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Opeartion Supply Drop Stream -

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Copy pasted from the reddit thread because I am lazy.


The torpedoes for troops event starts today. The event is a massive fundraiser to support Opration Supply Drop.

The streaming starts today, Friday at 12PM PST when kicks the stream off on -  There will be giveaways every hour to include Doubloon packages and the T7 Polish DD Blyscawika.

Come out and support our troops and win some cool prizes. Stream schedule is as follows with the channel on[1]

All times PST.

Timeslot (PST) Streamer

12pm - 1pm Kick off from WG! Tragicloss, BTed72 and likely AlsoRobots

1pm - 4pm @zoupgaming

4pm - 8pm @Trobsmonkey

8pm - 12am @Maraxus1 and Starshield

12am - 4am @Sirpete1Uk and @PeggyTvOK

4am - 8am @AngryScot_tv

8am - 10am @DeeJayKnight

10am - 12pm @Judge_R

12pm - 4pm @OhJeezums

4pm - 8pm @Anidiotplays and @XxPhionaXx

8pm - 12am @TragicLoss

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