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Found 69 results

  1. WN8 vs WR correlation

    Just wondering why my WR is so far apart from my WN8 at the moment last couple of months). I always thought there was always going to be a bit of a correlation in the gap between or could spotting not being taking into account or other non included metrics cause the gap ? I am a true pub scrub but do love my lights and would love to see my WN come up more. Cheers!
  2. Hi, since I do not have right to post in mathlab section I am posting it here: I got a database of currently 113896 active wot players and 1517 clans updated daily and after 30 days of collecting data I have already 1757386 records in it. The database is growing every day as visitors of it search new clans and new players. I could publish a table of avarage values per tank which could help with generating wn8 expected values. Let me know if anybody is interested looking into my data. Size
  3. I'm looking for a clan to die in after my recent exclusion from Youjo. I can only play on weekends and hate speaking. I was kicked from Youjo for not doing clan wars. Apparently they're too competitive for me. I have ten tier 10s and some tier 8 op prems for stronks. A lot of the 10s are three marked. I'll pretty much never show up to CW because of reasons I can't control. It's ok though, I'm cute~ Here are my padded stats. Decent improvement over the last few weeks. What I have to offer: -Basically nothing -Stat Padding & Chai Sniping -A very bad platoon mate -Bad chat memes -Complaining -Blacklisting people in the clan who shoot me with arty -Decently active in discord or slack I'd rather not talk in TS for an eval, unless I absolutely have to. Thanks ^_^
  4. As discussed in other threads, in the near future we will transition WN8 away from per tank expected values to averaged expected values for tanks of same type and tier. So, for example, all tier 8 mediums will have same expected values. This is necessary as the constant stream of new tanks requires a lot of work under the current system, and interest in doing all these updates is fading along with interest in WN8. The biggest question everyone will have is what change to WN8 will you see when this happens? Also, behind the scenes, the math guys are asking whether the averages should be simple averages of the expected values as published, or should they be weighted to reflect tank popularity? Well, using data on 20,000 accounts from vBaddict I can now answer both questions. The histogram in the spoiler shows the change in WN8 overall using both 'simple' (red histogram) or 'weighted' (blue histogram) strategies. As you can see, the simple averages will result in the vast majority of accounts seeing just a +/- 50 point change, with all but a few seeing +/- 100 points. A handful see up to +/- 400 (lol - play the right tanks guys). The weighted averages produce a similar result but with a distinct negative bias. As a hit to most WN8 scores is undesirable, we will plan to move to SIMPLE weighted averages. Note: the change was measured against normal expected values (with the v29 joke values for E50, M6, etc, corrected in advance.)
  5. v29 Expected damage error for E50

    I'm unsure who actually owns calculating these currently but the latest iteration of the expected damage has a pretty significant error for the E50 as it is listed as 4585.56. Imagine my surprise when I pull a 3 kill, 3100dmg round and get show a 889 WN8 for it.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to see what brighter minds than mine make of the future of any current or planned ratings system when the Great Rebalance hits. Recently there was the infamous Sandbox Server leak: Many individual tanks and whole classes are rebalanced in a way that makes the infamous arty nerf of 8.6 that screwed up arty WN8 seem like a child's play. It is all naturally subject to change, etc., but nevertheless we can be fairly certain that the changes will be extensive and involve all vehicle classes. 1. Is it even possible to use any sort of overall/historical rating after this rebalance? 2. Do we need to "restart" rating systems such as WN9 to only count results starting from from the rebalance patch? 3. Is it possible or practical to devise a rating system that assigns values on a per patch basis, "locking in" results for each patch separately and comparing those to the average values of the playerbase in a string of per-patch WNx values?
  7. I noticed that my WN8 is now 0 and my average tier is 0! I was just curious why this suddenly occurred. Hopefully this is a temporary thing that will get fixed?
  8. When I looked at the front page of Wotlabs, it lists a 450 WN8 as the 6th percentile. So that means that 6% of the players have a 450 WN8 or lower if I'm interpreting that correctly. However, I noticed that when I did screenshots of the players XVM WN8 stats in my 50 most recent recent battles that were at various times of the day the sub 450 WN8 players made up a lot more than 6% of the player population in tiers 6 through 10. The sub 450 WN8 players varied from 1 player of the 30 to 13 players of the 30 in the battles. Most battles had 3 to 8 sub 450 WN8 players in them. 3 of 30 is 10%, 6 of 30 is 20% 8 of 30 is 26.67%. This seems a lot higher than the 6% listed on the front page. Is the distribution of WoT players not a normal distribution? Are the percentiles wrong on the front page of Wotlabs? Am I interpreting percentiles wrong? Is 50 battles not a large enough sample size to look at distribution of players? Does the WN8 info front page of Wotlabs mean that if you are a 450 WN8 you are better than 6% of the players and if you have a 300 WN8 you are better than 0% of the players or does it mean that if you are a 450 WN8 you are better than 20% of the players and if you have a 300 WN8 you are better than 6% of the players? The reason I looked at this is it seemed to me that in tiers 8 through 10 I've been seeing a lot more sub 450 WN8 players lately. I was going to compare old screenshots to new ones to see if there was an actual difference.
  9. Tank Contribution to Career WN8

