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Look no further if you want to be a part of the famous 322 Community.

-322- offers you an organized clan which focuses efficiency in TCs,Stronkhold,CWs and upcoming campaigns. We want the people that like to compete in CWs and plunder the other clans.


Requirements are the following:


18+ years

55% Winrate

2000 Dmg on your main T10s

1500WN8 (No vegetables allowed)

6000 games


To make this work we have a set of rules which you have to understand and agree to before you join. If you violate one of them you get kicked. -322- is pretty serious about this.


-Stronghold fights and TC's are mandatory.
-If we'll play CW's (and we'll most likely play them), they'll be mandatory and if you're online when CW window pops up, you will join a team. No exceptions. Everyone online should be in CW teams.
-if we're in war, there's no democracy.
-We all work toward a goal and at the end we all benefit.
-listen to your commander, deputies and especially FC during battles.
-never yell or offend anyone in -322- but it's ok to do it to others in randoms.


If you are okay with this, contact Body_Count, Agent_Smith_  or me ingame.

We're looking forward to awesome reinforcements for our ranks!

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