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Found 11 results

  1. Thoughts on the post 9.17.1 buff on the Centurion 7/1? The most significant change of course has been the top speed buff from 40 kph to 50 kph. And its a refreshing change of pace to not be outpaced by every other medium tank and lag behind some of the heavy tanks. Now I can afford to take more aggressive positions early on (the fact that you can contest the center hill on Mines (replay) within the first minute is a major change), have the option to change position and flank faster than before (prior to that i'd felt committed to whichever lane/flank I was in). The decent p/w of the tank with that speed makes it feel just that bit more reactive and allow it to cover distances faster (as you'll see at replay below) Another perk of being able to go up to 50 kph that most other faster tanks may take for granted is the end game. I've had recent games in the Centurion 7/1 were I could actually pursue and chase down enemy tanks that prior to the speed buff I would never have been able to do so (Example: Yes, the Centurion still is one of the slowest firing among the 105mm gunned tier IX medium tanks. The slight RoF increase isn't drastic, but from barely 2k to just under 2.2k base DPM is a welcome change. Now if they could just either buff the aim time/gun handling or the turret gun mantlet armor and this tank would be randy dandy (and actually competitive nowadays).
  2. FV4202 is slowly becoming from the worst t8 prem med to the best. This is too great!! CentAX is pretty much the same the buff isn't that significant but Cent 7/1 also gets a big buff. The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server! British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armor of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X. The effective armor will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable. British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armor of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armor. Due to tht, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.
  3. Seriously? Buffing the obj 140 and t-54?!? Why? The Soviet tanks have arrived to the Supertest for some rebalancing! The main idea is to significantly strengthen the armor on the turret front, which will allow Soviet MTs to tank with their turret when they manage to hide the hull behind cover. They will be able to cause damage from this position and live up to the idea of active Medium tanks with strong turret armor. Let’s start with the crown jewel of the MT branch – the Object 140. It is an excellent vehicle that does a great job when fulfilling its intended role on the battlefield. However, it has a drawback, which you often reported, the armor on the turret roof. This was the reason why the Object could be penetrated in the turret even though it seemed like a solid cast construction. On the Super test we will change the armor of the top turret and will get it up to the level of its comrade – the T-62A. At the same time, the armor of the hatches on the turret will remain the same, so do not allow your opponents to aim at them. Let’s go one tier lower and see what happened with the T-54. Besides significantly strengthening its turret armor, we’ll also revise the top guns and will set the roles of the vehicle according to the gun choice. The 100 mm D-10Т2S gun that in the research tree leads to the Object 140 will be rebalanced for close-range fighting. Its reload time will be decreased thereby increasing its average damage per minute. At the same time the accuracy will be slightly decreased – this will force players to use the gun at medium and short ranges and to play in a more aggressive style more in line with how a medium range support tank should be played. The 100 mm D-54 gun (that leads to T-62A) will have significantly improved aiming time and accuracy at 100m, but at the same time the reload time will be increased. Now it’ll be easier for it to act as a long range fire support vehicle. Let’s go to Tier VIII and test the updated version of the T-44. It will have a significantly strengthened turret roof. The effective armor of the turret front will reach about 200 mm (instead of the current 120-140 mm), and the effective side armor – more than 300 mm. Similar parameters will be implemented on the turrets of such premium tanks as the T-54 first prototype and the Т-44-100 (Р). We will also change the performance of two of the T-44s guns. The 100 mm LB-1 gun will receive improved stabilization and aiming time, which will allow more accurate firing both while moving and while standing still. This change will affect both the T-44 and the T-44-100 (P). The 122 mm D-25-44 gun will have a significantly improved rate of fire and slightly improved aiming parameters, which will allow this weapon to perfectly fulfil the potential at close range, causing high alpha-damage. That’s not all the changes that we are planning to test within the USSR tree in this version. Next in line are the Soviet Heavy tanks and TDs, but we’ll talk about them a bit later.
