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Found 8 results

  1. Ever since I started researching and comparing the previous MM with the current MM, it seems more and more obvious that strict templates, like our current 3/5/7, 5/10, and all the same tier matches, need to be removed. I have campaigned hard in the NA forums, posted an article here in the early stages of my efforts, and recently spent time on the EU forums. My foreign language skills are non-existent so I am unable to communicate on the RU and SEA platforms. Aside from replying to posts and the occasional fact check on people when they claim odd things, I think this is the end of the road for the campaign. The only other thing I can think of now is to use google translate and send an actual snail mail letter to the WG HQ. I just fear it would read something like this: "Containers need to be evenly given out at different floors so the game has more options," and they will just scratch their heads. Withstanding that, I can only hope that WG will remove these strict template matches soon and restore a match system that has as much variety and interest as the previous system with a few balancing tweaks. I am still optimistic that they will change it overall. The NA Forums are mixed with players of different opinions, but WG tends to ignore the NA server anyway. Here on the now quiet WotLabs, players seem indifferent to the current MM. I'm guessing that is because this community has a high level of skill and easily adapts to the changes and some may even like that it is easier to farm damage under the current system. But again, I don't know if WG monitors this forum frequently. On the EU forums, there seems to be a super-majority of players that want the MM removed. That is a good sign. They have a population WG respects and I get the feeling that their forum admins have good communication with the parent company and that those sentiments will be passed along. The recent spat of content creators criticizing the MM is also heartening. Before I scale back, I'd like to post the information that I have gathered over the past few months, some charts that go along with it in case anyone wants to use them for their own efforts or information, and some sentiments to tie up any loose ends. When I gathered information about the old MM to compare to the new MM I was a little surprised at how wrong my memory was when it came to bottom tier matches. I could have sworn my bottom tier matches would have been more challenging than what I was looking at in my research under the old system. Since I was only looking at 100 games at first, I figured the sample wasn't big enough and it was skewed. Then as I gathered another 100 games from my own replays, and then 200 more games from my friend, I began to see a pattern and that in fact my memory was wrong. As I contemplated this I then remembered that our memories and perceptions are faulty. We tend to recall outstanding events more than common events. So while I was playing thousands of games, the best or the worst matches were the ones that would stand out the most in my mind. This is probably why so many players are paranoid about being in a small group of bottom tier tanks, when in reality it didn't happen that often. Another thing that became visible to me from doing this research was that we formerly had a cornucopia of different match-ups. In that 400 game sample, there were 114 unique matches. Now that number would be smaller with the new light tank system that we have today, but it would still be much MUCH more than what we have in our current set of three strict templates (3/5/7, etc.). The variety of games and balance of top, middle, and bottom tier matches stands out like a beacon of excitement compared to the drab experience we are left with presently. Once you become conscious of these things, it is hard not to notice them. I was smacked in the face with reality and have cursed myself with this knowledge and I apologize for ruining anyone else's perception of the the game now. That isn't my general intention. My goal is to have this MM changed back to what it was, or something similar to what it was as had been proposed on the NA and EU forums. For anyone that wants this information, here is a link to the google doc where I transferred it. It is a copy of the pertinent information from my excel spreadsheets, and while I am confident that the main part is correct, there could be an error or two at the bottom with the layout of matches. The figures above them are correct, but I am not checking the 400 different matches to make sure I copied every single one correctly. So forgive me if there is an error there. IF there is an error, the chart above the matches is correct and I miscopied the match(s) below it. Please note the difference in top tier matches between me and Macduff48 under the current system. He platoons a lot. For the periods I gathered from myself, I rarely platooned. Together, they give a decent rough average for most players in the game whether they platoon or not. Partial top or bottom tier matches refers to 5/10 matches or +1/-1 matches in the old MM. For a more specific description of the data collection, see "The Case Against the 3/5/7 Match Maker" article. I updated it recently and I hope I converted all the numbers correctly. If something doesn't make sense, please let me know. The impetus for starting this research was to see how many top tier tanks were in matches because players kept telling me the old MM was full of games with enormous amounts of top tier tanks. From there it grew to other things, but you will see the top tier tank emphasis in there. Here are the charts I created with the information to make it easier for people to understand the information. Feel free to copy them for your own use. First, here is a general comparison followed by a more specific comparison of the frequency of Top, Middle, and Bottom tier matches. The "partial bottom" for the old MM was included in the Middle Tier numbers on the first chart. (Partial top and bottom refers to the 5/10 format in the new MM and +1/-1 in the old) Here are two graphics on top tier tanks in matches overall, and then with the percent that players were bottom tier in that range out of all of their games. Here are some charts that show the amount of bottom tier tanks in the bottom tier matches from the sample studied. The first one is the raw numbers from the 114 bottom tier matches and the second one is the percent of those raw numbers. This last graphic was created to show the drastic decline in variety. Perhaps it isn't as important, but I will include it anyway. Thank you for your patience if you made it this far. No matter which side of the debate you were on, all civil input was appreciated.
