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Update 9.14 only just came out today on the ASIA server, and actually playing and seeing the new physics and sounds in action has been a real treat.

My first game:

I'm 10/10 for the new sounds for this patch, tanks sound like clunking hulks of steel, the engines sound like real tank engines rather than RC electric (haven't heard the low tier put puts though), and the gun sounds when firing and hitting are pretty cool too. That vibrating hum after the ping when a round ricochets off your tank, or the deep bell like pangs of a straight-on non-penetration make it all the more satisfying when you shrug off a shot, and at the same time getting penetrated really makes you hear and feel the pain of getting penetrated. even the whiffs of overhead flying shells is enough new, it sounds more like a deadly metal projectile flying through the air rather than arrows shot from a bow.

also the new motion physics is pretty cool as well. only had a couple games, and i've been testing and experimenting with mostly lighter tanks (confirmed E-25 can use the handbrake turn to do a complete 180), and while it make take some time to get used to the controls, especially with faster tanks, this would doubtless determine the wheat from the chaff in terms of how well players can use the new motion physics to their advantage.

also found out how getting detracked while running full speed can make the tank turn to the side more than before 9.14 (learned this the hard way in the E-25 in the above replay, when the SPershing detracked me as i came at him)

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The main thing I am taking from the patch is being able to put myself on fucky terrain like the top corner on el haluf without getting stuck in a dumb way/not getting stuck on stupid fucking corners. Handbreaking is also kinda cool but not that useful

and I flipped over twice by hitting a tiny edge of terrain while driving the first day I played the patch which was moderately irritating

The second time though a teammate was able to push me off my side

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So it's like a general buff to fastbois with some hidden random nerfs? I would certainly hate to flip myself while speedsurfing the Prok ridge for spots.

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