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Found 40 results

  1. So, after selling the Belfast for her full dubloon price (yes, I didn't like her, please don't kill me), I suddenly have around 13000 doubloons and wondered what could be done with that. And, as I don't have a T8 Premium so far and the Christmas sales will probably start in the not so far future, I wanted to get some opinions what currently the best/most OP/fun tier 8 is that can be bought with doubloons. Some points to consider: I am mostly a BBaby highest tiers: Bismarck (decent stats in it, almost finished), Amagi (mediocre), Kagero (bad, still learning), New Orleans (only unlocked, no moneyz) am at best mediocre in CA/CL, random full health deletions are a bit infuriating doing decently in DDs up until T7 already got a Scharnhorst, so only mildly interested in the Tirpitz Only at T6 in CVs, not overly interested in that RTS gameplay So, I'm looking for something a bit more tanky or at least not so prone to getting citadelled from all directions. The Roma and Jean Bart are probably going to come soon, too. Maybe wait for them? I got a real hard on for them sexy French quad turrets and Roma seems to get the conceilment of a CL. Another idea: Should I maybe convert them doubloons to free xp and get the Missouri? I am currently sitting on something like 320k free xp which I wanted to save for the Nelson. But 12500 doubloons*25=312500 fxp, so I would need 117000 more for her. Please give me some input!
  2. AMX Canon d'assault 105

    What is it and is it worth the gold?
  3. Caernarvon AX

    (Source: The Armored Patrol ) World of Tanks Supertest: Caernarvon AX – Tier VIII – Premium Heavy Tank Tier: VIII HT, GB, premium HP: 1400 Engine power: 950 HP Weight: 65 t Max. weight: 70 t Power-to-weight ratio: 15.5 HP/t Max. speed forwards/backwards: 36 / -12 km/h Hull traverse speed: 28 °/s Turret traverse speed: 36 °/s Terrain resistance: 1.055 / 1.247 / 2.205 View range: 380 m Signal range: 782.1 m Hull armor: 130 / 50 / 38 Turret armor: 254 / 152 / 95 Gun: OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel Damage: 230 / 230 / 280 Penetration: 226 / 258 / 42 Reload speed: 6.3 s DPM: 2284 Accuracy: 0.32 Aim time: 2.3 s Gun depression/elevation: -10 / +20 Well played WG. Remove the 20-pdr on the regular Caernarvon and replace with 32-pdr and "old" Centurion turret, but then "re-introduce" the pre 9.20.1 Caernarvon as a premium tank. Other than that, this should've been something WG do more, introducing more tier VIII premium tanks for each tank branch, rather than spamming more Russian and German premiums. The spaced armor is an odd feature imo. I didn't realize the CAX turret was a HEAT magnet.
  4. WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    Been watching a bit of skill4ltu, QB and circon playing it and i look likes a pretty decent beast. Have any of you bought it ? Any thoughts ? Seems like the combination of great mobility, 440 alpha, 215+ frontal armor works well. The gun handling ain't even that bad since you have better hidden dispersion than comparable tier 8 premiums TD also it's -6 depression so it's not stellar but at least you are not gimped in a one on one..
  5. STG Guard - worth the gold?

