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  1. its confirmed they are removing this with World Of Tanks 1.0 .. Should people that don't have it hurry up and buy it ? (im a tank collector i got type 59 but i want this too)
  2. They promised a while ago that they would not touch pref mm tanks in regards to their mm, Which i think is great. If they change them to normal mm you are going to see a lot of angry people and it will make a difference. and as someone above said we bought pref mm for the pref mm not for changing it to a different mm than we bought it for. Im calm as long as they give is6 a pen buff im happy. and or nerf defender (in particular) armor.
  3. Do you EVEN 90?

    i was one day too late to buy this im so sad I hope it will come to the store again some day.
  4. Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    im glad i looked at this thread. I was just about unlocking tracks. but ill grind the 20k more for engine first
  5. I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    best tank ever
  6. rspctd's reeeeeeeeeeeplays

    i see thanks.. yeah i used wotnumbers too a few patches ago but it stopped working. I use vbaddict now. and I really like it. It works flawlessly about 12 hours after new patch was out it worked. Id take a look at that if i were you.
  7. rspctd's reeeeeeeeeeeplays

    what program is that ? that one looks very interesting and im happy you are sharing replays. good to watch after horrible sessions.
  8. Chrysler K GF

    i 1v1'ed a defender easy.
  9. Chrysler K GF

    So now that Chrysler has been out for almost a day . what is your impression of it. Mine is that its totally messed up OP.. I am sporting a 80% wr with 2.1k dpg (its higher than my t10 meds dpg) ofcourse its platoon 3 chryslers and my wr will get lower the more i play it. But man its like a t8 mini maus with E5 engine speed. fast turner aswell so its quite difficult to get its side. and the sidescraping makes it better than a maus(a bit of an overstatement but you know what i mean) in 8 out of 10 games ive had 2k+ dmg blocked and 2k+ dmg. and you look at my overall stats. I should never be able to even be close to that kind of stats (3200 wn8 session) Its just so easy to play if you just have a little brain. and yes people fire premium ammo against it and that makes the armor not so great. But like t6s and t7s most dont have a chance in hell against it frontally. just my 2 cents. if its worth anything. probably not but here goes. oh i also forgot to mention you still makes credits dapping 2 key on wins. Ive only had 2 games where i lost credits and that was losses. -.-
  10. Obj.140 Karelia

    http://wotreplays.com/site/3596374#karelia-mydiscoparty-object_140 So my first thought was going south to the mountain but seeing as all stayed in base. I decided to go north where we had an E3 etc. So i think i wasted too much time north sniping 268 and tortoise. But then im sort of blank for what i could have done better. If any of you lovely people would help me id be incredibly happy. ps: oh i know i forgot to change ammo type in the north
  11. Thanks. Im also pretty proud of the Dumitru's Medal. Ive never had that one before. First timer!
  12. That is probably the biggest compliment ive ever received in my wot career thanks
  13. http://wotreplays.com/site/3576160#fisherman_s_bay-mydiscoparty-e_25 I decided to train a new crew. so no perks just 100% and training BiA (It was a long forgotten crew i had so I wouldn't put BiA as first skill anymore just fyi Anyway it was so exciting a battle the only bad part was the ending *spoiler*
  14. X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    saw him play with fame a few days ago in t10 sh i believe it was ! legend plays !
  15. Good Twitch guys for beginners

    Zeven and Overlord_Prime. skill4tu he is impressive but not quite for the beginner.. He charges you for questions, i tried as late as yesterday writing a few questions and stuff and i got totally ignored. then another viewer told me i had to use this currency i was earning being on stream to ask him my questions. and i was so turned off by that. not a great thing for beginners to go in and feel totally ignored. Zeven is the best one out there imo. he loves to teach and is quite good at it which i think is the most important the passion for helping others. I do also like valheru kind, answers questions with ease and they are not hard to understand and he is a great player.