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  1. This can be an interesting topic. Leadership is one of those qualities that people seem to either have or don't. There are papers written on whether you are born with leadership qualities or if they can be taught. My belief is it is a bit of both. The one quality that is a must though is confidence, great leaders have a persona that people just tend to follow. This is because they had the confidence which personified onto the people they were leading. I have been in the Army for 22 years now and still going, seen many a great leader and too many poor leaders. I guess the question to ask is what are you trying to accomplish in the group meetings. Remember you are all just kids, so attention spans can be quite short. Can you get them involved in the meeting more, give them some sort of responsibility towards it as has been mentioned in this post. The one thing you should not do especially on this age group is use force. Kids will tend to rebel against this and you will not get anywhere. You need to find out what they are interested in and see if that can be brought into the meetings and get them involved.
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      Are you playing on Russian server? No? No Problem.

  2. Im in Aust too (Brisbane) Hit me up if you see me on.
  3. That's for EU, didn't think NA was getting it yet. There's nothing on the NA website.
  4. Was just trying to search for that info as well. Its not 9.9 is it?
  5. Nope, as far as I know, they stay with you.
  6. By reading into his question, I think he is talking about the XBox version of the game. Didnt know X-Box version were doing WN8 (read his signature line)
  7. Finally bought the Conq GC last night. Also have FV304. I play those funny Australian times, so if I'm on, feel free to shoot me an invite.
  8. Will see if I can find the replay, but saw a yellow with an Obj 260 yesterday. Had to look twice, but yep it was definately a 260. Will post screenshot of replay when I get home.
  9. I would say yes, drop that camo net. Read this article
  10. ^ Thats the boat I'm in, guess I better get gud @forum poasting then Sorry cant do gifs from work
  11. I cant talk about the FCM as I dont have one, but the IS6 is pretty good at printing money. However if you havent played the high tiers it could be a bit of a shock until you get used to it. I'd say grind out to the IS3 and pick one other line to concentatre on.
  12. Its taken me 2 years to reach 200 posts in the Ars Technica forums. I'll never make it here I just read alot, have some input where I feel its necessary but usually someone else has said it much better (Thank god work allows me on this site or I'd be bored shitless)
  13. I've been using the 75 and it seems to be working better than the 88. Pew Pew them down Got a KV2 from full health and he shot once (missed thank god)