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On 13.3.2017 at 1:02 AM, CraBeatOff said:

I hope you mean free xp for modules on the way to the T110E5. It would be very foolish and highly contradictory for a player interested in their own development to skip tanks in one of the greatest and most informative lines in the game. No tank from tier V onward is anything less than "good".

Mr, I hope you take this advice literally.

Let me try to mention another couple of small things too because you still appear somewhat greenish tween your ears.

-XVM is an excellent tool for comparison, how your progress is, how you match other players etc.
But not ingame.
Most Uni's turn it off for good reasons.
Crab, who I quoted here, is one of the few Uni's I know of that is at peace with himself to such a degree that he could run it
if he wanted and not be influenced by it in a negative fashion. But still he runs WoT vanilla.
Some of your statements in this thread indicate to me that XVM messes with your head and make you  draw false conclusions.
Please, try to turn it off.
After a while you will notice that you will pay much closer attention to team comps, team dispersion and how a player performs ingame.
(This guy is top tier, his tank matches mine perfectly, I should be inclined to pair up with him, support him if he acts promising, etc)
The intel you gather this way is actual, from your own experience. XVM ingame is very rough general estimates
of player performances that easily can make you act biased on false presumptions.

I can mention that for myself I run vanilla apart from one little cheat.
I still use the oldest Jimbo's contour icon mod, which essentially is the vanilla but with soft colors added on different tank classes.
I am an old guy and I feel this gives me a faster impression of the team comps.
Rest is vanilla.
In addition, I turn of ingame chat. In general it is just BS and it stops me from being really salty and pour out bad comments,
which in turn helps me stay calm and balanced.

These small steps alone has lifted me  from dark green to light teal and to fade out there.
I am perfectly happy with that. I do not have the interest or time to try to enter the uni levels, which demand much more
systematic approach, to be able to micropos on a completely different level, to know everything there is to know about
tank stats like a nerd etc.

Its actually easier said that done but its important to have fun when you play WoT. 
For you to have fun chances are big that you will have more fun when just focusing on ingame activity
and not add a number of more or less worthless variables that messes with your thought processes

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We all go through growing pains.  Some of us were lucky to find a senpai to guide us to the blue/purple side of life.  Until Rage quit for a year then trying to get back to that level you were before you quit. lol

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From my view, there are 2 ways to improving your skill level.

Playing lower tiers and moving up the tier system, the supposed normal way.  By the time you reach tier 10, you should have a good grasp on all the mechanics, especially camo and how it works.

Or you do the Kewei method, which is you play tier 8, 9, and 10 until you get it right.  Which is what I did..........and I severely regret it.  This will prevent you from learning some skills unless you look them up and practice them or you somehow stumble onto them.  Camo is one of them.  It's more common in tier 10 to get outlit by something that shouldn't light you...........than in lower tiers for example.  So you won't pick up on these skills in tier 8-10.  BUT, in tier 8-10 you will be superior to those in lower tiers in flexing and trading.  A concept that is foreign in lower tiers.

Take what you will dude.

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