    Hi, I'm curious if there's anyway (or if someone has already done this) to tell the WN8 contribution of the individual tanks in a players account. I have friends who are great players but have played thousands of games in light tanks with low expected values like the AMX ELC. If I look at their other tanks their values are not so stellar. Is there some way of knowing the contribution of each tank to their overall WN8? Cheers in advance humans.
  10. Help with my WN8 code

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the WN8 scores and my code is giving the wrong answer. I basically copied it from so I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I get the expected values from Is it how I cam multiplying the expected results by the number of battles in the tank? Here is the output, the answer should be about 509 according to noobmeter but my code is getting 436 And here is the offending code
  11. WN8 and my stats

    Hello, Can someone help me? I verified my account with the name _TheSneakySnake_, which is my PC gamertag on the NA server. It says I have played 785 battles, and has incorrect everything honestly. Here is my gamertag on the WotLabs page: Can someone help me and when will the statistics get fixed? Thank you for your time! -Snake.
  12. SO I played some good matches then I logged out and went on the website and saw this.. Insane Recent WN8 & WR ratings? lol So what's the cause? I mean just because of some good matches recent WN8 shouldn't go up this insane.. I will post 2 of the matches links: 1- 2-
  13. I was just wondering if there is way to get the recent wn8 shown in game instead of the overall wn8 shown.. I think It would be better because then youd actually be seeing how the player is doing recently so you could maybe count on them or not count on them in battle... just a thought.. can you do that/have that? cause id rather use recents then overall..
  14. MY recent stats shows that im a pathetic purple, I would love to be a pathetic purple with my overall stats. Right now im going up about 5 wn8 per day, if I play 40 ish battles. Is there anyway I can scoot my overall wn8 up a little faster. Anyway particular tanks I should get? Any way I can speed up the process a little bit, My goal is to hit 1800 wn8 overall, then I can finally be happy.
  15. Trying to get my recent up to 3k WN8 and 65% WR and figured playing with some other good players would help (it has in the past). Looking for platoon m8's with similar or higher stats. Right now I'm just doing school so I'm on pretty often aside from clan wars at 7:30PM-9:30PM Eastern. As far as which server I'm indifferent to west vs. east but my ping is better on west. What I can promise if you platoon with me is as follows: I'm not a tomato, I make pterodactyl noises when I die, I talk to myself, I shriek when arty kills me, I got lots of tanks at every tier with every type of MM possible, not a belligerent drunk old man, not a 13 year old squeaker. Message me in game preferably but I'll try to check here as well. Plz halp me get gud m8's
  16. Hey everyone! Im looking for a couple of people to add to my friends list that I can platoon with on a regular basis. I usually play tier 5-8. I love playing tier 6/8 lights. I am against any arty playing. And I wont play a td in a platoon(altough you can) I have Teamspeak, and I also have a mic. I dont care about your stats, you can be tomato or a violet stet pedder IDC Only requirement is that your are not a rude prick and that you have TS I play on and off between 2 pm - 2 am EST I have clan wars every night between 7:30 and 10:30 EST everynight aswell Add me as a friend in game or PM me ingame
  17. I have really low overall stats due to playing 12000 games at 12 FPS and an unstable 400 ping connection. However, I have a setup which can run the game worth a shit, and I am increasing my overall WN8 by 1 every 3 games i play. I currently have a 2.2k recent wn8 right now however I switched my mouse out and now I am logging of at a minimum of 2.2k with highs up to 4k. I have previously ran a clan and have calling experience. Although I prefer to deal with small groups. I am able to play 6 days a week on average. I enjoy doing strongholds and clan wars. Tier 10s: IS-7, E-100, T57 heavy, Object 140, T62a, leopard 1 and an E50M. Tier 8's: IS-3, T54-Lightwieght, AMX 13 90, M40/M43, ISU-152, T-32, should have AMX 50 100 soon. I also have every premium tank sold after the type 59 was removed. Tier 6: Give me a week and I'll have all of them. I am looking for a clan that is full of members who are all better than me so I have people to learn from. If your clan is good enough i will also bring a player who has a 1900 overall and a 3k recent. his username is PHAZE_ . Also if anyone has any pointers as to how I can improve my "Resume" above please let me know. I am not very good at writing.
  18. Carrot WN8 Chi-Nu