    Just in case some people weren't aware of this, here goes: Description (with some redacted notes) Developed as a J.V. Stalin Academy of the WPRA Mechanization and Motorization Program project totally not a napkin design. According to numerous sources that nobody made up, it started in 1949 so was silly putty. The vehicle had a forward placed engine bay (frontal engine fires anyone?), and the fighting compartment in the back, something unseen in a Soviet tank. The tank was canceled during the project phase aka never physically built. Tier VIII USSR premium Medium Tank Health: 1350 Engine power: 400 HP Weight: 28 t Max. weight: 30 t Power-to-weight: 14,29 HP/t Max. speed forward/backwards: 50/-20 km/h Traverse speed: 46,94 °/s Turret traverse speed: 36,5 °/s Terrain resistance: 0,671 / 0,767 / 1,534 View range: 370 m Signal range: 730 m Crew: 4 Hull armor: 100 / 45 / 45 Turret armor: 210 / 180 / 45 Gun: 122 mm D-25TS Damage: 390 / 390 / 530 Penetration: 212 / 248 / 61 Fire rate: 4,47 DPM: 1 743 Reload speed: 13,42 s Accuracy: 0,316 Aim time: 2,21 s Gun depression/elevation: -6 / +17 The obvious comparison is the Obj 416, it's a tad bigger but has a fully traversable turret with -6 degrees gun depression all around. The STG sucks out on the DPM department though, but that's not too surprising or a bad thing necessarily considering its playstyle. It should feel familiar to players used to tanks like the A-44, Obj 416 and Obj 430 II. But unlike those tanks, the STG packs a 122mm gun, and since preferential MM is dead it doesn't suffer penetration (212mm AP pen). The gun handling is also decent, and you can actually snipe with this tank in a pinch. Armor wise, the hull isn't that good, but its low profile nature plus your typical Russian turret makes the STG a decent (but not invulnerable) at hull down positions. Mobility isn't its standout feature, but being low profile you can bet it'll have decent concealment. Some may call it the baby Defender, and the comparisons are understandable. But unlike the Obj 252U, it isn't idiot-proof due to its poor hull armor, rear-mounted turret and low-ish DPM. It certainly isn't a Russian Chrysler, and that's definitely some good news. With the recent buffs to the T-44-100 and T-54 mod 1 making those somewhat viable/usable, to an extent, and tier 8 MM being a pain nowadays, I don't expect it to flood the game like the Defender did. Reasons to Buy: Don't own any tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank Familiar with rear mounted turret tanks Familiar with Russian 122mm gun bias Pixel tank collector Weird fetish fondness for Soviet tanks and Soviet patriotic artwork Willing to spend at least 44 USD/37 EURO not on food or other "necessities" Reasons NOT to Buy: Already own a tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank for training purposes Already own another tier 8 premium tank for credit farming purposes Don't like Soviet medium tanks Saving money for the Obj 277, Obj 278, Obj 279, or Obj 770 or whatever WG comes up with next
  6. Best tier 7 premium?

    What would you consider the best tier 8 premium to be (probably apart from E25) ... ? Say the criteria is being competitive and having fun etc.
  7. I used to love this tank back in the day when I bought it and havent played much wot for the last year so this might just be me or all the guns that have 220+ Pen these days that prevent me from playing this thing as agressively as I used to play. But how do you play the jt88 these days? Maybe its just the 5x weekend that is a bad time to play outdated premiums but I went from averaging 1300 dmg to barely 600 dmg in the thing am I just bad at the tank now or is the 203 pen and hull armor not that good anymore? Of course many have said just go hulldown and mow down enemies, however I cant seem to find that many hulldown spots these days, and good luck doing anything when theres a defender coming your way. Thank you for your time.
  8. So it's been nearly a week since April Fool's Day 2017, when WG decided to instead of creating a special funny event, game mode or in-game feature, they thought we'd all have a wonderful hearty laugh at being enticed by their 1-day offer of an "exclusive" and "rare" pixel tank in exchange for a LOT of IRL money. Maybe we'll see Type 59 for sale next April Fool's 2018? Assuming Drumpf hasn't glassed the entire planet over a tweet.
  9. Object 252U

