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  1. I had a great time today and with the help of Crab understand the meta a lot better. There's so much more emphasis on defense now rather than aggression and it really threw me off at first. From what I saw today being able to just survive is huge now, something I've always been terrible at. I mostly picked a rather defensive position near the usual heavy brawl areas (I was in a heavy all but two games today) and didn't really move up until I knew we had an overmatch. If we did it was pretty standard brawling, trying to be more conservative than I normally do though. If we didn't i'd just sit back and take any free damage I could but really was just using my presence to maintain map control for Crab and TheDivision, while crab would be in a t10 light and Division was in the tier 10 Swedish td. Since the td is so maneuverable as long as I could survive in a nice spot he could just decimate people when they tried to dig me out. The biggest struggle and where I messed up the most was being too aggressive, leading to me dieing early or being trapped in a bad position. In 24 games I had a survival rate of about 62% where when I used to play I would consider surviving 30% a good day. The game is less about making good plays now, but rather letting others make mistakes when they are forced to push you. I admittedly still need to work on my solo play though as all but 2 games today were in a 3 man platoon.
  2. It's kind of crazy I'm regularly seeing 6 or 7 tds a side at tier 10.
  3. Haven't played in a while, there are so many tds and superheavies now and it seems like most sit way back. How do you counter this meta as my mediums are just getting blasted whenever I try to push now.
  4. Just tried this for the first time. War thunder is a better game, but for casual play I've had a lot of fun playing this. I was able to quickly grind from t2 to t6 in a day of play, which is great because the main reason I quit war thunder is the insane grind.
  5. Ok, I'll just reply to this thread in a couple weeks and see which I should go with then.
  6. Those Zen CPUs look nice so I think I'll go with that. Parts picker is saying amd isn't compatible with the current parts so what do I need to change?
  7. Ok, any specific paste you would recommend? Also what comes out in march? I work be ordering anything until ~2nd of March. Thanks for the advice. Also this is the latest monitor I'm looking at. Went for a lower refresh rate because it saved a lot of money.
  8. I think this is what I'm going to go with, but I am worried about the liquid cooling as I've never worked with it before. Also is there anything else I need to buy with this line thermal paste or any other little things like that?
  9. How does this look for a monitor?
  10. Sorry Adder I ninja edited you. Thanks for the list. I forgot to mention earlier that I would like the ability to add a second 1080 later if I want to.
  11. Thanks for all the advice. For more information on the use it's going to be mainly just gaming, would like to be able to stream though. Regarding resolution I'm still looking for a monitor. If you have a good recommendation I'm looking for a 2k with at least 144hz refresh rate.
  12. This is the build I just threw together this afternoon. Any advice on what I should know to build a pc would be nice and so would advice on the parts I've selected as I'm not sure they all are compatible.
  13. Not really, he's just shifting teams within a match already set up by the current mm system, so no added wait time.
  14. I think there's a Halo 3 unofficial PC port you could try.
  15. After 4 hours of volley ball I tinkered a bit more, it was that add on gpu. Now I have a new question, what should I replace it with? I can get two gpu''s but I don't know which I should get, or should I get 1 really good gpu to replace it not two?