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Sgt. Pepper

VK 30.02 M - (the M stands for manly)

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17 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

Well, 5 games in it so far, its pretty easy to play and it does shit on lower tiers hilariously.  The armor has flat out saved me a couple of times.  IMHO this thing is a lot better than the easy-8, which tends to out dpm its aim time too much and has zero holding ability.  Also 840 HP = squeee! It traverses like it has oars though.  Another couple hours of boosters and I'll be well on my way to the E50.  

E8 was powercreeped a long time ago. Strv 74 does all of it much better (hill poke, shooting on the "move"), with the added benefit of laser acc and usable penetration on both shells.

You either fastbois in a crommie/Type, snipe in VKM/Strv 74 or slap ppl for 180/220 alpha.

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