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On 9/30/2018 at 4:54 AM, lavawing said:

I was grinding the 53TP lately, and having prevailed over the prevailing part of its problems being being stock, now find myself facing another problem, one that doesn't go away with lots of grinding: arty.

It's a problem I've found and experienced to various degrees of keyboard-thrashing frustration in a number of other tanks I play, being all variants of the Caernarvon/Conqueror, all variants of the 1111111111, all variants of the AMX M4, the M103, and the E5. In short, my question is, how do you deal with arty focus in those vehicles, especially when you're top tier, contesting a key position?

I mean, my answer to triple arta on Malinovka is just fuck the game and camp behind my TDs when I feel like it and bum rush the hill when I don't. But I've found that in tanks like the 53TP and the 5A which rely heavily on taking hulldown positions quickly, if there's going to be one arty in the game, that arty is going to be focusing me, and the stun and the general fragility of the modules on hulldown heaviums means that I end up either dead before the mid game or a 1.5 shot cripple at best.

I tend to treat arty has a DoT, except there are no heals in the game......#feelsbadman

Before they changed arty, I used to just shuffle around a lot, moving around some without actually totally abandoning that position, and that usually sufficed.


But nowadays arty seems to be so accurate and have such a massive splash radius, that arty is extremely unlikely to miss completely.  Moving will reduce the splash a bit, but ultimately almost no shots are going to totally miss with zero effect, and realistically every or almost every shot is going to do something, at least stun, and usually at least a minor amount of damage.

On 9/30/2018 at 7:29 AM, MacusFlash said:

With improved accuracy, splash and added stun it's better to pray that cancer is focused on other flank or don't click "battle" in garage.


On 9/30/2018 at 11:38 AM, Haswell said:

In a nutshell, make it hard enough for anything to shoot at you, they will eventually stop trying to shoot at you. Like moving a lot to make aiming difficult, staying unlit as long as often as possible, or just pushing harder to kill whatever is spotting you.

Except that that no longer works because of larger splash radius.  Once you hit middle and high tiers, every shot is probably at a minimum going to do stun.

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