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IS-4 failed carry cause, reasons.

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hi, i would think before that, during the brawl on east, the two badly aimed shots at the 268 ufp while you guys were being closed in on the back in the heavy corridor costed your team too much hp. While you remained engaged on the TD the is4 sta2 caused havoc on your teammates, seriously diminishing the effect of your lone heavy later on. Im not sure if reacting sooner wouldve saved the day, but rushing those shots seemed to cost you a lot of time. For the lorr thing, with your slow turret turn i'm not sure you could do much more.

as for the apcr thing, im too bad to comment,not knowing the is4 munitioning (i m always in the same boat on the is7 and stuff)

just my opinion, would love to hear from the more experienced

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