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Found 19 results

  1. Surprised no one started thread on this yet. So i'm sure everyone knows about the latest marathon mission for the T25 Pilot #1. The replays and reviews are also out. Seems like the verdict from the people who've played and reviewed this tank is that its a balanced tier 8 USA premium medium tank, compared to the M26 Pershing it has a better 90mm gun, mobility is good but with a bad engine, the overall armour is poor, the gun mantlet isn't the thickest nor the largest. IMO its a good but somewhat bland tier 8 medium tank. I'd have to agree with what Jingles mentioned about why the T25 Pilot is being introduced to the game. Most premium tanks introduced are pretty much similar to the non-premium versions with some minor differences that make them distinct and sometimes better than the original. The T25 Pilot seems to follow the German TD syndrome. But most importantly, at least, It's not a controversial premium tank. It's not like the last few premium tanks WG introduced recently to WoT PC like the Obj 252U/Defender, T26E5 (Patriot), AMX M4 49 (Liberte) and the Skorpion G that are blatantly P2W. And its practically being given away for free to people who play WoT fairly regularly. No salty tears at its announcement, but no celebrations either.
  2. So, yet another Soviet premium tier 8 heavy tank is coming soon. Because there's never a lack for them. Will it be any good compared to existing Soviet tier 8 heavy tanks like the IS-6, IS-3A, IS-5 and IS-3. And for arguments sake, compared to the Chinese 112, WZ-111 and 110 (because they're pretty much the same deal)
  3. (funny that it shows the 85mm gun that no one uses) I'm still at the T-34-1, and i'm almost about to get the 2nd skill to 100% before I move them up to the T-34-2. So what's to expect? How does it compare and rank with the other tier 8 mediums (i'm assuming not highly)
  4. After countless games, and I have been doing fine in the Charioteer up to then, i've yet to have Aced this tank. Until this match. This was a match back in patch 9.15, before Swedish tanks spammed the server and additional UI features like damage logs were added in 9.16.
  5. ROHAN WoT page SHIRE WoT page GONDR WoT page Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future. Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8! TS: ; forum: Contact _Mik_, Kamzilla89, or any officer in our absence! Gondor (Tier 8 ) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 8 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1100+ recent WN8; 50% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 3 viable tier 8 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Rohan (Tier 6) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 6 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1000+ recent WN8; 49% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 2 viable tier 6 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Shire (Training/Casual) Requirements At least 1 tier 5 tank A great attitude Less than 10k battles Middle Earth Code of Conduct Middle Earth Code of Conduct All penalties are per the executive staff's decision and are subject to leniency or intensity changes are necessary. Intentional team killing is forbidden. Penalty: banishment Harassment is forbidden. Penalty (single): reprimand or banishment ; Penalty (multiple): banishment
  6. Another French premium has appeared, this time something resembling the 50 100. Yes it's also a heavy. Somua SM Statistics: tier 8 1400 HP 32 °/s turret rotation 359 m view range 32 °/s hull rotation 50/20 km/h maximal speed 232 mm standard penetration 300 alpha damage 0.38 accuracy 2.2 s aim time 43 s reload of the magazine 6 shells in the clip 3.75 s reload of the shell More screenshots at
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, so feel free to move this if otherwise. [Special] Ripper Patton So the current rent-a-tank event in the SEA server is the Patton KR. And anyone can have a go in this and break the match-maker by just earning 15,000 EXP. Great marketing ploy WG, at the expense of everyone else. Now I have no problems with these rental tank events, it's a decent means of giving everyone a chance to try out the tank for themselves before deciding the purchase it. But i do have a problem with how this affects everyone else in the process. What do I mean? The fact that you can rent this tank just by playing in any tier V-X tank and earn the required amount of EXP brings some problems. First, most of those players may have only gotten to tier V or VI. They play a few games, and suddenly find a tier VIII medium tank with a tiger decal on it. Why not test it out? Here's the problem: they've only ever experienced at most fighting tier VII and possibly VIII. They've only just started to learn the ropes on how to play this game and fight other tanks. The Patton KR does not get limited match making, so these players are going to run into big tier X heavy tanks, agile tier X medium tanks and deathly tier X TDs and