  2. Since WG unveiled the new Tier X Light Tanks and the subsequent nerf to the other Light Tanks in order to "fit" the new MM everybody started to complain because their favorite Light Tanks aka Bulldog, ELC, VK, were getting nerfed pretty hard. After I finished updating the client I decided to take the ELC on a battle to see what WG had done with one of my favorite tanks and I must say that I don't see a lot of difference. This is my first battle after Patch 9.18 went live: I'm very relieved now because the ELC still maintained it's playstyle. Of course it's a little slower, the RoF is even crapier and the engine sound is........terrible.......but it's still a good tank. I don't own a Bulldog or a VK so the question for the people that have one: What are your thoughts about it? Are your tanks still playable?
  3. go home matchmaker, you are drunk. couldnt find another similar thread, post up your funny matchmaker pictures, much balance such programming skills.. these are from the last few days...
  4. Hey guys, first off: you math contributors are doing a fantastic job here on WotLabs, many thanks for that. Today I want to ask the question if you think it is possible that there are persons / people that are statistical outliers concerning "luck". You know that guy who always comes out throwing a "1" when rolling dice. I am that guy. My colleagues and my family all notice this too and it is a running gag already. They say I should write a book titled "My life on the left corner of the Gauss distribution curve". Funny, isn't it? Of course they are mistaken, because even for me "luck" evens out. I have very very bad luck with all trivial stuff (games etc.) but A LOT of luck concerning the important stuff (job, health, accidents). Anyway, bear with me How does this relate to WoT? Well, it's a game, so I seem to play right on the left edge in WoT also. For instance many of my tank winrates do not correspond at all with the metrics of my gameplay qualitiy. An example is my T-34-3 with 85 battles at the moment: My damage, experience, spotting, WN8 all is very far above average. My winrate is 37%. THIRTYSEVEN. And I have many more tanks like that. Many more. I have 3 Ace Tankers in it (85 battles). The last one for a defeat: A typical evening session looks like this: I am an aggressive player with way above average spotting numbers btw. So no passive damage farming. Of those 18 battles, 12 have been played with Pref MM 8s. The other 6 battles were: 2 battles with Tiger II, both Tier10 battles 1 battle with Panther II, Tier 10 also 1 battle with Fury, Tier 8 2 battles with TigerH, both Tier 8 Else my WN8 would be higher, but you can only do so much damage when you are low tier all the time... I know: confirmation bias, small sample size Yeah, that#s what I thought. So I analyse more and check the metrics of my tanks on vbaddict, especially the average battle tier. And what is the result: ALL my tanks see higher average battletier than the average player. And the unicum player's average battletiers are all lower than that of the average player...examples: T-34-3 Fury Tiger II (730 battles...) These are only examples of my currently played tanks. It is true for all my tanks. The differences are sometimes small, but sometimes significant (as you can see). Can these numbers still be explained? Or am I really living on the left edge? Also: why do unicums generally have so low average battletiers? Any other comments to what I posted? What is going on here?
