Panther 8.8  

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    • Another Panther? No thanks.
    • Going to get the T-55A, so why bother?
    • Shit to the extreme.

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The P8.8 was WGs worst blunder ever. A tier VIII med with the pricetag of a heavy, that was removed from the testserver so noone could drive it before buying.

It seemed nice, almost a P2 in the times when prem tanks were considered to be noteably weaker then silver tanks.

But WG tweaked it in the hidden stats. Bad camo, bad bloom, arkward depression on top of the usual anemic dpm made it simply horrible. It was so bad that WG even refunded part of the gold to the buyers but even with the "reduced" pricetag it wasn't worth shit. In it's shadow ran the STA-2, which was also shit as released but got buffed significantly with awesome dispersion while the P8.8 got the unified gun depression angles and thats it.

This is by far the worst tier VIII prem tank, it wouldn't even be good with limited MM...

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