So this has caused a lot of upset on EU forum: Wg's Q & A

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6 hours ago, GehakteMolen said:

And guess what happened since october 2016? more heavy buffs and nerfs for everything else, how suprising....


M48 Patton says hi



(You're not wrong of course, the SB changes are being slowly leached in, but all is not lost for medium players)

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WG was and is aware that WoT is hard and that mistakes can be heavily punished despite RNG. And they are also aware that the game needs a go to line for bad to average player where they feel powerful, even when not given the sweestest of all sweet MM.

At first turretless huge alpha TDs seemed to fit. Any player could really hop into these, kemp bush and expect like 2k damage (at least with prem ammo).

Only problem: this paystyle is ok if there is one player on each side doing it but by mid 2015 is became clear that there would be multiple invisi TDs per team with punitive alpha and that would be toxic for the game.

So WG decided that indeed classic HTs are the best go to tank. They provide lynchpins on the map because they are a huge presence but also not terribly flexible (again, we are talking heavily armored "real" HTs, not AMX 50b). So they are the core around which the fighting revolves, that make the match somewhat predictable and also a bit slower.

But for this HTs needed to be buffed a lot. But still the "elefant in the room" (to quote Gehackte Molen) in the form of prem shells and also the linear map design stand against those buffs and up to now WG did not really find an answer which made the basic assumption - as right as these are - hard to actually implement. The game felt a bit slower than before, a bit more predictable, but still pretty chaotic and even a Maus can get killed in mere seconds if it yolos.

So a lot of work still to do.

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