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Found 4 results

  1. Trying to flesh out my tank selection for 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys. Mittengard is a frequent selection for 1v1 fights. KV-1S is a good heavium and has a good weapon selection. It also has superior dpm vs the t-34 (2k base vs 1.26k base). T-34 does have better mobility (higher top speed and better power to weight ratio). (And much better gun depression, but that's not as needed in Mittengard 8 vs 3.) So when fighting KV-1, M4's, churchills, each other, etc, what's the better tank? In my mind it's the KV-1S, but I've seen people swear up and down it's the T-34.
  2. I was debating in my mind whether to make this topic as I thought it might be better suited to a status update but I think its fine in 'Tape Study'. Before you say it - I'm not just posting a decent replay for attention whoring. I'm wanting feedback on the 1v1 situation I was in right at the end because I think I just got very lucky. Well it wasn't quite a 1v1 because I still had an arty alive on my team, but close enough. Situation: - On Mines (standard) - Me in Jagdpanther II - Last enemy in T54E1 - Both one-shots for each other I had just killed an IS-6 around the bottom of the northern side of the central hill, the T54E1 was around further and I had no clue on his magazine. Being in a turretless TD, I thought it would be stupid to try and chase a medium around a bend so I kept back to begin and stayed hulldown behind some wrecks in case he came for me. After a little while I began pulling back thinking if he was going to come from that side, he would have done it by then so I headed to the middle and went to overlook our spawn-side but he got spotted behind me coming up from the side I thought was safe. Luckily I had my ass covered by a tree and I was able to turn about 90° before being spotted and pull off a hastily aimed shot while he missed his first. If not for that ass tree, which I didn't plan to hide behind either, he would have got me for sure. Also luck with the shot because if I had missed his autoloader would have ended me. I'm wondering what the correct/safest play would have been in this situation; should I have gone to cap? Or gone all the way back to that campy spot at the edge of the map near our spawn? Somewhere else? Chase him down? I feel like I got my prediction entirely wrong so would really like someone to propose a different strategy or thought process for a 1v1 because my mind went blank and just jumped to the "well he must be on this side" conclusion - which 9 times out of 10 I think would have probably lost us the game. I have been in 1v1s before and bottled it, making the wrong decision and losing (T29 vs AT-15, so embarrassing and I was in no hurry to keep that replay). Edit: the 1v1 begins at 7:02 on the battle timer.
  3. Frostbyte183

    Could I have won in this situation?

    Replay: Text Summary of Situation: I have a 175% crew (All 70-75% Camo + Snap Shot on Gunner) on my half-stock T-34-85, and have been bush sniping all game on Ruinberg as my team collapses around me. My sit-aware was not the best, but I managed to level the playing field and get into a 1v1 at the end vs Jagdpanther. I managed to land only 1 shot onto him so he is on nearly full HP. I can't simply take a hit and circle him/perma-track him during the reload for an easy circle of death because I'm down to being a 1-hit for him. Instead I plunged into the city and tried to get behind him by circling the city blocks a couple times. After that failed I located him near his cap circle and attempted to track him during a game a of ring-around-the-ruin which I ultimately lose. I'm a green tomato trying to cross the line into blue-world, and would really appreciate some tactical advice for this kind of situation. Was this just un-winnable? Should I of tried to ambush-and-run the JP on corners as he pursued me? Or had I already lost from earlier mistakes?