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  1. Add me on Origin bitch



    1. Siimcy
    2. Medjed


      It takes quite some time to get from 99 to 100.....takes crapton of exp....also lvl means nothing, just a number, no benefits from it

  2. So couple of days ago i wrote a status that said: "To put your dick in somewhat crazy or not"....well it turns out that girl is not somewhat crazy, she's actually batshit crazy, fucking insane.....she threatened to put a gun to his head to a 15 year old boy, because as she claims, he lied that she said something, which she actually did said and it's not a lie, which i witnessed personally.....scary thing is she could potentially do it, because she does ocassionally hangs out with a guy that carries the gun around and she actually went to forest with him to practice shooting....oh sweet baby jesus what did my dick involved me into....luckily i didn't hook up with her seriously even though she wanted....pls send halp

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    2. Luna


      stick ur dick in it

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Don't worry, you probably wouldn't have gotten that far anyway. She'd most likely have tried to bite your dick off

    4. Medjed


      @SchnitzelTruck that's a fairly possible assumption

  3. Fuck PUBG....every single BF1 streamer/youtuber now plays only that fucking game.....fkn ripped off H1Z1 clone with better shooting system...gonna unsubscribe all the cunts

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    2. Medjed


      Because i don't want to....i bought H1Z1 long time ago and pretty much never played it, and PUBG really doesn't attract me enough to buy it.

    3. Siimcy


      Same, bought H1Z1 barely played it. Maybe will buy BF1 cuz gtx 1080 soon :gachi:

    4. Fulcrous


      PUBG is significantly better than H1Z1 lol.

      It's like comparing WoT (H1Z1) to what it could be. Sure there are some fundamental issues, but there's no doubt its significantly better.

  4. Look who i just met


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    2. MAJEST1C


      He did club you or did you club him?

    3. Medjed


      He penned me once,i penned him once also and i bounced on him the second shot, because E-25 obviously has 300mm effective armor.....we won tho

    4. MAJEST1C


      You won. That's all it matters :doge:

  5. To put your dick in somewhat crazy or not :triggered:

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    2. Siimcy


      gf DansGame who do you think I am my naygur

    3. Spartan96


      cant stick your dick in crazy if you're the crazy one


    4. ZXrage


      do it faggot

  6. Is there anything worth trying out on the 9.19 test server beside that new game mode which i have no interest whatsoever?

    1. ZXrage


      No, not really.


    2. lordawesome7


      female voices if you can''t wait to hear them in battle


      also some HD models if thats your thing

    3. Medjed


      So, nothing. Gonna pass on this one

  7. Why do anime autists need to polute everything with their weird shit
  8. Bought S7 Edge, zero regrets. This is like Godlike phone. Holy shit it's awesome. :feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman:

    1. MAJEST1C


      My only complaint is that it lags when you start up

  9. Looks like i'll be getting S7 edge afterall....since it costs less than an Oneplus 3 there's no sense not to go for it...getting both performance and can brag with it a bit :feelsgoodman::feelsgoodman:

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    2. MAJEST1C


      How much are you spending for S7 Edge again? Have you try looking at international market?

    3. Medjed


      Around 400€ Doubt i could find it cheaper outside and i get to buy it directly w/o shipping and all the other fuss


    4. MAJEST1C


      Yeah about the same. In fact yours is probably the cheapest. In US, it's now around 400+ then if you including shipping etc. Although international models get the inferior chip

  10. Should i go with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or should i go with something of the similar tier/same price range?

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    2. Assassin7


      Wow, thats retarded. Maybe you could order one off ebay or something?

    3. Luna


      I have an S7 edge, love it. The issue is the S8 is already out, idk any specs though, but odds are its an improvement.

    4. H4NI


      @Medjed Buy it from China shops that have EU warehouses... Shipping is few days and there are no import taxes. List of shops available here:

  11. Wanted to recommend Rival 300 as Rexxie did, but seeing you already ordered 700, GG i can only be better than 300 and i like mine a lot. Great, simple, accurate sensor and relatively cheap mouse.
  12. I use SD client(HD is quite pointless since there's pretty much no difference in textures on very high and ultra). I've no mods installed, just pure vanilla client and it's size is 17,8 GB.
  13. After whole day of eating all the delicious Easter food and shitton of barbeque, i just devoured a whole chocolate Easter bunny in like a minute. I feel like a disgusting pig, but with zero regrets. :fat:

    1. M4A3E8sherman


      fuck you m8 i had an oreo for breakfast and nothing for lunch

    2. Gashtag


      fat kunt

    3. galleri


      Made MIL get me easter bunnies when she brought the baby's easter basket. lol

  14. Steelseries Rival 300....Relatively cheap, simple design, great optical sensor. I own it and i like it a LOT