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Found 1 result

  1. Gatortribe

    XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    If you loved the Leopard but wish it had soft stats closer to the M48, you'll probably enjoy playing this tank. It even has the base view range to be a light tank, something that sadly needs to be mentioned. Here's my take on it- Upsides of the Tank: Really good mobility. It's the same terrain resistance as the Leopard 1, however it has double the HP/ton. Incredibly good soft stats. Moving/traverse bloom are only .01 worse than the M48, but turret bloom is 0.03. Great aim time. Combined with the soft stats, the peak-a-boom potential is godly. It aims faster than both the Leopard/M48. Spaced armor on left/right side baits shots from bad players Downsides of the Tank: Low top speed. I couldn't pass a Lorraine 40t and something about that bothered me. It has less DPM than the 90mm T49, so in situations where you can abuse your camo the damage potential is much less. I'd love to see it have 390 again- it'd only be an increase of 200 DPM but it'd be enough. The accuracy is bad. It's the same as the 90mm T49's, however it doesn't have the 4.68s reload of the T49 and feels much less forgiving. The penetration is low. 235mm APCR pen will only get you a 30-36% chance to penetrate the IS-7s LFP. 280 HEAT pen also isn't very good. It's the size of a fucking boat. 152mm is useless. Don't be that guy. Ammo racks seem to be to the left and right side of the driver (if it's historical). You will learn to really appreciate repair kit cooldowns. All in all while the tank is fun to play, like all tier 10 lights it is not very competitive. You're still better off scouting in the new Rhm Pzw, and at the end of the day a medium tank can do well in a much wider range of situations. Tier for tier it's less powerful than the 90mm T49 is, but hitting for 360 instead of 240 is, in my opinion, much more satisfying.