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My old ASUS RT-N16 crapped out a couple months ago.  I think it lasted about 2 years, prior to that I used the Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT

I'm currently using an even older ASUS RT-N10+ and it is just too slow.  It can't stream to 2 TVs at the same time reliably and  I just realized that it is capping my download speed (over LAN) to 50 Mbps.

I'm considering these 3 choices, but I'm open to other options if there is something better in the $200 price range.

Option #1 - Buy another throw away ASUS RT-16N for $63 from Newegg

Option #2 -  NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S - AC2600 About $200 just about anywhere online

Option #2 - ASUS RT-AC3200, also about $200

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Get a router that supports Wireless AC and is dual-band (5gz and 2.4ghz). Other than that I can't help much, Mine is supplied by Verizon and I can't use any other.

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I went with an ASUS RT-AC88U.  Has better range than the AC3200, supports mesh networks, has very good management tools.  Price is pretty similar (in the $200 range, sometimes just a bit less).  The smartphone app makes it pretty easy for me to cut off my offspring's screen time at the flick of a switch when I need to...

I'm going to add a second identical router shortly as a mesh member to extend my coverage just a bit, but I am consistently running near wire speeds when testing (~500-600 Mbs down, nearly the same up).  Tough to complain about that.

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