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  1. Looks like I am stupid. Ok, I will check on my acc when I come home, and pay up. If I'm stupid, I'm not a cunt.
  2. And what if I am right? Are you willing to bet 6 months of premium account in this? if I am right - you pay me, if you are right - i pay you 6 months of premium acc? is the bet on?
  3. You got girls for arty missions as well? As I understood, if you skipped the one set of missions, the Orders you get from the other four are committed to the fifth. Sorry for giving false info. And you @hall0 should choose your words a bit.
  4. You don't get girls for final clicker missions. Although if you do the 2 out of 4 sets of arty missions, you can unlock all the 4 girls. Stug, and HTC mission sets are extremely easy, i did all 30 of them in day and a half.
  5. Well, in WOT you already have Defenders, Libertes and Patriots
  6. Team that has this tank in it doesn't load into the match.
  7. Finally! I did the TD 15.4 with hodors. I was close multiple times in the past few days. Turns out that turning on Encounter game mode helps a lot. Replay is below if anyone is interested http://wotreplays.eu/site/3877045#lakeville-3maj86-grille_15
  8. Of course, feel free to use the chart Well i play mostly solo. I can check that as well, if it is important?
  9. X-axis is the number of top tiers in battle. Above 10 are all zeroes, so i excluded them. So for example, i was never bottom tier in a battle when there was like 13 tier 10s and only 2 tier 8s I hope this is what you wanted these are only my tier 8 matches (277 sample size) in period from 5th September 2016 until 31st of March this year.
  10. And this will give pubbies the argument for necessity of sky pigs...
  11. i dont get it. Do i need to do HT 15.4 with hodors or not?
  12. Yes, i assumed i have one of the final HT or TD missions for 260. Still need to do one of those. But yeah Thanks! update: life is hard
  13. Please don't kill me, i just finished missions for Arty for Stug and HTC, but i didn't finish HTC mission with Honors, so the situation is like this: SIV: H H H H H T28: H H H H C T55: H H H H X 260: X H H X X Do i get 5 or 4 orders from the second set of missions, or i have to do it with Honors? EDIT: never mind, just did it with honors as well. Now what is left is to do the HT or TD mission for obj260, and i have a shiny 260
  14. Yes, i can do that as well, although i will need to do some SQL magic Is it ok to wait for this until the weekend?