    So, yet another Soviet premium tier 8 heavy tank is coming soon. Because there's never a lack for them. Will it be any good compared to existing Soviet tier 8 heavy tanks like the IS-6, IS-3A, IS-5 and IS-3. And for arguments sake, compared to the Chinese 112, WZ-111 and 110 (because they're pretty much the same deal)
  10. Another VIII premium TD for Germanz. Stats: JTH (Ferdi/JT) HP: 1600 (1500/2100) Engine: 700 hp (840/700) Mass: 74,92 t (66,5/75) Power-to-weight: 9,34 hp / t (12.64/9.31) Max speed: 38 / -12 km / h (30/10 - 38/12) Hull turning speed: 20 °/s (21/26) Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,151 / 2,205 (1.05/1.63/2.78 - 1.05/1.25/2.30) View range: 370 m (370/390) Radio range: 740,4 m (740/740) Hull armor: 250 / 80 / 80 mm (200/80/80 - 250/80/80) Gun: 12,8 cm Pak 44/1 L/55 (comparison only to Ferdi) Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630 Penetration: 246 / 311 / 65 mm Rate Of Fire: 4,813 (5.35) Damage Per Minute: 2358,5 (2,620.51) Reload time: 12,466 s (11.22) Accuracy: 0,336 (0.34) Aiming time: 2,21 s (2.21) Depression: -7,5 (-8) Crew: 6 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator, Loader, Loader) Looks like less mobile but better armored Ferdi with worse gunpower (DPM).
  11. E-25 - The Cockroach

    My thoughts on when WG Asia decided to have the E-25 for sale after Christmas for over 4 days.
  12. FV201 (A45) ends peasant revolt

    Just wanted to shamelessly share this thing I did: DPM thanks to loader Orange Pekoe I've heard some gripes about the FV201, and while it may have one of the smallest guns for a tier 7 heavy tank, I'm sold on its DPM. My stats on this tank aren't stellar so far, but mostly because I haven't been playing it as much as I'd like and ASIA server pubs.
  13. In the past year, there have been over 30 times that Wargaming NA offered a premium tank for sale in the premium shop only and not had the tank available in game for gold. Some players viewed this as an obvious money grab by Wargaming NA because the premium shop price is always higher than the price if you bought gold and bought the tank in game for its gold value. Also some players say it devalues the gold won in tournaments and clan wars because you can't use the gold on anything new. I recently filed a ticket asking if I can buy the M41 90 GF for the gold price instead of through the premium shop. "Ticket #820558 Category:WoTSub-category:In-Game Goods Over the past year, Wargaming North America has released about 30 tanks in the premium shop only and not available n game for gold. Last month I saw that the M 41 90 GF was going to be available in August. Today I saw its available for sale only in the premium shop and not available in game. Is it possible to purchase the M 41 90 GF with gold? I was told that the value of the tank is 6500 gold. Since the M41 90 GF isn't available to purchase in game, would it be possible to deduct 6500 gold from my account and put the M41 90 GF in my garage?" Their reply after a long discussion: "All of this brings me back to your original question, which is "can I purchase the M 41 90 GF for Gold?" - unfortunately the answer is no. These bundles are available on the Premium Shop exclusively, and can't be purchased with in-game currency via the tech tree." To compensate me for my disappointment, they gave me 3 days of premium time. So is their policy a money grab? Does it devalue gold now that you can't buy anything new with the gold?
  14. Another French premium has appeared, this time something resembling the 50 100. Yes it's also a heavy. Somua SM Statistics: tier 8 1400 HP 32 °/s turret rotation 359 m view range 32 °/s hull rotation 50/20 km/h maximal speed 232 mm standard penetration 300 alpha damage 0.38 accuracy 2.2 s aim time 43 s reload of the magazine 6 shells in the clip 3.75 s reload of the shell More screenshots at
  15. Thoughts on the Skoda T40

    Hai, I'm sitting on a moderate amount of gold right now, and I'm thinking of picking up the Skoda T40 from the in-game shop as a crew trainer for my eventual Czech line grind. Since I don't see a thread for it yet, what are your thoughts after driving one? Is it viable in Stronks? Pubs? Is it worth the gold? It looks decent on paper but trusting paper values makes for a very disappointed AMX 40 driver. Thank you for your input!
  16. Turan III

    So any thoughts on the Turan III? How's it compare to the Hydrostat or the T-25? I have both. I'm a bit of a collector, so I'll probably get it - just wondering what the impressions were.
  17. Now anyone can get ripped!

