After more VERY IMPORTANT DISCUSSION with dualmaster I present some data. Improved vStab is a given (see above for @TheChang's successes). Improved optics is ALSO a given. Although per our discussion, that is likely the last slot to be upgraded. So the question comes down to...improved rammer or improved vents. After too many hours of CRITICAL CONSULTATION, and me messing with some stuff in garage, here is the data. I'd be curious about what @rev01ution has to say though, because I know he's messed with a bunch of directives. The reason optics goes last is because its not a weakness of the T49 per-se. You cannot give up optics even with improved vents (at least in my best known play style), because you lose out on 46+12=58, of view range. 477m view range isn't worth -2s off the reload. These other things in the table below...they seem to be, especially the aim-time, accuracy and 1% camo. The estimate of terrain resist is hard I wasn't able to use garage numbers, but basically...its like your tank will accelerate a bit faster, and traverse quicker.    Imp Rammer Imp Vents Reload 18.06 20.01 DPM 3023 2729 Aim-time 3.23 3.13 Accuracy 0.54 0.52 Camo 32.52 33.45 View Range (assuming iOptics) 520 535 Track Traverse 52.97 53.58 Terrain Resist Estimated -   -0.02 hard, -.03 medium