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Found 3 results

  1. It's NOT just a game, brah Who we are: Casual clan with skilled players are looking to expand and close in on a 100% activity rate. We play tier 10 skirmishes regularly, tier 8 skirmishes daily, tier 6 when the clubbers feel like it, and we have cred bonus every day. We have several FCs in our clan that lead tier 10 skirmishes, and we freeplay at tier 8. Our Financial Unit is level 10, so cred bonus is 50% as of today. When the new patch hits we'll aim higher. We're a bunch of relaxed and mature guys(and Nurki), that isn't afraid to banter and have a good laugh, while still performing. We do NOT play CW as it isn't rewarding anymore, apart form the occasional campaigns that we will tryhard for the members that want to do it. Last tier 10 campaign was a success, everyone that wanted a tank(and played) got a tank. We're respectful of our members personal lives, with families and work, so we don't keep a timer for how long you're online on a daily, but we do expect you to show up when you can and do your part in earning boxes for bonuses. What you should be: Active, social and in for a good laugh- while having the skills needed to perform well in teamplay. No dramaqueen that has a Mariah Carey meltdown over bad RNG, or being TK'd by one of our many triggerhappy members. Have an open mind and be respectful of our valuable FCs, and you'll become one of the guys very quickly. Stats should preferably be above 2450 wn8 overall, and a higher recent. We will however consider you if you have a solid background in teamplay, is very active and have 2200 wn8+. Filthy leechers will be kicked, boy bye. Contact: We've gone bit away from TS3, and we're mostly using Discord. It works very well, we have different rooms for different topics, a nice hangout where you can interact with the clan. Feel free to join us just to chill and be social-ish. Discord: Teamspeak: Teamspeak will be open for a while longer, feel free to drop by, but you won't find many people hanging around as we're all in Discord.
  2. I've come up with a crazy sledge hammer solution to the bane of most of our games... I know we all absolutely despise the spammy mods that say 'I'm spotted at F7 - is anyone caring' blah blah blah Other examples: 'You're blocking my line of fire' - safe shot 'I'm reloading at E2 for 23.3 seconds, reloading 23.3 seconds left' - very poorly made command rose mod I'm spotted at A5 - some shitty spotted mod I can't stand that (maybe because I'm a perfectionist and configure mods properly) so from now on I will be reporting anyone who uses spammy mods as 'SPAM'. If enough of us do this in matches and stuff then maybe either: A. WG pay attention and provide a fix or ban players B. Mod creators realise that this shit is not for pubbies and turn off the messages by default, with a key to enable for CW and all that stuff... though pressing a key for help usually suffices in these situations so it's pretty much a useless mod in the first place. Better yet modpack compilators modify configs to reduce spam. or C. Nothing will happen but it's worth a shot Couldn't find anywhere else to post this on the forums that is mod related... So what happens if you want to use SafeShot but don't have the ability to open an xml file in Notepad++?? Then simply use THIS