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, so feel free to move this if otherwise. [Special] Ripper Patton So the current rent-a-tank event in the SEA server is the Patton KR. And anyone can have a go in this and break the match-maker by just earning 15,000 EXP. Great marketing ploy WG, at the expense of everyone else. Now I have no problems with these rental tank events, it's a decent means of giving everyone a chance to try out the tank for themselves before deciding the purchase it. But i do have a problem with how this affects everyone else in the process. What do I mean? The fact that you can rent this tank just by playing in any tier V-X tank and earn the required amount of EXP brings some problems. First, most of those players may have only gotten to tier V or VI. They play a few games, and suddenly find a tier VIII medium tank with a tiger decal on it. Why not test it out? Here's the problem: they've only ever experienced at most fighting tier VII and possibly VIII. They've only just started to learn the ropes on how to play this game and fight other tanks. The Patton KR does not get limited match making, so these players are going to run into big tier X heavy tanks, agile tier X medium tanks and deathly tier X TDs and get slammed by tier X SPGs. Second, the fact that you can get this tank playing in any tank means some players may not have an American medium tank crew that has been sufficiently trained or experienced, OR WORSE they're not aware of or understand the mechanics of premium tanks where you can assign a normal crew of the same nation and class into them, and they go buy a fresh 50%-70% crew into it and roll out to battle. Now there are of course some players who do have a sufficiently trained USA medium tank crew, and have some prior experience fighting in a tier VIII-X match in a medium tank. They'll probably do fine in that case. I'm not saying that we can't have these rent-a-tank events. I just wish they'd adjust the requirements a bit to target a specific bunch of players who could benefit from trying out these tanks and then buy one.This would be more productive i feel since you'd get players with USA medium tanks and could have a tier 8 premium that would boost their credit income and crew training. I'm just saying... Preferably, it would go something like this: OBJECTIVE: Earn 15,000 EXP across any number of battles CONDITION: Random, 7v7 (Unranked/Ranked) or Stronghold battles only Available once per day only Tier VI or higher USA medium tanks only (i'd limit it to tier 8 and up but that would be kind of limiting) I've had a go in the Patton KR btw, and its a decent tank but I had the benefit of having a very experienced USA MT crew with up to 4 skills (6sense, BIA etc). I may be leaning towards buying one for myself, but not without some more experience in it. My first game, in a Patton KR platoon:
  18. Type 59 hype

