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Found 2 results

  1. @Never are we going HD to celebrate Wot HD? :feelsgoodman:

    Anyway it looks good.

  2. Matilda IV discussion

    Hey all, I don't believe there's a topic on this tank yet (or maybe I didn't load enough other pages) so here is the copy of my thread on the NA forums. Matilda IV. The slow, bad armored, but russian’s only premium medium tank (for now). A tank that is absolute trash when you look at it’s stats on paper, but is it? Somehow, I’ve started to like this thing, despite the ‘bad’ mobility, it actually is a very flexible tank once you get it to it’s natural habitat. The fact that my first crucial contribution was obtained may have something to do with my love for her, but let’s look into the stats. We’re going to start with the pros. Yes, there are actually good things about this tonk. Preferential matchmaking. A must, because your armor will have a hard time even against a lot of tier 6 vehicles. But also nice to know you’ll have soft targets to shoot at. Great gun handling. Amazing gun depression (-14°) and elevation (+25°). Hills are easymode, as I can’t think of anything with similar values other than the D.max. Excellent aimtime (1.71) and bad accuracy (.41). Means you can get your barrel hot very soon and keep it hot. The aimtime also gives breathing room in your equipment/skills setup. Good alpha damage (110). Scares the enemies off, and combined with the good rate of fire (16) results in ~1.750 DPM. Huge HP pool: 610. It is much more than the other mediums and competitive with the values you find on heavy tanks. This makes it possible to engage heavy tanks and come out of the fight alive. Very well armored, on all sides of the tank. On the hull, we find 75 mms of steel in front, 70 in the sides and 55 on the rear. This means you can sidescrape effectively as long as the enemy isn’t shooting weakspots. Keep wiggling to avoid this! The turret has been provided with 75 mm on every side! This means, combined with the excellent gun handling that you can hull down very easily, and effectively. Crew trainer (4crew). Nothing much to say, if you’re advancing the old medium line (34-85 to the tier Xs), you will be able to fit all your crew in the matilda IV. If you’ve got the A-43 or A-44 however, you won’t be able to train that radio operator. Not everything is perfect about this vehicle, these are the most important cons: The HP/ton ratio (9.99) and top speed (25) aren’t competitive with other mediums. You have to play this like a heavy tank with a meh gun. You won’t carry games unless you can interpret the team set ups and map very well. Considering you’re playing T3-T6, things still will go crazy. That one bounced… Though the gun is easy to handle, penetrating your targets requires some knowledge of your enemy vehicles. The standard (AP) penetration is only 86mm on average and the premium ammunition (APCR) only raises this value to 102, which is just enough to handle the tier 5heavy tanks. The low shell velocity makes it also harder to snipe at moving vehicles. The AP rounds don’t even hit 700m/s, compared to the 800ish on other mediums. Meh, random thoughts/how to cure the cons: Agility. While it isn’t fast enough to keep up with the other mediums, the matilda still has enough mobility to handle heavies and TD’s easy in close encounters. Simply blow the tracks off and start flanking. This is advised when engaging KV1’s and the like. If they don’t have support, naturally… AP penetration value. I’m not saying it’s bad, but as soon as you’re encountering some heavy steel (KV1 and the like) you’ll have to load some APCR if you want to pen reliably. If you keep shooting AP at it frontally, I hope you’ve sacrificed a goat. View range. While 350m isn’t anything special (for example, M4 and crusader have 20 and 10m more, it’s good enough considering this plays like a heavy tank. Radio is ok, 570m. We can conclude that this is an excellent vehicle. Both for beginners, who will enjoy the good soft stats (especially gun handling) and ‘experts’ who will be able to keep her alive, even when fighting off multiple enemies thanks to the combination of armor, HP, and DPM. Generally, you have to get to terrain with a lot of slopes, where you can outplay your enemies with your turret armor and gun depression. Always keep an eye on the map and go defend your base as soon as you notice a flank is/starts collapsing. Set up: Equipment Gun rammer: no-brainer. Ventilations: maximise your DPM while decreasing repair time, aimtime etc Optics/toolbox/binoculars: if you still have a bad crew the toolbox can be a good idea but once you have the repair skills, there are other useful things to choose, such as optics. Ammo and consumables As mentioned earlier, you’ll want a bunch of premium rounds for those heavily armored targets you encounter. I suggest taking 10+ apcr shells. As consumables, you’ll certainly want a repair kit. The aid kit could be swapped for food/extinguisher/large repair kit, depending on your 3rd choice. I’ve chosen for the removed speed governors to increase mobility. I can’t remember ever being torched with the matilda. Crew If you don’t have another soviet medium tank and you don’t plan on getting one, this is what I would advise. Standard set up for heavies; repairs and 6th to start with. Secondly I’d train BIA, the matilda doesn’t really need snap shot etc thanks to the great stats so increase that DPM and view range. Other valuable skills are mostly for the driver (clutch braking). TL;DR She’s a fat woman labelled with a medium tag, but worth the gold (especially if you can buy @ 50%). The gun handling, HP pool and armor make it suitable for ‘noobs’ but the bad standard pen and mobility will be obstacles. In the hands of players with good map insight, I would dare to say this is even able to carry. As always, if you notice I forgot to mention something, please comment on it so I can add it. I might be adding video’s to this topic later, depends how much the batchat distracts me Good luck on the battlefield! Spoiler