  4. I was out of town when the test server started and have been busy with school. Since it's not much, I cooked up a little thread on the HD model changes for this upcoming patch. USSR Tetrarch +View ports are no longer weakspots +Suspension parts now cannot cause HP damage Verdict: Still paper SU-76i +Small spaced armor strip added in front of driver's slit +Thickest part of mantlet is 55mm (+5mm) +Superstructure joint thickness are more detailed +No hull protrusion for front wheel +View ports are no longer weakspots -Sloped 50mm part of lower plate is 55° (-4°) ~Gun mount shape changed ~Rear hull shape changed Verdict: Definitely a buff. Not huge, but will be tougher versus same tier and lower guns. SU-85i +Small spaced armor strip added in front of driver's slit +Majority of cupola is 90mm (+60mm) +Superstructure joint thickness are more detailed +No hull protrusion for front wheel +View ports are no longer weakspots +Spare tracks on front hull (+5mm) +Mantlet is 60mm (+10mm) -Sloped 50mm part of lower plate is 55° (-4°) ~Rear hull shape changed Verdict: Once again, improved a little, but not enough to make a real difference. Cupola buff may be nice though KV-2 +Doors on turret rear, MG ports, and view ports are no longer weakspots +Side parts of mantlet along gun barrel are 50mm (+20mm) +Shape of gun mount on stock turret changed +Smaller 0 armor hole behind mantlet on both turrets +Area to the sides of top turret gun mount are 90mm (+15mm) -Upper rear hull is 50mm (-10mm) -Middle front plate is 65° (-6°) -Seam between middle and lower plate is 65mm/100mm (-50mm/-15mm) Verdict: The autobounce plate isn't quite autobounce anymore, though the upper plate and turret are a little bit tougher. SU-122-44 +Small strip below mantlet is 140mm (+30mm) +Cupola is smaller +Roof of gun mount and front hull periscope are 90mm (+75mm) -0 armor hull behind mantlet is wider -Lower hull side no longer has an angle at the hull floor Verdict: Mantlet nerf isn't huge, but you'll get more pens there now. I haven't played WoT enough lately to say, but if there is a net difference, it might be a small nerf. Germany Pz.Sfl. IVb +Rear turret is 19.5mm (+5mm) +Minor change to hull rear Verdict: Basically nothing Pz.Sfl. IVc +Spare tracks on LFP (+10mm) Verdict: Basically nothing VK 28.01 +Cupola shape on top turret changed (shorter+round) +Spare tracks on rear side hull (+10mm) +0 armor hole behind mantlet is smaller -LFP is 45° (-5°) Verdict: Basically nothing, but might be a tiny bit better Sturer Emil +Spare tracks on LFP (+15mm) Verdict: Basically nothing France B1 ~Shape of top gun's mantlet slightly changed Like the German B2, without the spare tracks on the front hull Verdict: A tiny bit better Lorraine 40 t +Some flat parts of turret front are 70mm (+25mm through +40mm) +LFP is 60° (+7°) -Cupola is 30mm (-15mm) -Front turret is 53° (~-10° through -20°) -Upper hull side is 30mm (-10mm) -Rear hull is entirely 25mm (-5mm) -Driver's hatch is 28mm (-12mm) Verdict: Won't be as good at getting lucky bounces UK Conqueror Gun Carriage +Gun entirely changed (larger, no exposed 0 armor hole) +Roof above gun is 50.8mm (+19mm) -Spaced armor above tracks removed -UFP is 130mm (-22.4mm) -177.8mm beak removed Verdict: UFP won't troll as hard
  5. Same deal as usual. I'll look at all the new HD models and point out the changes. Lots of tanks get those little bumps for wheels removed when made HD, so I'll ignore that in most cases. Too lazy to say how the tracks changed (as in they get gaps in them or something). General size of the tank is ignored in most cases too. I'll probably be less detailed on paper thin tanks in the future like I have this time. I have my little thoughts at the end of each list of tank changes. Soviets Germany (this text won't bold for some reason ) America The small countries I probably forgot some. I didn't notice any changes to the StuG III
  6. Keep your panties on tight, since this is going into more detail than you ever asked for. I know a lot of this is already known, but it's not up to my saucy standards. I'm doing it a bit different this time, and only checking for angle changes where it might be able to cause some sort of change. I'll be skipping a lot of the tiny things on some of these tanks, just because so much got changed. I added my thoughts on each. Whether or not you agree with my conclusions, it'll at least help convey the size of the change. I've sadly been replacing the misery of WoT with pretending to have a life, hence the delay. Gamemodels3d could have been a bit faster on leaking the ST client too. France Germanyland Japan British Vehicles America USSR If you've got question, ask them.
  7. Hi, I've been a lurker here for a while. I'll start shitpoasting sooner or later so here's something from Rita: As you can see, aside from the fancy optics, the tank looks quite a bit shorter as though it got deflated somehow. The turret also got flattened and lost its turret ring weakspot. It actually looks like a Russian hovermed now, instead of a bloated abomination. I checked the new screenshots against tankinspector: it seems the frontal pike has a much better slope now, though it might be too early to tell. Another interesting tweak are the splashboards in front of the pike which make it deceptively like a WZ-111. They were there in the old model but mounted differently and not as part of the damage model. Again, might be a way to give the -8 a stealth buff. On a historical note, the new upgraded turret looks to be a different model compared to the old one: It seems they used the T-10 turret and not the T-10M one, which seems kind of pointless, seeing as the T-10M was supposed to be the modernised tank.
  8. Balanced? Clearly a fun tank if these ever happened, as little likely as they are... It'd give more CW presence to something which is currently seen as a joke by most?
  9. Or is it 9.11. Fuck if I can remember. Here's what I see so far looking off of I'm just looking at armor thicknesses and slopes. You've got the visual models to compare sizes and shit. I don't have the time for that too. Soviets Nazis Americans French Brits
  10. ftr.wot-news,com/2014/10/13/Churchhillguncarrierbuff/ Apparently the Churchill gun Carrier is having a couple buffs given to it in the upcoming 9.4 patch! The most notable buff being that the reload on the top is decreased from 8.5 seconds to just 6 which will increase the DPM by nearly 30%!
  11. According to FTR the LB-1 (T44 gun) is getting a damage buff from 230 to 250, it also said something about pen but didn't show any values. Not much but