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Anybody Else Lose 70% Of Their Frame Rate With 9.20?

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Hi Folks:

   I'm playing on a 3 year old gaming laptop, a maxed out ASUS G750 with a GTX 880M. 

   My frame rate's dropped from 60 to 80 FPS to 15 to 25 with release 9.20. 

   I haven't used mods for several releases. 

   I like pretty graphics so they're maxed out in 1080P except for anti aliasing and Motion Blur Effect.  Items that obstruct my view, Extra Effects in Sniper Mode, Flora Density and Grass in Sniper mode are all turned off. 

   The play looks and feels choppy and mouse control of the gun is imprecise with this release. 

   The laptop's 3 year extended warranty expired last month so I'm wondering if anybody else noticed this slowdown or if it's a perfectly timed system failure. 


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For some reason the update reset a bunch of my graphics settings to much higher than needed.  Once I discovered and corrected that I was fine, might want to double check.

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Thanks everybody for your responses. 

I also suspect the GTX 880M wasn't being used. 

Reinstall WoT, no change. 

Uninstall everything from NVIDIA and reinstall.  Next game started out at 105 FPS and I didn't see it drop below 90 until I looked after the last kill. 

Not bad for maxed out graphics, with the exceptions noted above, on a 3 year old laptop. 

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