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  1. Frankly the end was awfully disappointing since nobody drowned. In other news I cannot post on the offishul forum again:
  2. At first I didn't think it was too out of the ordinary, light tanks yolo'ing to their doom is what they do half the time, and you at least appeared by yourself... ...BUT THEN THE E-25 NATION ATTACKED
  3. I like your in-game eloquence. Also I'm not surprised, literally no-one from canberra is good at the video game.
  4. I think my shitpoast in the au server thread was too subtle.
  5. She's going to be more pissed off with the backblast soon enough.
  6. I'm reasonably sure there's at least a few of them waiting for this whole internet fad to blow over.
  7. The style of warfare total war uses (big blocks of infantry formations with cavalry and artillery and whatnot) was in its dying breaths by the American civil war, the type of warfare depicted by 40k is far closer to a very loose interpretation of ww2 (with a hint of xenos scum, killer robots, religious nutters and space knights swinging fuckoffhuge swords) and as such would be pretty much totally incompatible with the type of gameplay that total war has always used. Of course a radical change might be a really good idea, but in my opinion a better way to do it would be to have dow style skirmish gameplay on a larger scale (haven't played dow 3 though so don't know what that's like) with the battle map and army building of TW.
  8. Oh look, another tier 8 nato support med. Didn't see that one coming.
  9. Due to +2/-2 mm a single good game is almost guaranteed for a player of just about any skill level when the lowest sample size is 1733.
  10. Just ignore doto and don't bring him up in this thread, he thrived on the attention last time and it made everything so much fucking worse.
  11. Because most t8 mediums are some of the most underwhelming tanks in the game.
  12. Technically that's still supposed to be bridgey, but the last time I spoke to him he said he forgot the forum existed so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.