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Found 3 results

  1. FAME - Deal with it! The #1 clan in stats of the EU server ever since it was formed December 2013. We are determined to stay the #1 elite clan of the EU server. So what kind of players are we looking for? Natural born pros Smart players that are able to read battles Players that carry from the front line Guys who still strive to improve despite playing on a top level already We are always looking for capable Field Commanders: Experienced and confident in command Not scared of fighting the other big clans Not afraid of trying new tactics As FC in FAME you generally enjoy about double the pay of regular members. (You do the math with around 10k gold per day and 60 active members) REQUIREMENTS: 3000 WN8 overall and recent 4000 WN8 64% WR overall and recent 67% WR 3000+ damage on t10 tanks. (TDs even higher) 1000 assist & 2 spots on t10 meds (= anti-statpadding req) 10k battles or more 10k+ WG rating 4+ CW capable tanks (BC, 50B, IS7, 140, 62A, E3, E5, E100, MAUS, FV215B, CGC) Lots of 3rd MoE on t10s helps (we see them as a proof of skill) have at least one testicle don't get butthurt easily For rerolls: Note that if you lack in a few areas but exceed our requirements in others or you're a FC we will still consider your application (we really do, nobody's perfect)! TESTING PROCEDURE: To ensure FAME remains the #1 clan when it comes to sheer skill, we changed our testing procedure. Upon entering FAME you're gameplay in competitive games (CW, SH etc) will be monitored by officers and senior members. Your random stats get you into the clan, your skill and teamplay keep you in the clan. Why do we do this? Stats can be padded (redline sniping, pure gold setups etc) so even a thorough look at your service record won't tell the whole story. So what will we check during your testing period? CLAN ACTIVITIES: As FAME we actively participate in: Clan Wars (#1 in T10 ELO rating currently) Stronghold Battles (daily credit bonuses, high tier skirmishes) Tournaments (our teams routinely take top places in Mangled Metal, Easy 8 or Super Six) Campaigns (#5 during Operation Safari, #1 during Armageddon) Platoons We aim for a healthy balance between farming and fighting CONTACTS: You think you got what it takes to play for FAME? Then contact our recruiters: weenis kajzoo SteveGer shishx If you have any questions feel free to ask them in here, I'm gonna check them and reply bois!
  2. So, as some of you may know I am IS-7_jesus since unlocking it yesterday. I figured I'd publicly post my replays. I want to stay above 4k DPG and get my third MOE at/before I reach 100 games. I am streaming every time I play the IS-7 Be here when I fuck it up and ruin my stats! Stats at 126 games. I gave in to the pressure and platooned a bunch forcing my dpg down because I was stressing out. DPG dropped below 3800 at one point. Back up to 3873 though. CLICK THE IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS Stats at 71 games. This highlight sums up my games for today. stats at 60 games. Had a handful of bad games and dropped down to 3.9k dpg twice so I had to work and bring it back up Stats from my first 45 games. I got yolo rushed and only managed to get 1.4k damage one game and 1 shot by arty another game managing to get 2.1k damage. Without those game I would probably have 4.1k dpg My personal IS-7 page on vbaddict List of top players in the IS-7 on vbaddict IS-7 replay dump: If someone spots a game in that isn't on my own account or a clanwars battle please let me know so I can remove it and keep the replay list mostly pub games (just pm me with a copy of the file name)
  3. Since I've noticed a few people kind of jump onto the Internetometer bandwagon, I figured there should be a pointless topic showing who's the most awesome of them all. If I see your Internetometer button anywhere, I'll copy it into its position here on the scoreboard. Alternatively, you can post your button in this thread and I'll add it. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