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When you are relatively new in this game, I cannot think of any better streamer to look at than Zeven. Zeven's mastery of this game
from a bird's perspective is unparallelled. He has an exceptional ability to avoid tunnel vision and use the intel both in front of his
barrel and on his minimap so that he never looses the big picture. Sadly, Zeven does not stream that often. Therefore I recommend
all to visit his youtube channel where he goes through some player's games. He tries to give them both tactical and strategical advice.
The first a lot of streamers are capable of but very very few are able to do the last. 
Still I can find immense joy and learn smth new about maps etc even when Zeven talks a greenhorn through a game.

For the advanced player in the WN8(1600-2400) area  Orzanel(EU) I believe along with Anfield(NA) are the streamers that
should be considered if nothing else for very stable uptime.
I talked with Orz and he said he streams 8hrs regularly these days(on EU) so he has streaming
as a full profession atm. As a steady 3500WN8 player playing more or less everything in the tier 8- tier X region
there should be smth to pick up for you here. He sometimes runs toons with his followers, have some comps where he shares a little
gold etc and last but not least he comments continously what he is doing in fluent English(Orz is from Romania)
For the typical teal player you should be able to get valuable tips regarding micropositioning, how to use specific tanks, great
initial spots on maps for different tank classes etc etc

For those who allready has a great knowledge of this game and aspire to get into the top clans on NA or EU servers, you probably
should spend a good amount of time watching players in clans like FAME both when they play solo and when they do strongholds etc
The larger parts of these players keep their microphones off and do not comment while they play solo. This demands more from the viewer.
To actually understand all the subtleties a player like Decha incorporates into his game you have to be pretty decent from the beginning
to acknowledge, Among my bookmarks I have Fyreon, Decha, creator31,  cresp1ks, analliator, x1ts, Swift_m0ti0n, 1.Warlord  etc
who all fall into this category. They have in common that they dont necessarily stream that often but when they do you will
probably experience 4k+WN8 play

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Zeven and Overlord_Prime. 

skill4tu he is impressive but not quite for the beginner.. He charges you for questions, i tried as late as yesterday writing a few questions and stuff and i got totally ignored. then another viewer told me i had to use this currency i was earning being on stream to ask him my questions. and i was so  turned off by that. not a great thing for beginners to go in and feel totally ignored. Zeven is the best one out there imo. he loves to teach and is quite good at it which i think is the most important the passion for helping others. I do also like valheru kind, answers questions with ease and they are not hard to understand and he is a great player. 

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