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Found 156 results

  1. She was a good girl, loved her family. Loved horses, and murica too. Gash liked the wholesomeness -- a girl he could take home to his parents and eat thanksgiving dinner with. The jesus stuff was kind of annoying, but otherwise she seemed really cool. And then one night, things started getting hot and heavy. Parents were out of town, clothes were coming off, Gash's charm was in full force. But as he moved in for the score... Jesusgal: "Wait! We can't!" Gash: !!? Ok, baby, we can wait... Jesusgal: No, not like that. That's WRONG. Gash: ...uh, what? So you want to hold off. Jesusgal: No, I want it. But... Gash: Yes? Jesusgal: Use God's loophole. Otherwise its immoral. Gash: Wat? _________________________________ Poor Gash. Another shitty dating experience. Will his dry streak ever end?
  2. So I think this is an AMA or something, so ask questions and I might answer.
  3. I figure there's enough of us here now to start our own thread :^) This way we Don't have to post on the offishul forums Don't have to clog up the KAC threadNo longer have to visit the Name and Shame thread which has descended into childish name calling and general shittery (When was the last time and actual name and shame happened?) Contact Skell for all things Diplo and recruiting idk Contact me/iron for stronk platu's and general saltiness Contact westy for general teal shittery <3 FLEX noob clanu confirmed #1 Teal Shitter SEA Post dank memes and also please post all walldicks here so other servers can see us destroy you <3 THOSE WHO ARE LOYAL TO SIR HOMOTAMER WILL BE REWARDED Those who make an enemy out of SIR HOMOTAMER will be cleansed. Shamelessly stolen from @Gashtag <333 #7 B O I S
  4. Stannis is the One True King, and Kewei is the best damage whore.
  5. Server: USE Timezone: ~6-8 PM EST (very early US/late euro), most days Who: Anyone willing to let me farm damage and serve me well. I'll even take blues and such trash. All I care about is if we win, if I make asstons of cash, and if you track tanks and take hits so I can farm at a kewelian rate. Tier: 8 regular or 8 limited, sometimes we can mix in 6s ________________________________________________ Sadly, I need to grind about 10 mil. I need a few pubbies to grind with to make it less tedious. I don't really care what tanks you play; I plan on playing CDC/T-54P and/or Type/T-34-3. Ideal might be IS-5/IS-6s, but I don't care as long as you aren't playing some shitlord tank wanting to be carried. It will probably take at least 100-150 games, probably in 15-25 game spurts.
  6. Well, here is my sad story, I used to love both my tiger 2 and my e75 (even my stats on both are better than my overall), it was kinda easy at the moment i hit t8 in 3 lines at a point and decided that the e100 should be my first t10, got it like 45 days ago and tried to play a few games but i totally sucked, my first thought was that should let it rest till i have enough free xp to unlock the top gun, played the patton line from the persh that was already full, grinded the m46 from stock while playing the cdc for farming credits and got to the m48 wich was easy to play stock with some gold spam till i got the top gun, last weekend decided to just grind the last 10 k exp playing the e100 with the stock gun, played a few battles and realized i really suck with it, it just feels so unnatural to play a giant sluggish brick when i'm already used to play meds with great maneuverability, very good speed and accel; also from the point i started playing the patton line my stats are going up like a lot. So, should i suck it up and torture my self and my stats playing the e100 till i can play it decently or just abandon it till i get used to play some other heavies?
  7. So I was jerking off to my stats the other day and noticed that I wasn't an XX in a few tanks I was XX in a few days ago. Then I checked some of the stats -- on multiple tanks I had over the maximum kills/dpg yet didn't get a XX rating. What gives?
  8. Crommy is Love, Crommy is Life God this game... Just felt I had to share it. I am confirmed hackr btw I appreciate feedback on any mistakes I made. I feel that I had to rush that T-34 though at the end tho. I don't know if that dead tank there was good or not. EDIT: Almost forgot! Got messaged by 3 guys after the game all complaining "hax" Accidentally deleted the third one though D: Was lengthy. EDIT2: oh gawd this should be in epic pubbie battle boasting
  9. Garbad reviews the LTTB

    Stannis is the One True King.
  10. Win Rate vs. Wn8

    I'm beginning to suspect I'm doing it wrong.
  11. Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
  12. BAD BLOOD: CDC vs T-54P

    Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
  13. According to, the WZ-132 takes 2356 to get 3 MOE. In the last ~month I've played 133 games in the WZ-132. I know I have enough games. My score in the last month is 2675. This should be more than enough. My score as reported in vbaddict is 2470...which is still more than is needed for 3 MOE. Yet I am hovering at 90%, 2 MOEs. What's the deal?
  14. I need some supercum stat whores who play mostly (or often solo) to collect data from. It will take like 2 minutes. Here's what I need: 1. Download this program: 2. Import your replays from whatever sources you have 3. Sort by Random Battles - Solopub only 4. Write down the following for me: games played avg tier win rate avg dpg TOTAL damage dealt (not avg) TOTAL damage taken 5. Then right click on the solopub replays as a group, click analyze replays. In the tab that opens up, click on team performance and select totals (not average). Then report: total team damage dealt total team damage taken Thanks.
  15. Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
  16. So I was asked by someone to review the Berlin tanks since he got them all -- I've come back and am in semi-retirement in that I don't play much, and even less on my own account. I've basically played only tier 10 for my last few thousand battles so it was interesting to see what lower tiers are like. I played 5 games in each tank. This is not a general-how-to-play guide, more of a brief overview on how each tanks feels and plays and some additional observations. 0/10 means don't ever play, 5/10 means average, and 10/10 means really good. Tank Inspector comparisons, courtesy of Rex (<3): IS2b This is literally an IS. Same gun, same round type, mobility feels ~same as well (meaning quite good for a heavy). APCR spam is profitable as long as you do damage; 4 battles saw me make 106k with heavy sprem spam, but one of those was -5k creds while the rest were a range between 30k and 47k with premium time. Overall very satisfactory and what you would expect from an IS clone. I played this like a typical Russian heavy, relying on brawling, sidescraping, and peekabooming. Do note that while the accuracy technically sucks, it can hit targets at range once aimed, though the aimtime is atrocious. AP is sufficient against 7s and most 8s -- use APCR against 9s and the tier 8 heavies. 8.5/10 Cromwell B This is a joy to play! I'm told this is a speedier Cromwell with slower traverse. Speedy it is, most definitely, as I find myself being overly aggressive and landing in bad spots because the tank is so damn fast. On the other hand, I have yet to fire APCR out of it, because the mobility is good enough that I can flank everything. Despite ~400 lower dpg than the IS2b I make far more credits with this tank because the standard round is good enough. Good ammo capacity so feel free to spam shells; 3.22s reload is enjoyable. Even an utter trash potato game saw me make 20k credits -- expect 35-40k on avg if you're at least decent, 40+k if you're good. Use these for t6 stronks to make massive amounts of creds. I played this with a general sense of how to play mediums, i.e. lots of flanking. The tank is very good at that. Su100Ys are the bane of your existence with stupid high alpha and pen, but if you catch them with their pants down on reload, get ready to farm! Tier 6 games: wreck everything. Tier 7: also wreck everything. Tier 8: you better be flanking a lot, but the platform is more than capable even bottom tier. 10/10 ISU-122S 5.85 seconds reload. Does that smell like dpm? Yeah, it should -- but make sure you have a good crew since the fuel tanks seem pretty terrible and are frontally penned. Without food, the reload is 6.11s (BIA + vents included for both). Let me start with a preface in that I don't like TDs, but this one feels very good. On the other hand, despite my WR in it, the tank seems pretty team-centric... enough that I would recommend mostly toons in it. But perhaps that's just because it feels awkward to me to play a TD. Credit earning seems decent, but I found it necessary to spam APCR a lot, meaning only ~12-20k profit on avg. Armor is trash so don't depend on it. Still overall a very good tank, one of the better in the tier. I would rate it slightly below the 122-44. 7/10 Rudy I had hopes for you; after all, the Dog's name literally means "taking a shit" in Hungarian. Tank can't be that bad, right? Kind of a shitter in my opinion; cannot make this tank work. Not sure what people love about the T-34-85, it's mediocre in just about every department. All of my damage is in the first few minutes, then I get wrecked by some idiot spamming HE or the top tiers focusing me over better targets... Tank requires some APCR spam. Bad viewrange. Can't really flank that well. Yeah, pretty much the worst of the lot by far. 3/10 Buying verdict (in terms of fun + carrying potential): 1) Crom B 2) IS2b 2.5) ISU-122S (It's a good buy) ... Stay away: Rudy
  17. Behold, the soviet wedge T-34-85. Upon release, it was given clone values of the T-34-85 standard. Next patch, these values were inexplicably increased, because spooky math at a distance. I propose that the values of the T-34-85M be adjusted down, for the following reasons: 1. It is a limited offering tank. It proved unpopular, and is driven by an extremely low population that is probably substantially more skilled than average. It has about 1/10th the games played as most t6 meds. 2. Although its expected values are based on the T-34-85, its firepower is worse than the similar Type 58, which makes a better starting point. 3. Its actual performance is quite low on the high end, much lower than its expected values would suggest. In fact, my DPG would be server top by a wide margin if I had 100 games. And note that 1200 dpg would not be exceptional in the T-34-85. I put out something like 1600 in it. 4. No NA player in the vbaddict database attains a wn8 score over 3200 in it, which suggests the expected values are too high. Accordingly, I request that the committee for manual adjustment of Wn8 expected values adjust this tank. Specifically, I believe its expected damage should be set below the Type 58 values, at approximately 650 or so. Alternatively, one might model its values along the lines of the Panzer54, which has similarly elite drivers and set the expected value at more like 550. Thanks.
  18. I just hit 25,000 random matches. This doesn't count my ~4k or so games in beta or my ~1.5k games in stronks, clam wars, TC, and other modes. This is an average of 10.3 hours per week, not counting endless hours masturbating over my stats and poasting about how great I am. WoT has been my primary pasttime for four years. During this time I have earned a fantastic $9,080 plus assorted tshirts, gold, and other gifts (I declined all trips), which amounts to $3.61 an hour, or about 1/30th of my day job. I've been a member of the best two clams in NA history, won a few tournaments, and played with and against the best of the best and the pubberest of the pubtards. Its been a good run, and I'd like to thank papa Serb for making it possible (send me a dic pic from the moon u fagget, even u can get it up in zero g i bet. xoxo). Working as Intended.