get slammed by tier X SPGs. Second, the fact that you can get this tank playing in any tank means some players may not have an American medium tank crew that has been sufficiently trained or experienced, OR WORSE they're not aware of or understand the mechanics of premium tanks where you can assign a normal crew of the same nation and class into them, and they go buy a fresh 50%-70% crew into it and roll out to battle. Now there are of course some players who do have a sufficiently trained USA medium tank crew, and have some prior experience fighting in a tier VIII-X match in a medium tank. They'll probably do fine in that case. I'm not saying that we can't have these rent-a-tank events. I just wish they'd adjust the requirements a bit to target a specific bunch of players who could benefit from trying out these tanks and then buy one.This would be more productive i feel since you'd get players with USA medium tanks and could have a tier 8 premium that would boost their credit income and crew training. I'm just saying... Preferably, it would go something like this: OBJECTIVE: Earn 15,000 EXP across any number of battles CONDITION: Random, 7v7 (Unranked/Ranked) or Stronghold battles only Available once per day only Tier VI or higher USA medium tanks only (i'd limit it to tier 8 and up but that would be kind of limiting) I've had a go in the Patton KR btw, and its a decent tank but I had the benefit of having a very experienced USA MT crew with up to 4 skills (6sense, BIA etc). I may be leaning towards buying one for myself, but not without some more experience in it. My first game, in a Patton KR platoon:
  8. About half an hour has gone by, I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet. Most of this is C&P'ed from TAP M46 Patton KR (Tier 8 Premium) Stats: HP: 1450 Engine: 810 hp Mass: 44 t Power to weight: 18,41 KM / t Max speed: 48,2 / 20 km / h Hull turning speed: 38 °/s Turret turning speed: 39,6 °/s Terrain resistance values: 1,247/1,438/2,397 View range: 390 m Radio range: 776,9 m Hull armor:101,6 /76,2 /? mm Turret armor:101,6 /76,2/ 20 mm Alpha damage: 240 Penetration: 192 mm Rate Of Fire: 8,233 Damage Per Minute: 1975,9 Reload time: 7,3 s Accuracy: 0,364 Aiming time: 2,4 s Elevation/Depression: +20/-10 My general observations; the aim time is unusually poor, BUT it looks like it has the same gun dispersion while moving as the best of the RU hovercraft meds, so that should be total non-issue.... unless I'm just reading it wrong. Mobility looks poor, but so is it too on the M26 and the Super Pershing. If anything, it looks like a Pershing that got a DPM and Pen buff. At worst, it just lacks the M26's hyper-powered APCR shells.
  9. I've been playing PC Tanks a bit more lately and I really need credits since I'm just under 300k as of right now. I have a T34, Type 59, and Super P in my garage and I'm grinding credits to eventually get a bunch of tanks I sold in the past back (using a Support ticket obviously). I can play at almost any time during the day as well as play on either East or West (preferably East) and using Teamspeak would be nice, too. I do have my own server but I can go on any server if necessary. P.S. My IGN is weird, I know. It's a running joke on WoT Blitz right now.
  10. The Punished Ones is a semi competitive clan looking to recruit some players with around 1200 wn8 recent. We got some trainers in the clan and we are willing to help out players. We are a small group atm about 15 players or so. We are hoping to do tier 6 and then later tier 8 clan wars. In our TS we got a future bronze league team sitting in it (Love Tap), the players in the clan are very interested in doing tournaments to gain even more gold then clan wars. We don't have age requirement but we want mature players, we will determine if you are mature enough by playing with us. We are also a bunch of jokers who love to just have good laughs all the time. We're mostly looking to have fun and improve as a good group of guys and girls. TS: PW: 101eg You can also message me in game (The_Rainbow_Platypus) or Blackout_Garrett, Tlane04Prime, Grandpa_Kradok, Jace2, Sacksburg, Zanedevero123.
  11. Hi all, I am a SEA based player, struggling to improve my game. Still very ordinary as you can see. Got an IS3 as my first tier 8, and I can't get this tank to work for me. I understand the spiked armour, and the need to hull down, yet it seems to be cheese and wrecked by anything tier 8+ (lots of tier 9 games on the SEA, I am rarely top tier + premium seems to be the standard ammo for everyone). However I am thinking now that the IS3 is not the best tank for me to learn tier 8... I don't seem to do too well with Russian tanks, the T150 and T34-85 being notable exceptions. So far I got better results with American tanks, in particular the T29 and T20 are both really enjoyable.. So in order to progress to tier 8 and 9 without eating my hat I'm thinking going medium maybe instead of heavy. I have researched the T44... would that be an option? Or should I stick with the US line? Thanks for any advice!
