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5 hours ago, 8_Hussars said:

Therefore consider the answer to the question as two-fold, some tanks have module issues because of the combination of module heath compared to the calibers of guns the tanks usually face and/or the modules are located in the tank such as they are more likely to be hit.  In the the case of the 1-4 a tracking shot through the front drive wheel will hit an ammorack...


On 2/26/2018 at 10:47 AM, nabucodonsor said:

Dont show your sides and dont angle your pike and you will hardly get ammoracked. The handling is amazing for the mobility alpha and strong turret it gets. It cleans up tanks in the endgame like a boss. Dont play it like a heavy or a medium. Just peak-a-boom even with tier 7s unless hulldown. Push only when you are 100% sure you can.

This jibes with my experience so far.  Good grief but is this thing just a ferocious bully.  Tier 7s and 8s are just fodder.  I'm only now starting to get the hang of it about 50 games in.  I am still struggling a bit when having to face off against other tier 9 heavies - but I'm also trying to avoid that by sticking to the second line or running with the meds, when possible.  But yeah, it seems to take a lot of module damage, and the gunner/driver are in constant danger.

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