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Please review this horrid game

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Can I please get some reviews of the game below? It's a very bad game for me and pissed me off a lot in all honesty. I've been a lot better than this lately but this particular game completely spit in my face it seems. I don't know how I could have made it better. Maybe some of you can see something I didn't. Thanks!

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To be fair you seem to have had it as bad as it gets on Erlenberg, with only one heavy pushing along to B2 and the rest camping to try to take shots; later during the game RNG decided you weren't going to hit any shots either.

Stopping for a bit at the start to get some early shots in is definitely a good thing, however I feel like you may have overstayed your welcome for some shots at the IS-2 and T29 when they weren't going to happen any time soon. In your place I would've gone with the IS-6 after initial shots, but on the top of that hill to offer a side angle to shoot into that Conqueror, then worked from there with the extra map space depending on how the game went.

Overall however, it was really just one of those matches where nothing goes right, and you shouldn't worry about those too much. Everyone has them once in a while, and in a 20-30 game session they honestly don't mean that much.

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Well, the formulations from a Fame-player regarding your actual game-play should be enough. 
The message is pretty clear-a surprisingly large number of games even for great players
will in WoT  be total fuck-ups in retrospect. 
A number of parameters are the cause of this but we can generalize and put a lot of them under
the umbrella 'WoT-a game with high RNG-factor'

Regardless of server, the absolute top-notch players when playing tanks of significance in top tiers
will fade out with a WR at about 75% in solo play maximum.
RNG is the common factor in the remaining 25% lost games. 

Lets look at your game a little but before that I will list up a couple of statements both of personal
but also of general  character.

#1 You play Ruinberg assault, with your team in attacking mode. You have picked an excellent tank
for this on this map- fast, great gun depression on a hilly map, great VR, hard-hitting gun with
good dpm, especially with liberal use of APCR.
(Personally I like assault mode a lot but I only play it in lights and in meds that can be characterized as carry-tanks.
This is somewhat restricting- ofc it can be done in heavys also but then it better be a good generalist with speed,
of the type e5, 113, 50b, IS7. My personal thesis is that most ppl even unicas underestimate the fact that a game
lasts 10 and not potentially 15 mins. Speed is a paramount factor for carry in Assault- especially when u are
on the attacking side)

Now regarding team comp it looks very favorable for the defending side. They got monstrous yankee turret armor
and hard hitting guns with great gun depression. The T30, a T32 and T34 in toon, 2 T29's in toon with an IS-2.
You trade 2 T29's for 2 jagdpanthers, T32 and T34 for KV-4 and IS-6 respectively.

On the positive side you got a little more speedy scouts with a RU and LTTB. As top tiers you and IS-8
are formidable attacking instruments and I would be inclined to try to pair up with him if he seems to be a reasonable
player.(I play vanilla with the exeption of jimbo's beta contour icon mod. I am an old guy and get a faster
impression of team comps with those soft colors)

So in short- this battle look to be an uphill struggle. Maybe it can be compensated somewhat if bat arty is a competent
clicker and the scouts do good work but how often will especially the first be the case?

#2 Team dispersion 30 secs into the game-

Lately I prefer to go cap side both when attacking and especially when defending Ruinberg. The sole reason for this
is again the time factor. When you attack via 1-2 line your team still has to find a good solution for the dreaded
river passing even if they should be up with some tanks. I prefer a lemming situation on cap side where you
1. clear out forward spotters around f5/f6 so that you have freedom of movement on both sides of hill along 9-line
and methodically clear out 2.forward players around E0 3. players around the critical point of D9 and 4. the rest

Your team largely goes 1-2 but unfortunately the low-tiered TD platoon goes cap-side with RU.
Sadly, they are doomed to die in this situation, I would have preferred that whole team goes lemming on your side.
This indicated that both Ru and low tiered platoon did not pay much attention to team dispersion and as such
are weak players.

You wisely went with IS-8 in this scenario and the rest the FAME player has analyzed. Your dings and negative
RNG were horrendous, although it has to be said a couple of your shots werent fully aimed-in. 
Its not the 10.5 to the E50 so your shooting appeared a bit snappy to me when firing on mid and long

Sir, I cannot see any other outcome of the game due to especially unfavorably RNG elements(Dings, team comp, team dispersion)
Therefore, after some game analysis- trust the FAME player's statements and throw this one in the garbage bin

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Thank you both for reviewing my game and your feedback. I really appreciate it!

I'm actually kind of relieved to hear you both say what you did as I was starting to question my own ability as a player. That game was the last one I played that session as it was just so horrid and was pretty much the last straw for me. The games prior to it were not very stellar either but considerably better than this last one. I was honestly thinking that I was starting to regress as a player and started to question my own decisions in the game. I really couldn’t believe how bad it was and seemingly everything was against.

Thank you for giving a positive piece of mind as it’s good to hear that players much better than me are having these type of games too

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