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  1. First half was horrible, rest was pretty good. e.g. that poke on charioteer wasting all your hps, not helping your teammates afterwards in south.
  2. TBH I think you let a couple of teammates die unnecessary because you was to passive.
  3. I'll frigging ebay my account, and never play again.
  4. Lowlife555

    M48/M60 Fan Club

  5. Lowlife555

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    Yeah that was fun. Though I was done for , but friendly E100 Maus sniped Patton coming for me as well. Can't really afford to run with food.
  6. Lowlife555

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    Had a pretty hairy moment, where my team folded, and I was left 1v4. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3827590#stats
  7. lykke til! Bamse verdens sterkeste bjørn!
  8. Lowlife555

    T54E1 - OP or not?

    instead of ?
  9. Lowlife555

    T54E1 - OP or not?

    Nah I got T-57 crew! Re-trained camo to reparis, using Optics instead of GLD.
  10. Lowlife555

    T54E1 - OP or not?

    Trying to 3 MOE this thing. What equipment/consumables do you recommend? Crew Current equipment Kindof want to have food, but seems this think catches fire to frequently.
  11. Lowlife555

    Sandbox opening again soon

    Isnt this accuracy change exactly what they did in 9.6? http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/9-6-accuracy-changes/
  12. Lowlife555

    Is the E-25 worth getting on sale?

    No it isnt.
  13. Turns out A6 on artic region is a good sniping spot!




    1. Assassin7


      those player panel markers tho, so cluttered ~_~

    2. Lowlife555


      if you say so. for me with 27" monitor, its fine, more than fine.

  14. Lowlife555

    The Authenticity of "Clubbers"

    Tbh everybody that play tier 2 that is not doing it to unlock a new line, are all fakes