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Found 1 result

  1. SchnitzelTruck

    9.20 Armor Changes

    Was thinking of making a 9.20 model changes post since one hasn't been made. I'm not gonna bother including low tier garbage/arty for obvious reasons. T69 pics: Used 220 pen because of the shit ton of defenders and other tier8 tanks with around that level of pen. Not that it matters since this tank's glory days were 4 years ago. 181 pen pic is against itself. The HD model isn't larger, they just aren't zoomed at the same level because I'm incompetent. Upper plate buffed to around 170 effective flat on. Turret is a jumbled mess as always. M48 pics: Gun mantlet hole is now 260mm effective on level ground instead of ~120. Area where mantlet overlaps turret completely impenetrable to everything. (600+) Yellow spots on turret are around 250-270 effective vs apcr M46 pics: Red areas are 270+. Orange 240-250. Yellow 210-220. Green on turret is 200ish. Nothing reliable, but youll definitely get some troll bounces. Yellow areas are 250-270 effective. Red areas are 300+ AMX30b: Really only the mantlet and roof changed. Roof is now 45mm instead of 30mm. The turret cheeks were buffed to the point where tier8 meds and LT's have a chance to bounce but that's about it. AMX30 proto received the same roof/mantlet buff, however the mantlet is only 255 effective instead of 305. Area on both AMX30's where the mantlet overlaps the turret is impenetrable to basically everything except tier10 TD prem ammo. I'm only mentioning this because ive done it before, hatch is now 100 thick and not penetrable by T49 HE Type5/4 heavy: Machine gun port and vision port on type5 are now 260 and 250mm respectively (down from 270). 240 and 230 for the Type4 (down from 250) O-I: Ass armor (apart from rear tumor because reasons) nerfed from 150 to 105mm. Which is an effectiveness ranging from 107mm to 130mm O-I exp 100mm gun removed, 75mm is now the top gun. Top speed nerfed from 40kmh to 25kmh. Turret front/ flat plate behind the boobies buffed from 75mm to 125mm. Upper plate buffed from 75mm to 85mm. Lower plate remains 75mm. Boobies are 115mm on the front and 75-100 on the sides. Upper plate is 125 effective. Flat plate behind boobies is 128. Turret is 140. Boobies are 110-115, red area is 150-ricochet. Mantlet is 125mm T-54: Just don't even bother with the turret face, hatch or gtfo. Its basically the current obj140 turret with larger hatches. Obj140: Roof buffed from 37mm and 30mm to 75mm and 45mm. T-44 and T-44-100: Mantlets/turret front buffed from 120mm to 190mm. Turret side armor buffed from 100mm to 130mm. Roof buffed from 15mm to 35mm. T-54 Mod1: Mantlet/turret front buffed from 180 to 200. Batchat 25T: All its spaced armor zones on the hull were replaced with armor correlating to the thickness of the surrounding hull armor (40mm sides, 60mm on the angled front). No more getting saved from yolo T49's, arty side shots, and type4/5s. Large 50mm zone on upper plate buffed to 60mm (same as surrounding area). No more getting overmatched by large calibers at stupid angles.