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  1. Scout mm for a class that has generally been weaker than same tier mediums for a long time* has always been unnecessarily rough, it's hard to look at something like a 13 90 and say that it is better off being treated as a tier 9, granted some of the newer lights are a bit better off given they are simila/better than same tier mediums (i.e. the T-54L) but that's mostly been the exception to the rule. Frankly I'm not sure why their mm has existed for so many years, but going off these potential changes, leave it to WG to screw up something so simple as deleting scout mm. *I'm not so sure about the golden days of the vision meta, but even then I'd imagine it would be on a case by case basis.
  2. "pls notice me, look how relevant I am" - peta right now.
  3. You're writing in comic sans, at this point adding any more autism is purely trivial.
  4. Did you make a bet with someone that you could surpass hopey in terms of ignore list numbers?
  5. I managed to actually finish something the other day, quite happy with how it turned out:
  6. I'm going to join the "down with the changes, down with wg" bandwagon. I haven't a clue what is being changed, but it sounds like a fun and exciting time for everyone involved.
  7. It's a pretty shit hat if I'll be honest, it doesn't even have those dangly bits that are supposed to spook the flies.
  8. Halo has a few maps set inside a (space) ship, that's close enough right???
  9. I don't get it, what's the connection between the supermarket and wot? is there a connection at all? Is wg just [email protected]?
  10. Wait, so CR/D somehow improved since I got banned? Back in my day it was nothing but embassies and the occasional mouldy sperg.
  11. And here I was convinced tan was still super salty about the night of long dongs. And it seems to work, thanks, now, does anyone still post on the forum? Might have a serious try at reviving my thread, but not sure how it will go without fruity bumping it occasionally, and me being significantly worse as a player than I was in the past.
  12. Yeah well stop being [email protected], and you might get up to 10k where I'm sure there will be some sort of "spends way too much time on this silly forum" title or something. Alternatively you could join the cool "permanently banned" kids club. "Paste as plain text" You're welcome. Did you ever do anything with the white dwarf you had?