Best Tier 8 Premium for a new(ish) player?

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23 hours ago, Tanager said:

For someone with the skills the OP is describing, I'd skip the Type 64 entirely.  Sure, it's a beast, but paper scouts aren't exactly noob-friendly, not even really good paper scouts.

I agree, though, regarding tier - Berlin IS-2 would be a great and friendly choice (and you can spam HE against higher tiers to conserve credits, if that's your thing), or the Rudy (which I'd recommend over the 34-85M due to the crew layout).  Bromwell in the hands of newbie is a recipe for getting oneself in trouble, IMHO.

That's a good point about newer players getting in trouble with fast, fragile tanks. I would certainly steer a newer player away from such a tank at tier 8.

But tier 6 is a good place to start learning. So if a newer player has made it to tier 6, I wouldn't necessarily steer them away from the Bromwell and Type 64.

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