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Hey Friends,

Since this Forum is completely deaded, have another Clan-Thread to shitpost in.

LDMA - Lass Dampf ab


We are looking for Member for our small clan. [LDMA] is a relaxed clan without any Ambition to participate in SKirmishes/Advances/Clanwars, whatsoever. If WG decides to ever create a campaign again, that is worth to play and no Battle-spam, that might Change though.

We have a german core, but also other nationalities among us. As Long as you can Insult us in any european language, there shouldnt be any language barriers.


We do not only recruit by stats, but mainly by recommendation of fellow Clan members, so if you want to join us, just hop on TS and get in touch with some people or write me a message.


What we can offer:

- A stunning clan, which is more like a bunch of friends

- A Teamspeak-Server, with mildly offensive to disgustingly racist Servergroups

- Top-of-the-Server Platoonbuddies ( if people actually play WoT) or many other games

- No Drama about rules, activity requirements, General behaviour or other Kindergarten activities,


Super Important Clan Stats:




At the moment we are actively looking for a Clan Mascots


Have fun in World of Tanks or what else you do in Life!

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I think Personal Rating is a better skill-metric than WN8.

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