  12. Hey, guise! First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog. I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank. If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want. I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya! Oh and happy St. Patricks day!
  13. Question: Which tier 6 and 8 play as an actual heavy (not heavium) as bottom tier? (if any) 'Brute': Fairly reliable protection or good at trading. Regardless of tier. Tier 7 = T29 Tier 9 = ST-I, E75, vk45.02B Tier 10 = Ehundo, IS7 'Heavium': Will trollbounce / brawl but don't really want to expose against higher tiers. Tier 6: KV85 Tier 8: IS3 Tier 9: Wz 111111-1/4 Tier 6: - T150: Armor towards higher tiers when sidescraping? - KV-2: Sufficient alpha (AP+ or HE) to forget armor due to trading well? - ARL 105: Turret too bad to play with heavies? Tier 8: - Tiger II: Suffers versus tier 9-10 armor wise? Can't trade? - KV4: Turret too soft? Can't trade? - 110: How good is the armor? Heavium role as bottom tier? Can't trade? - JPII: Superstructure but too situational / mantlet and no turret? - T32: Too situational / boom not sufficient?
  14. Hello there, I am an Aussie tanker that has been lurking around for some time in my vain attempt to become a more skilled player worthy of the position I take up on my team. Competitive gaming has always been something of interest to me and I enjoy understanding any game I play inside and out, going so far as to heavily research, practice or mod (single player) games. I've read many of the well-written articles on this site and spend much of my time digesting the content of SirCircon, Quickybaby and Zeven (whom is by far my favourite). Whilst I have improved in some ways, I feel that it may be time to ask some direct questions, become involved in a skilled community (well, as involved as a shitlord like myself can be without being slapped upside the head and told to sit in the corner) and stop being a bloody loner with no friends stranger. Kewei's article stating the "brutal, simple and timely" way to improve makes a lot of logical sense - playing at high tiers against good competition is a great way to learn, and is how I managed to become a competent TF2 player back in the day. As a result, I'm attempting to grind through to a Tier 9 tank and learn by getting my head kicked in over and over. Presently I'm going through three tier 8 tanks, the Objekt 416, Indien Panzer and Centurion 1 (Indien has 2 crew skills, Objekt and Cent are at 95% first, all run Vert Stabs, Rammer and Optics). Between the three, I only seem to perform reasonably well in the Objekt (49%), while the other two have horrendous win rates (46%, 41% respectively) and I hardly feel that I can affect the battle unless top tier. I do not play stock tanks and always at minimum Free XP the turret and gun. Tier 8 feels like a massive barrier, whereas I ended the Comet grind with a 58% w/r and 900 DPG (hardly impressive, but well above my average) and felt like I could carry nearly any game in the tank, especially top tier. Blaming the tanks won't help me improve, and I know that good players can make these vehicles perform to an excellent standard regardless of their relative power. I understand that early damage, spotting and denial of key positions wins games, however I'm unsure of how to achieve this in low-camo (Indien and Cent), paper vehicles especially when bottom tier. How does one "support" the heavies on one of the many brawling maps like Himmels, Lakeville or Pearl River, or provide enough firepower or vision to affect the outcome on Malinovka or Prok against 9's and 10's? I have a general understanding of the weak points and overall strengths of the higher tier vehicles, and always count auto-loader shots, then punish them if safe to do so. My greatest weaknesses however are knowing when to retreat from a fight and re-position using the tank's mobility, and remembering to remain arty safe. Is it wise to simply push on with about 60k XP until tier 9, or perhaps it is best to fall back to tier 7, develop a better win rate there and then progress? I thank anyone that reads this long-winded, overblown heap of a post and wish you all a great day.
  15. Hello, So for someone who doesn't have a type 59 and lost his faith in ever getting one, which premium tank should one get? I'm primarily considering the profitability and only then its "mediumness". I'm tired of the T34, constantly fighting t10s and crawling around the map and while I enjoy the IS-6 it simply doesn't print the money it should when you need to fire apcr. On the test server I felt the T-34-3 is barely mobile and doesn't allow for mid to high range engagements. It's only good thing is 390 dmg shots, but even that only happens each 11 seconds +/-. And I'm sorry is this is a repost. I used the search and it didn't come up with any relevant result.