  5. This is my Pub Game method “Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.” “Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.”
  6. Jesse_the_Scout

    Tinfoil hat study

    So I've been keeping detailed records of battles for about 300 games now, just shy. I've had the impression for a long time something shifty is occurring with MM and the teams I'm being handed. The only way to deal with impressions is to compile the data and actually look it over to determine if something is really up or you're just crazy. These battles are all solo, a standard mixture of tanks, neither exceptionally good or bad overall. Tiers ranged from 2 to 9 with average probably running 6 or so. Since I'm at another rage quit I thought it would be a good time to compile the numbers to see if anything is showing. I need to learn Excel anyway, so two birds one stone. I recorded the tank, the tier of game, XVM's WT prediction, the actual battle result, and which team had an advantage in top tier heavies. I simply averaged 3 numbers: MM tier, XVM prediction, and then the actual result. XVM's win rate prediction: an odd 55.24%. On the one hand, this is what I expected the number to average to. My mathematical intuition had this as the number before I even ran them. This seems rather bad for a player of 63% WR. Cue paranoia. My actual tier vs tank (counting sheltereds at -.5 and +.5) actually came out to a mild advantage of .104. Overall I've been getting higher tier about 10% of battles. I felt this was occurring as well, it seemed as if I were indeed getting a little luck on teiring lately. The weird part is win rate. Actually averaging up my WR for this period I won a surprising 66.0% of games. My intuition had that number set more around 62%. The gap between XVM prediction and actuality is at a whopping ~11%. ~300 is only a small sampling, but I think I have a useful take away here. Lots of people say XVM win rate ticks them off and here it is: it's showing I'm going to lose when I'm not. I've been basing much of my perception of MM and teams on XVM's ratings, and thus it feels like I'm getting hosed more often than it appears I am. At least in this sampling there doesn't appear to be any bias occurring in MM, just a bias being planted in my perception by XVM's attempt to quantify. I'm actually surprised at how how my WR for this period has actually been compared to my impression. Ok, so, no more XVM winrate prediction.
  7. WG explains how their MM works. Self explanatory. Did a cursory search and didn't see this topic elsewhere. This can be junkyarded if no one cares or the info appears elsewhere.
  8. Over the next few weeks I will develop first a realistic tank population simulator and then work on algorithms to improve MM fairness and reduce queue times. The eventual aim of this is to provide enough evidence to show that MM can be made faster and fairer. If anyone has a suggestion to either increase the realism of the player population simulator or improve MM algorithms please share them and if I have time and they are credible I'll try to implement them or at least provide enough resources for others to do so. This isn't a place to whine about MM or say I told you so, this is crowd sourcing 101. Population simulator The plan so far is to create a population simulator that generates tank type and tier in a realistic manner following the proportions of type and tier that can be found in this post: The idea is to basically recreate the MM waiting queue so we have realistic conditions to deal with for our new MM algorithms. Many more details to come. My coding preference is Matlab and it will be used for all of my simulations. Short description of MM algorithms: Current MM system: Appears to choose a battle tier and then fill up teams with the first tanks that meet the criteria. Restricted maximum number of arty Some balancing of arty. Restrictions and balancing of light tanks? I don't know, someone help me out. Overall limit on tier imbalance. I think this one has been thrown out to be honest. New MM proposal #1: Two team balancing act. Draws on 30 tanks with overlapping battle tier. Balances top tier with a maximum difference of 1. Balancing of second to top tier with max diff of 1. Restricts the maximum number of arty drawn into the pool of 30. Balances the number of arty on each team with a max difference of 1. Same balancing act for light tanks. No overall tier balancing. No balancing of other classes to maintain some variety. Skill based MM Not gonna write about it, not gonna code it. Action plan 0) Get advice an listen to algorithm proposals from community. 1) Create pop simulator 2) Recreate current MM to see if we get similar balance problems with similar frequency. 3) Code up and run simulations on the best MM algorithm suggestions. Your suggestions: Go! Start! Schnell!