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  1. Ok, I'll just reply to this thread in a couple weeks and see which I should go with then.
  2. Those Zen CPUs look nice so I think I'll go with that. Parts picker is saying amd isn't compatible with the current parts so what do I need to change?
  3. Ok, any specific paste you would recommend? Also what comes out in march? I work be ordering anything until ~2nd of March. Thanks for the advice. Also this is the latest monitor I'm looking at. Went for a lower refresh rate because it saved a lot of money.
  4. I think this is what I'm going to go with, but I am worried about the liquid cooling as I've never worked with it before. Also is there anything else I need to buy with this line thermal paste or any other little things like that?
  5. How does this look for a monitor?
  6. Sorry Adder I ninja edited you. Thanks for the list. I forgot to mention earlier that I would like the ability to add a second 1080 later if I want to.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. For more information on the use it's going to be mainly just gaming, would like to be able to stream though. Regarding resolution I'm still looking for a monitor. If you have a good recommendation I'm looking for a 2k with at least 144hz refresh rate.
  8. This is the build I just threw together this afternoon. Any advice on what I should know to build a pc would be nice and so would advice on the parts I've selected as I'm not sure they all are compatible.
  9. Not really, he's just shifting teams within a match already set up by the current mm system, so no added wait time.
  10. I think there's a Halo 3 unofficial PC port you could try.
  11. After 4 hours of volley ball I tinkered a bit more, it was that add on gpu. Now I have a new question, what should I replace it with? I can get two gpu''s but I don't know which I should get, or should I get 1 really good gpu to replace it not two?
  12. Tried that, looks like buying a $350 replacement part it is :/
  13. So I'm trying to fix my dad's old work laptop and use it for gaming, but I thought I'd ask here for some advice before buying an expensive part that I think needs to be replaced. It is an Alienware M18x r2 and whenever I try to start it up nothing shows up on the screen and 8 beeps go off. Some say this is a mother board problem some say it is just the video card some people say it's the display. I completely unplugged and removed the display and tried to start it up using an external monitor and still had the same issue so I'm not sure what to do next.
  14. Voted 650 base and 50% because Less reroll advantage / incentive. Less effect from historical nerfs & buffs. More tolerant of stock grinds & play for fun tanks. 1&2 are straightforward, 3 people who dump money/tourny/cw gold into free exp can avoid bad tanks and stock grinds entirely(I haven't ground out a stock tank in over 2 years personally probably longer because of skirmishes) and I think that shouldn't be reflected in a skill metric.
  15. Skoda T 50 = 57M46 Patton : 17