  16. I recently finished my Comet grind which was a breeze to do and got to the tier 8 Centurion 1. 19 games in with the upgraded turret and gun, and I am sitting at 84% wr with 80:20 mix of solopub and platoon respectively, 2453 DPG, and an average of 1.3k exp per game, including an absolute monster of a game which set a new personal record for maximum experience in a battle. I feel that the Cent 1 is an underrated gem of a T8 med with a great blend of DPM, accuracy, mobility and armor where it counts (the turret). It's just so damn comfortable to drive, and the gun snap shots well, rarely letting you down in any situation. 10 degrees of depression means you can torment those cheap chinese knockoff tanks and russian heavies on any incline. And the good hill climbing ability balances out the artificially limited top speed. Comments welcome, and if you own a Centurion 1, share your thoughts on whether you think it is a good carry-hard tank, or whether there's an even better one sitting in your garage. Link to all my Cent replays (good and potato games):
  18. My standard setup for pubbie matches is first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher. Are there any particular Tier 8-10 tanks that purple poasters use a different setup for, such as gas or gold food?
  19. Before I start, here's the battle simulater FAQ: You can even use it on your mobile phones! Please spare some time in looking at my replay overview >_< I have been solo-ing tier 8 since my 300th battle (I was a greater burden back then than now), and have always suffered low winrates on that tier. I'm currently at a plateau (stats not going up for a week, wr fell 0.2%), so I thought I'd post here. Here are some of my recent replays with not-completely fail teams (ones that die so fast I that I get flanked from 3 directions): JgPantherII, Lakeville: I made a fatal mistake in calculating JgPz4 reload and died early. If I didn't die maybe the outcome would have been different... JgPanther II, Live Oaks: I didn't know whether returning to base to defend was good, or if I should have went closer to shoot the WZ-132. Either way, halfway back both flanks collapsed and we lost. JgPanther II, Malivoka: Should I have went up the hill? Did I camp in base too long? Where should I have gone? This was my nth lost in a row last night, where n is greater than 10, so I was very exasperated at the start of the match. Also, my client crashed halfway while camping in base, so the replay is cut by 3 min. T69, Malinovka: Not sure if I should have gone up the hill, but I held on pretty long against 3-5 tanks trying to kill me, using ridge lines. What should I have done? The E1 went to kill himself by going over the ridge line several times, despite getting shot -.- T69, Highway: Team vaporised to a Ferdi, and I took too much damage at the start due to getting blocked from behind -.- Also, I failed to track ferdi on my last shot... Did I miss his tracks or did RNG troll me? Tiger II, Severogorsk: I went up the opposite hill as usual, and died after getting overwhelmed. My Tiger II is sitting on a 28% WR at the moment; bought it a few days ago. Tiger II, Cliff: I basically stayed under the hill as I was afraid of dying. Was I too passive? I couldn't pen the IS-7 and IS-3 facing me, even with gold (I think I did load gold). Did practically no damage (201) this battle and got carried. Tiger II, Murovanka: I was completely useless this match too, maybe I should have went into the forest and snipe? I was bottom tier with stock turret T20, Karelia: I took a lot of damage at the start due to getting shot from the opposite cliff. Where should I have gone? I was mostly useless this match with a total damage of 444. This game was a victory T20, Cliff: I thought I wasn't spotted at the start and didn't get into cover. Took a lot of damage for nothing too. Was mostly useless this game. Should I have gone to the donut? Or climb the hill? I got kinda angry when I took shots for nothing and the tanks behind didn't help. Was also on a 10+ loss streak that day. I admit I was too reckless for expecting support. T26E4, Severogorsk: Was I too passive this match? I couldn't pen the E-75 and was only sniping the other SP whenever he turned his turret away (weakspot). Definitely didn't need to load gold but I did and wasted it. T26E4, Lakeville: I was pretty useless this match too, made 8 shots but only 1 or 2 dealt damage. Was I too aggressive? KV-5, Lakeville: HTs were sitting outside city and dying. At the end it was 3v3 I think. In hindsight I should have asked them to go a big round through city instead of valley. This game was a draw. Should I have went through city too? I had approx 2s left to shoot the last guy on their team, but I didn't have the gun depression (moved back too much) to do so. Any feedback is much appreciated. Most of the above replays are losses. These matches were played in the past 2 days (except the last one).