    Well, I like this tank, but it's not about the tank, it's about me, what do you think I'm doing wrong, what should I try to improve upon? Those are my last 4 battles, that's most of the reason I'm posting these ones. Airfield one is the tomatoest one in those four. (Somehow this got corrupted and shows 0 damage for every tank in the game, instead I'll post my 9.9 IS replay(don't know if it'll run tho)) I hope you show me what I'm doing wrong and help me improve I can also get footage from my higher tier tanks if you think t5 isn't helpful at noticing the mistakes of the player. Edit: It actually works, just the result screen is bugged (likely due to me trying to upload it while game is in progress ^^) Edit2: The games I played today on my A-44 and Cromwell, I tried to make use of what I saw from good players on the Lakeville map and tried to use what was said on where not to go guide on my El Halluf game Cromwell: A-44: A-44 has the bug again, however the replay works fine. I think that's because I don't wait until the match is over.
  19. Hey there everyone! Im new to the WotLabs forum. I hail from the NA server Im an alright World Of Tanks player but im just not able to push my recent Wn8 over 2200 I admit I make dumb mistakes sometimes, and I dont know how to effectively play some tanks I do really well in lightish tanks such as the T21 and Cromwell, I have 3 MoEs on both of them. But im horribly bad at playing Tds, which is making my personal missions lag behind because I dont have any tier 7+ Tds I really need some help with learning to play Tds, and improving my play in some medium and heavy tanks I have a mic and can use every voice service available Im open to constructive criticism and being told what Id do fact, I appreciate it
  20. Time to apply to all the best clams. Best Player NA. Much skill. (Yes, I know. I am a Weeaboo.I take pride in it.)
  21. Good morning community, I have a question i can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. I know some of you mathematics guru's might be able to help me or point me in the right direction. It has to do with increasing my wn8 to my current play level. I had approximately 7k battles 1000k wn8, after playing and actually learning the game and some of the mechanics i am now averaging 1900-2000 recent wn8 over the past 4k battles. My question is, is it worth going back to some of the lower tier tanks and increasing my overall wn8 in them? For instance I played 284 games in the T18 without a clue how to play, my overall wn8 is 644. If i go back and improve this overall wn8 will it directly correlate to my current stats and improve my overall wn8 or should i focus on the higher tier 10's to increase? At what threshold is it worthless and is it possible to dig myself out of a 7k battle deficit or am i just stuck moving up 2-4 points a night on my overall? Current wn8 1387 recent 2126.
  22. Hello everyone, I am an active player that plays at anywhere from 2500-3000 WN8, although I have a low overall. I can't make any clan wars events as my time zone would make it so I'm up at 4AM - end which I don't feel like doing. I want to join a clan of good (2200 clan recent+) that won't force me to do clan wars (since I can't). I only have 1 Tier 10 but I am working towards 2 more, and I have a T37/IS-3 in my garage for Tier 6/8 Strongholds. Thanks for reading my Looking for Clam Poast -Blue that isn't Blue (dank maymays)
  23. Looking for Scout/Light Mentor NA

    Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for an experienced player that excels at scouts/light tanks and is willing to help me improve. I've watched a bunch of videos and streams, which has helped me improve quite a bit, but I'm more of a hands on learner where I can pose questions and receive direct feedback on my actions. I'd prefer to run the Chaffee, T37, Bulldog, or T49. I'm available in the afternoons EST and anytime on the weekends. I'm really excited to start working with someone and improving. Lately my games have either gone really well (partly due to luck I'm sure) or I've died within 2 minutes (and I'm not suic-scouting). Sometimes I last till the end, but don't do any real damage. This has often lead to "worthless scout" and other far worse messages from my teammates. When I contact them afterwards they almost never provide any real feedback as to what I could've done better. I feel like I hurt my team more then help and this drives me crazy. Anyway, it's all part of my drive to get better, so here I am; ready, able, and willing to learn. Thanks, Mike
  24. Looking for a mentor or NA :D

    I'm looking for someone who has somewhat understanding of how to get better at this game and can help me out (So I would assume a Blue+ player). I feel like i'm not progressing and getting better at the rate I would like to be going and I make mistakes that cost me my life(In-game of course). I'm currently learning to play Mediums, Lights, and Heavies but I like the play of mediums and lights a bit more than heavies so If you specialize in those that would be great. I think I could also use more specific knowledge of map hot spots. I would like to improve in knowing what to do in situations so that I will be able to get out of possible situations that might get me killed because I wouldn't know what I should do. I would also like to get better at knowing the line i'm playing and what I should and shouldn't do in the tank i'm playing. I'm not expecting a huge commitment, just people who are willing to play a few games here and there to point out some good ideas/areas/tactics as well as some flaws/areas of improvement in my game, I have TS, do not have a rage problem, or an ego, and I can take all the criticism you throw at me (as long as it is for the purpose of helping me). Just to let you know just what i'm playing I have the Tier 8 heavy IS-3, the Tier 8 medium T-44, and the Tier 7 light Amx 13-75. I Don't really like playing TD's or Arty's that much so I wouldn't need mentoring for those. If you are interested in helping me out then I play on the NA server generally starting whenever I wake up so around 10 AM up until 2-4 AM (no not typo AM) sometimes earlier, eastern standard time. Thank you for reading, if you don't mentor but know someone who does could you please send them here
  25. Hello all, sorry if this isn't exactly the right place for this, but it seemed like a good place to start. I'm Tronyx and have been playing tanks for over a year now, but just recently started getting into WoTLabs, XVM, and working on my WN8. Recently, seemingly within the last couple updates of XVM, I'm seeing a discrepancy between my WN8 on WoTLabs and in game. Currently, WoTLabs shows 948, but in game it shows 1015. I've tried reinstalling XVM a couple times (even uninstalling WoT), but I'm still seeing the inconsistency with my WN8. Everything else, IE: WR, match up perfectly though. Any ideas? Thanks, Tronyx