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[NA] LEGacy Of Steel [LEGOS] Clan is Recruiting - Casual - Family Owned and Operated

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We are a casual playing clan that was started by a group of friends and family who prefer a fun, mature environment not the drama scene typically found in online gaming. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. As we continue to grow we strive to adhere to this founding vision.


Requirements to become an LEGOS clan member:
• Be 16+ years or older. Maturity is the key, some exceptions will be made if the applicant shows a maturity level that is consistent with our desired gaming environment.
• Have a mic/headset and be able to use Teamspeak 3 (TS) -This is not a requirement but it is preferred if you wish to; or plan to compete in the future We do not push-button automatic approval to join. We like to talk to the players that wish to join. So make sure you get on our TeamSpeak server say hey and run some games with us.
• No Tier Requirments. Higher tiers will come as you play, and we'll help you get there.
• No minimum number of battles required! We were all beginners at one time.
• No TRAINING OR ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS! Though the more you play the more experience and skill you gain.


What we offer our LEGOS members:
• A mature and fun gaming environment. No whiners and no drama..
• Website: A website and forums for clan discussion and information.
• Team Speak 3 server: We host and pay for this…no cost to our members. TS info is located at our website. It is not required to have TS but it is preferred. We also have a RaidCall channel for backup
• Clan Structure: We have a Company/Platoon structure and a clear Chain of Command. Those who show the aptitude and desire will be given the opportunity to advance within the clan leadership structure.
• Leadership Positions: As [LEGOS] grows, Leadership positions will need to be filled. Those that have and show the desire to help out will be able to do so.


Clan goals:
• Maintain Mature and fun Environment: Fun play with our friends is our primary concern.


Members to contact in game:
Deputy Commander: CptVanquish
Deputy Commander: KenpoTyger
Recruiter: SgtChewy5

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