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Object 705...thread

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Dont see a thread for this thing, so here you go!

I actually liked the IS-M, and powergrinded it to get this...thing unlocked and bought today. Its...weird:

- 2k HP is nice

- the armor is...wonky, but when positioned right, its immensely powerful. Got 9k blocked game on my 3rd battle :^). Its bit like Kranvagn except sidescraper version of it, but the armor can bounce something outside of its perfect position, unlike Kran lol

- guns are...autistic as hell. 122 has very nice APCR velocity and good DPM with nice alpha and overmatch ability, but the HEAT sucks, its derpy and the APCR can feel powerless in terms of penetration. 130 mm is...autistic as hell. Nice alpha goes well with the HP pool, but 0.44 base accuracy is haHAA. Also its keks to roll for 370, and when your asking yourself ”why this gun exists”, you roll for 607 with the next shot...

- its slow, but I dont mind that, also the speed is fairly solid when downhill

Anybody else played this?

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I haven't played mine yet mostly because I'm waiting til i can buy gold to not play it without the top modules.  I haven't heard great things about it - the IS-M is supposedly better for its tier and the fact that this thing's side armor is 90 and the IS-M's is 120 seems to make that opinion more true than not... but I'll let you know again when i actually give it a few matches

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