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  1. 'More damage, less accuracy'.
  2. Naming and shaming my tier 10 team for being 11 tanks down three minutes into the game, and thanking their IS-7 for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity:
  3. Thought I'd play one in the 13 90 for old times sake until the patch drops and it becomes shit:
  4. The Type 62 is pretty bad right now, i'd say it would end up more balanced as it is than if it was to get re-tiered with the rest.
  5. Well, the announcement trailer for the first game came out April 2016, the game itself released a year and a month later, no idea if it will be but assuming the same timing, that will put the release of the second game roughly two years after the first, which is long enough to develop a game, but short enough that people stay interested, so I'd say it's about right. DLC would not quite work out because it needs to go off maps that were created years ago, these factions are all* in a totally different part of the world than those from the first game, and so once you're creating both new maps and new factions it is basically a new total war game. The two maps will actually join together, so not entirely stand alone, plus I assume the third game will be out in another two or three years after this releases. *The rat at the end is undoubtedly one of the smaller cousins of the skaven, and they're literally everywhere
  6. Yes, and usually at the back of the turret as well.
  7. Scout mm for a class that has generally been weaker than same tier mediums for a long time* has always been unnecessarily rough, it's hard to look at something like a 13 90 and say that it is better off being treated as a tier 9, granted some of the newer lights are a bit better off given they are simila/better than same tier mediums (i.e. the T-54L) but that's mostly been the exception to the rule. Frankly I'm not sure why their mm has existed for so many years, but going off these potential changes, leave it to WG to screw up something so simple as deleting scout mm. *I'm not so sure about the golden days of the vision meta, but even then I'd imagine it would be on a case by case basis.
  8. "pls notice me, look how relevant I am" - peta right now.
  9. You're writing in comic sans, at this point adding any more autism is purely trivial.
  10. Did you make a bet with someone that you could surpass hopey in terms of ignore list numbers?