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  1. I'm not saying the concept isn't still flawed, but it is less p2w than before.
  2. ? If it's cheaper it means spending real money is less of a requirement to get the shells in the first place, and less damage means they are not as good.
  3. The I can kill it easy argument was always moronic. By that logic the WTE was underpowered.
  4. I'll give you a hint, it's the red line sniper with the 0.6 accuracy gun. I thought the same before my two year hiatus, but I'm worse at damage whoring than I was, and the mantlet seems more unreliable than before the HDification. Sounds great, the problem of tiers 3-7 still exist however.
  5. Was salty he got less damage in his tier 9 arty than my tier tier 7 LT. He had the derp.
  6. I guess you'll just have to disband pbkac then, eh ezz?
  7. The real question is why the fuck would I bother going up through the previous 6 tiers of camo sniping TDs.
  8. Not sure how to do 4k damage in the JPII. I was never particularly good at damage whoring, but I'm even worse at it now. Arty is completely unavoidable, I used to be excellent at not getting clicked but that clearly doesn't work now, and especially not with the JPII's reverse speed. The mm is fucking me over, either top tier and you have to somehow farm 4k off of tier 6s, or bottom tier and you have to farm 4k without just dying instantly.
  9. If you're going to shitpost at least make an effort.