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Lfg semi competitive group, good company

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I am a software engineer full time. I used to play competitively but i have fallen out of practice and dont have time to sit in lobbies for battles. I can show up at a specified time for battle if i know what time it will be. Due to having been pretty serious before i have most tanks with really good crews. The tier x's i dont have are japanese heavy, new german heavy, campaign tanks other than 907, arties and swiss tanks. I don't have tier 8 swiss tanks. Almost everything else I do have. Crews are all 4 or 5 skills, a couple 6 skills.

Clan wars experience with Rel-a, narwl, rddt, and claws.

I live on the east coast, I am liberal and i play some other multiplayer games a bit. Overwatch, Star Citizen  (have ships), Europa Universalis IV, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans. 

I am interested in doing campaigns, some battles and good conversation. I would like to have decent players to play with. Interested in seeing what there is out there. I did enjoy claws though I am out of practice and lower activity, so no longer Claws material. Used to be a recruiter but I definitely dont have time now. 


Edit: used to be named IIHII. 

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Hello Dalamadur,

Please consider CarteL [CARTL].  We are active in CW and SH.  Tier VIII at the moment with high aspirations.  We also participate in campaigns.

Our only requirement is to be some what active and participate in Clan activities when you can.  I can offer you a great group of tankers from all walks of life and conversation.....good or bad you will have to decide.  We try to be friendly and in each other's corner.

If you would like to talk more please PM me in game and we could have a conversation.  Our TS is  Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,


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Thanks! I prefer tier x though i realize i may need to get my wn8 back up to play in it again. Last i played 8, it was not very diverse, mostly t54 lightweights.

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