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T57 Heavy - Crew Skills and Equipment

T57 Heavy Skills Crew Equipment

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#1 rirarumpel


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rirarumpel [DEFA]



Posted 16 July 2013 - 12:55 AM

I've greatly enjoyed its predecessedors, the T69 and especially the T54E1. As I had the T57 Heavy already researched now for a while I bought it during the current sale (on EUW).


How would you skill a 3.5 skills crew?



I thought about:


Commander: BIA, 6th Sense, Repair, x? (x=recon?)

Gunner: BIA, Repair, designated target?, snap shot?, deadeye?

Driver: BIA, clutch braking, repair. offroad? smooth ride?

Loader: BIA, safe stowage, repair. camo? fire fighting?



Along with: vert, gld, vents



Thanks so much in advance!

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#2 Servios


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Servios [CHAI]



Posted 16 July 2013 - 01:10 AM

1. 6th Sense + Miscellaneous
2. Brothers in Arms
3. Repair
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#3 Gath69


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Gath69 [ORDER]



Posted 16 July 2013 - 01:59 AM

You're setting it up the way I set mine up this AM.  Thought I had the GLD, Vert Stab and Vents in the depot, but had to rape my KV-1S for VS. 

I retrained my old T29 Crew and reskilled them too:


Commander - BiA, 6th Sense, Repairs, Camo

Gunner: BIA, Repair, Camo, Snap Shot

Driver: BIA, Repair, Camo. *Clutch Braking ( I thought I had Smooth Ride)

Loader: BIA, Repair, Safe Stowage, Camo


IIRC, haven't taken it out, but plan to tonight.  Does it burn ever??  I haven't had much trouble in general with my Murican Heavies/Mediums/TDs, so I was thinking I would run Cola and ditch the Fire Ext.


Edit:  Have played two games in it, both Solo Pubs, both victories and I think my avg. damage is in the 3.4-3.5k range ATM, very fine tank and I am disappointed our battle callers still asked for E5s last night.  We got overwhelmed and I got two shots off with my E5, whereas I would have gotten off 4 in my T57.  Thinking it through 4 shots with a total of roughly 30 seconds from starting to reload to all shots fired vs. roughly the same on the E5, aside from the 22 second reload that you are somewhat helpless I do not see why the E5 would be preferred.  Now I can say that I took over 6k potential damage before dying in another battle last night in my E5, but who is to say the T57 wouldn't fair the same.

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#4 dmcgill1


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dmcgill1 [BULBA]



Posted 16 July 2013 - 02:49 AM

You'll really want to get safe stowage right off the bat, the T57's lower plate is made of ammo racks.  Apart from that, the acc skills are nice for knocking down the aim time and reps of course is always solid.  With Bia and with vents you can shave a hair off that drum r/l and get it around the 22.9 sec range.


I'd go 


1. 6th Sense + Smooth Ride + Snap Shot + Reps (roll over to safe stowage at 100%)

2. Reps All (Roll over to Brothers in Arms at 100%)
3. Reps All


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#5 Okeano



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Posted 16 July 2013 - 07:00 AM

Here's my loadout:




I had mentor for commander because I knew I'd be using the crew a lot between my T34 and normal heavies, you can ignore that. Armorer is also less as useful now due to dispersion buff. Also note that these 4 are part of the 6 crews that all go to my T34 (radioman on T29, other loader on M103), so that my one loader for T57 don't have adrenaline, which is nice to have.


I'd go with 


6th, BiA, repair, camo or situational awareness

Snap, BiA, repair, camo (can try deadeye then repair, but I'm not a big fan of how low the % is)

Off road, BiA, smooth, repair

Stowage, BiA, adrenaline, repair 

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#6 rirarumpel


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rirarumpel [DEFA]



Posted 16 July 2013 - 08:26 AM

What about the fourth skill? Is camo of any use? Or firefighting (while I must admit not catching fire once in now almost 50 battles with it)?
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Tomatos carrying me since '12

#7 deepgift


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Posted 16 July 2013 - 10:16 AM



that's what i run ATM


i would get BiA


and maybe drop jack of all trades


but that set up has often gotten me 3-4k games with one as high as 9.2k


and im not sure if i really need that much gold i could go for 4 less and 4 more regular AP

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#8 CraBeatOff


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CrabonWard [BULBA]



Posted 17 July 2013 - 02:07 PM

Gotta point you to a Kewei post which I shared here:




That said, I run my T57 with my old T110E5 crew


BiA, 6th, repair, camo

BiA, Snap, repair, camo

BiA, Smooth, Clucth, repair

BiA, Safe Stow, repair, camo


I think firefighting would be viable in place of camo, but I just moved this crew to the T54E1 from the T110E5, and then moved them to the T57. I have not burned much in either tank, except in dire situations where someone got my engine. I've been running double repair kits on the T57, but cola is also really excellent. I just wanted to make max profit during this event, and the gun handles really good without cola (unlike the T54E1, cola every game)

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At this point I view each match as already being won, I just have to get the most damage possible before my team (or platoonmate) takes it all. Makes the game much less stressful. The losses feel like they shouldn't have happened until I see the team scores and we have 4+ tanks with 0 damage, and you accept that morons are out there, regardless of how good you will ever be.


#9 precambrian


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Posted 17 July 2013 - 05:21 PM

My 57 crew is just starting on their fourth skill; the set up looks like this:


Commander: Sixth, BiA, Repairs, Camo

Driver: Offroad, BiA, Repairs, Clutch

Gunner: Snap Shot, BiA, Repairs, Camo

Loader: Safe Stowage, BiA, Repairs, Camo


Equipment is V Stab, GLD, and Optics. View range clutches games, but you could use Vents also, I guess.


I'm not a fan of Smooth Ride, honestly; post 8.6 the bonus seemed too small, so I retrained it in favor of max Repairs, and started Clutch instead. Also, I wouldn't recommend Firefighting; you're almost never going to burn- I haven't torched once in this yet-, and if you do, you probably were shot in the rear, in which case you did something wrong/were screwed anyway.


Just my two pesos.


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