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WoT Client FPS cap

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I'm trying to find a way to remove the FPS cap that's on the WoT client because my system can easily run the game at over 200fps and because I have a 144hz monitor I think it would be a noticeable difference. As it stands (AFAIK) the client caps at 120fps. I dug around and found that you might be able to change/remove this cap via the "engine_config.XML" file located is the "RES" folder, however I have no idea how to edit this file because I'm a noob (asked a few people how to edit this file and turns out it's encrypted)... Has anyone been able to remove this crappy FPS cap or is there another way to remove it?


also didn't know where to post this so dropped it in newcomers category...started a reddit thread on the same topic aswell https://www.reddit.c...client_fps_cap/


Edit: found these "instructions" https://pastehistory...te/yvpGS7DJQnq6 unfortunately this says you should have 2 "engine_config.xml" files for some reason one encrypted and 1 not, I only have 1 in my directory

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res_mods/game version
it should be there,
edit maxfps to change maxfps in game
reduced fps to change in garage
though dont go over 300 as jumping between 150 and 300 is unpleasant :babyrage:


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