 10, tells me that you got all of mine top tier games lol. And those 2 were full tier 8 games, so literally i didn't see a tank that was lower tier than me. in 19 games...
  2. To be honest, i find the opposite question more realistic: "if MM is random, how can you expect balanced teams?". But over a large number of games, it "evens out". I have a friend that doesn't believe in this, and is always shouting that MM and RNG are rigged (and because of it, he recently uninstalled wot ). But anyway, here is the very simple example: You flip a coin (let's assume the coin is not "rigged" in any way). If you flip it 2 times, and both times are tails, you can jump to a conclusion that a coin is rigged, but the sample is small. But if you throw the same coin 10 000 times, the result will converge to 50/50 distribution of heads and tails. What people complain about the most, is those horrible losing streaks. My biggest, recorded one is i think 18 or 19 losses in a row . But over more than 40 000 matches, this is expected to happen. You can actually calculate, very precise, what is the probability for that to happen. Same with the coin, when you toss it 10 000 times, you will certainly have long streaks of heads and/or tails, but over time it will even out. Same with WoT. A single match is rarely balanced. But tens of thousands of them are very balanced. There was a thread on WoTLabs, where OP explained with calculations and formulas, how many matches exactly it is needed a to have a Win Rate stats for a player that make sense, and is comparable to another player.. And i think the number was 1000. I hope you find this useful.
  3. Tier 9 meds and heavies are definitely the most fun to play at the moment. Apart from few outliers, there isn't really any bad tank among them. Also they benefit the most from the MM. Getting a tier 10 match is not that harsh, and quite often you get to bully poor tier 7 tanks. Also, within the tier itself, tier 9 is by far the most balanced tier. There is no tank that does more than 750 damage per shot (which should be the case for tier 10 as well, imo). There are some tanks that are a bit too strong (T10, WZ1-4) but they are not as cancerous as some of the counterparts in other tiers. And also, with premium account you can make nice profits while playing in this tier, because you are not pushed to spam prem ammo all the time. I would really love to see WG does a tier 9 campaign for once. That would be amazing. And also some other tier 9 tournaments. I once participated in a 3v3 tier 9 torunament, it was a lot of fun!
  4. I agree. i think i will pick up lorr 40t though. the rest is - meeh, or i already have it
  5. I would throw my money on the screen for: 50% discount on a year of premium Defender arty-free game mode or even better complete removal of all arty and this stupid game mechanic some game mode with respawns / garage battles / deathmatch (but more rewarding than it was before, with whole t22 fiasco...) Not having to play like half an hour for a reward equal to a single 4-minute random match Rework of Japanese heavy tank line (read: no retarded HE guns) Actually general rework of HE mechanics. I am pissed when i take damage from a shitter that doesn't even need to aim his gun, while RNG trolls me over and over again, while i miss or not pen mine When fully aimed, at least 90% of the shots to go exactly where i aimed them, but make snapshots more random, even more than now ... ok i went too much into balance issues, so I will stop
  6. Contrary to popular belief, I loved that tank, and actually 3-marked it in the new MM. ProxyCentauri is right, most of the tier 10s, you won't be able to hurt. But basically, you shouldn't fight them frontally ever. Same and lower tier tanks, you can bully quite a lot due to the 120mm frontal plate armor. Turret is also quite good. Gun handling is mediocre, and I was driving this thing without a rammer believe it or not! So GLD, VSTAB & Vents + 5 skill crew from Obj140 or T62. Either way, I think I am one of the few people from WoTLabs that liked the tank. If you are not 100% sure, than maybe it is better to skip it.
  7. I did it in Strv S1. The tank has only 1000 hp. UDES has the same, right?
  8. Nooo of course not manually I use WoTNumbers application to collect data. The app is using SQLLite database to store data. I connected to that database via ODBC, and extracted it all into QlikView. QV is an amazing tool that let's you do all sort of analysis, and all in a few clicks. So that is how I got the graph For example, I can tell you, which day in a week i have highest win rate in my tier 9 tanks, or during which time of the day. Or who is the player in the past months that killed me the most, or whom did I kill the most etc.. I can dig up really all sort of info.
  9. And the mighty Löwe is 3-marked: Ah it has been the source of many frustrations. Took me far longer than i thought it will. Have a look at the progression (data is from last 10 days, far more matches than i dare to admit): And the 3-mark match: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3930742#fiery_salient-3maj86-l_we
  10. Would excel export do the job?
  11. /tinfoil hat mode on: I think they added this Victory/Defeat screen just to take away some of the time from your personal reserves. /tinfoil hat mode off
  12. It is SQL Lite database that WoTNumbers application generates. From that, I made 2 of my own summary tables in MS Access. I can send you all of that, if you have MS Office. SQL Lite is free, and I can send you then the definitions (and queries) for my summary tables. I believe it would take you like 10 minutes to rebuild it. Or, I can export to some CSV, or whatever? It's not too big of a database.
  13. OMG thanks! you shouldn't have. BTW, i can send you my whole database if you want, there is whole lots of interesting stuff there... if you have the time (and desire) to go through it.
  14. Ah shit, i didn't save my excel file... ah you are probably off by one for some in the middle... Do i have to re-do it all?
  15. @Liberty75 So out of 227 matches (tier 10 matches, i was tier 8, all Standard game mode, most of it played solo, between September 2016 and end of March 2017), here is the spread you were asking about. So there were 7 matches i was the only tier 8 in my team. There were no matches with more than 9 bottom tiers, so I removed them from the axis. I hope this helps.