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1600 overall 2k ish recents

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My recents are a bit wobbly due to grinding arty recently but should level back out to 2-2.1k soon.
I have calling experience, I'm free most if not any night you need me until around 11 est.
I have most tier 10 meta tanks. 5A, Super conq, conq GC, Maus, 907, etc. Working on the E3/strv/batchat lines right now.
I'm looking for a clan where I can learn and grow. My eventual goal is to join a top 5 clan like Otter or Vilin. Would definitely like to join a clan that has much better players than myself to help with this goal. 


And since this seems to be a common question, no Archaic, I'm not a dad despite being 30. ;) 

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