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  1. Oh no, did I strike a nerve? Yes I confess it's all true, I sidescraped my way to 62% or whatever it is my recent w/r is these days, in fact, my sidescraping skills are so good I managed to sidescrape out of my cupboard once or twice, fantastic right?!?!?!?!? And thanks to my peerless sidescraping skills I am rather brave with words and deeds, so fite me irl, location can be whatever basement you crawled out of. ...But on a more serious note hopey, your posts are bad and your insults are even worse, go back to being a raging alcoholic or spamming battle or whatever it is you waste your time with these days because frankly, you are a fool for continuing to post here, you are not wanted and you have already been banned before for throwing one of your moronic tantrums.
  2. Why do you think that? It's the same sort of retarded bullshit he can't help but spew forth whenever he gets drunk enough to start posting here.
  3. Fluke died when the officers + best players got merged into Luck, which later died anyway because everyone was a rusty as fuck pubstar and the officers hated actually playing the game.
  4. Link? I've liked some of his posts as they flow nicely and they read nicely (unlike say, the thread by that guy insisting tier 9 mediums are OP and broken compared to the type 5 and maus).
  5. I'm sorry but there are no bots in wot. WG is simply too good at policing their game for such programs to be used in any capacity.
  6. Can you please get whoever is sending me clan invites to stop? I didn't accept the first two or three and I had really hoped they would get the hint. Thanks.
  7. I'm not saying the concept isn't still flawed, but it is less p2w than before.
  8. ? If it's cheaper it means spending real money is less of a requirement to get the shells in the first place, and less damage means they are not as good.
  9. The I can kill it easy argument was always moronic. By that logic the WTE was underpowered.