    Type 59 hype
  19. MBT-70 - how to guides

    Hi all, I would like to talk here about the tier 6. premium tank - MB-70. As it is my main credit grinder and I'm gonna play it a lot to buy all the unlocked tanks, I'm courious what would be the best way to set it up and use it to farm the greens in effective way. It has been probably mentioned before somewhere, but I'm bad at digging old stuff up and also would be nice to have all in single topic (and the old info might be now outdated too). So.. Let's split it in 3 categories. 1) Retrofits Alpha or overall handling? You can fit it with three slots only, so going full damage, improving crews or mix of it? I currently use this: Magnetic Actuator (damage, aim) Intercom systems (crew improvement) Experimental Propellant (damage) I'm really not sure about this set up, so I'd like to hear what's yours and reasons for it. I would experiment my self, but the damn things are quite expensive to put on and off again. I would like to know what is possibly the best trio, period. 2) Commander I mostly use Juan Carlos/Freja for this reasons - aim and reload buffs and the perk that gives you bonus accelerations after firing (that is not much, but it kinda fits the playstyle for me, as MBT-70 is fast heavy and can relocate quickly, so by this you basically improving the strenghts of the tank). I've seen some people to use Victor Kirsanov, probably because leadership skill to improve crews. But that is the only useful skill for me and the rest is crap imho. Also 4% bonus doesn't seem too high now, even though you can stack it up with other things. Anyone tried him recetly after the crew atributes changes? Who would be the best guy to command this machine? 4) Playstyle So how do you actually play this tank? When I first got it, I found the speed and armor very pleasing and always tried to rush and push somewhere. But now it seems everyone know its weakspots and you can get down quite fast (and you don't have that much HP, even less than Chieftan on tier 5). So do you think that in the current meta playing support role, while focusing on maxing out overall handling is the way to go? Or do you think that the agressive, rush and big alpha style is still an option? Any serious comments and suggestions/opinions are appreciated. You can also link some good videos on YT if there are any. Thanks and let's discuss it!
  20. Since I haven't been able to find enough opinions on this tank, let's start here! What are your thoughts for ya'll folks who have owned it, or played it at all. Pros? Cons? Meh's? Quirks? Stronkholds? Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you REALLY feel.
  21. About half an hour has gone by, I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet. Most of this is C&P'ed from TAP M46 Patton KR (Tier 8 Premium) Stats: HP: 1450 Engine: 810 hp Mass: 44 t Power to weight: 18,41 KM / t Max speed: 48,2 / 20 km / h Hull turning speed: 38 °/s Turret turning speed: 39,6 °/s Terrain resistance values: 1,247/1,438/2,397 View range: 390 m Radio range: 776,9 m Hull armor:101,6 /76,2 /? mm Turret armor:101,6 /76,2/ 20 mm Alpha damage: 240 Penetration: 192 mm Rate Of Fire: 8,233 Damage Per Minute: 1975,9 Reload time: 7,3 s Accuracy: 0,364 Aiming time: 2,4 s Elevation/Depression: +20/-10 My general observations; the aim time is unusually poor, BUT it looks like it has the same gun dispersion while moving as the best of the RU hovercraft meds, so that should be total non-issue.... unless I'm just reading it wrong. Mobility looks poor, but so is it too on the M26 and the Super Pershing. If anything, it looks like a Pershing that got a DPM and Pen buff. At worst, it just lacks the M26's hyper-powered APCR shells.
  22. Looks like infamous Australian "Dick Tank" is on supertest, bit as a SD model. Any reason it would not be HD? Anyways, here are the "main" stats to begin the discussion: Description:Australian medium tank. It was mass-produced from August 1941. 65 were built between 1942 and 1943. It was never used in combat but in the 1944 movie "Rats of Tobruk" it was used to depict German tanks. Tier: 4 premium MTHitpoints: 370Engine: 330 hp (WD-50PS)Weight: 27,941 tonsPower-to-weight: 11,81 hp/tMaximum speed: 60,4/20 km/ Hull traverse: 40 deg/sTurret traverse: 45,9 deg/sTerrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,11Viewrange: 350Radio range: 469,4Hull armor: 65/45/?Turret armor: 65/65/?Gun: 2pdrDamage: 45Penetration: 64ROF: 18,961DPM: 853,2Reload: 3,164sAccuracy: 0,355Aimtime: 2,88sDepression: -10/+20 Armour Layout: Can't find the "Soft Stats" yet, but I will update the OP when I get my grubby little claws on them.
  23. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation account?
  24. Pref 8 toon

    Um looking for anyone interested in platooning some pref 8's I got the fcm 50 t and need to grind a crap ton of credits and I should be on about all day everyday from 1-2 PM when I wake up to 4-5 AM when I go to sleep if you cant find my ign name somehow its Mrdonnie1 and as you see below are my stats (gone down cuz i suck at 50 t)
  25. KV-5 Available! Worth it?

    So WG put up the KV-5 for sale during Tankfest for a whopping 38.45€ or alternatively the BT-SV bundled with the standard 99.99€ package. Are those two worth it? I'm mostly curious about the KV-5. Everytime I come across it in randoms it seems useless, but that doesn't say much in WoT